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Greedy Goddesses Sunday – A Day of Worship

Sunday is a day of worship, so worship these Greedy Financial Domination Goddesses!

The beautiful Miss Foxx has graciously udpated Her free youtube blog for you to drool over. In this one, She talks about travel and how Her good boys get to meet Her if they pay to bring Her to them. Start saving! And be sure to follow Miss Foxx on Twitter at @BlackGoddessUK

femdom interrogation fetish

The Mistresses at Mistress XXX are gearing up for the Femdom Interrogation Bootcamp scheduled for March 11! Think you can handle all the tortures they have planned? Follow them on twitter at @MistressXXX for the latest from these femdom babes!

Spoil Worship Findom Goddess Evelyn Milano

Mistress Evelyn Milano has added a legs worship clip to Her Clip4Sale members area! Can you resist Her lovely legs? We doubt it! Buy a membership now and surrender it ALL to Her! And don’t forget to follow Her on twitter too – @WorshipEvelyn

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

Greedy Goddesses Monday – Back to Work!

Welcome back to the work week, freaks and geeks! Make that paper for your Mistresses and Princesses! It’s all you’re good for anyway!

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

The ever-beautiful Ms. Foxx has a new blog post up today.  It’s called “Top 5 Ways to Fail as a submissive male (Findom)” and it is a REQUIRED READING for all boys looking to serve Her as financial domination submissives. Honestly, We here at Greedy Goddesses feel that it should be necessary for ALL boys serving ANY Dommes… For more hot blogs and other updates from Ms. Foxx, be sure to follow Her on Twitter at @MissFoxx_FD.

Tattooed Findom Mistress Harley

The tattooed brat beauty Mistress Harley also has a new blog showcasing Her Exposed Sissies and Faggots. Check them out in all of their loser glory. Are you on there? Better start paying to get yourself off! Not like THAT, loser! Ugh! Want more of this beauty? Follow Her on twitter at @Mistress_Harley

Trixie Miss is at it again with another sexy blackmail fetish clip – Blackmailed By Seductress. “Even though this is going to be very dangerous for you, you wont be able to resist being blackmailed by me. The thrill of giving me what I want no matter how much it fucks you up just turns you on even more. Ill allow you to stroke for me and my shiny spandex catsuit, but youre going to obey every command I give you along the way. When youve obediently handed over everything I want, I count you down to orgasm… then rub in how stupid youve been and that I can do anything I want with you now.”  you can buy Her newest clip and start surrendering now at Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and IWantClips, and you can always join Her legion of followers on Twitter at @Trixie_Miss.

Friday Findom Laura Coats

Greedy Goddesses is BACK!

So I did some checking around, and this website is still BANGING on the traffic! you freaks just can’t get enough, can you? Well lucky for you I decided to revive this old horse with sexy new content. you can thank Me now… So without any further ado, let’s get on with the update!


findom financial domination greedy Mistress Kiara

Mistress Kiara let Her inner nerd out and wrote a book report.  No, really! It sounds boring, but it’s totally hot. The book is called Greedy and it’s about becoming a Financial Domme.  To read Her take on the book, check out the article: Greedy – A Financial Domination Book Review by Mistress Kiara



Friday Findom Laura Coats

Miss Laura Coats is enjoying Her Friday as well. She’s drained £225 this morning without breaking a sweat, and She KNOWS that’s nowhere near the ceiling for this day’s earnings…

Worship Rene findom gifts shoes

Princess Rene is raking in the gifts this week with 6 new pairs of sexy, expensive shoes and tons of other gifts. Check out even MORE hot pics of her shoes and other gifts on Her twitter at @WorshipRene


Greedy Goddesses Wednesday 6/4/14: Miss Sasha Conceited, Princess Laura C, Mindy Madison

First up on this early Wednesday, in case you missed it, Miss Sasha Conceited is building an empire, so keep an eye out for all sorts of new content from Her…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Lately I’ve been spending most of my days working on some new projects. I just signed up at a couple new video sites, so there are even more places to buy my content. What’s great about these sites is that I can sell much more than the just my videos.

The first place I signed up recently is www.iwantclips.com, and although they are just getting up and running, I think they’re going to do great. Not only can I sell clips there, but I can sell documents and pictures there as well. I also have my own fan club there where you can get access to all of my available content for a set monthly price.

Continue reading on Her blog…

Next, Goddess Laura C has been draining a bunch of submissives dry, check out Her latest swag…

Here are Some recent tributes & gifts
I’m such a lucky spoilt Goddess and I deserve it all and more!

Sissy Claire whoever you are, keep sending those surprise tributes, I like it!!!!! Iv had 3 from you so far plus a one from some ‘patheticboy’ tributes that are surprises are by far the best haha!!!!

Continue reading on Her blog…

Last, but never least, Princess Mindy Madison knows all you boys can’t resist her stunning feet…


On your knees and lay it down for Princess… you know you cant resist feet THIS pretty!

Read and Tribute on Her blog…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

Greedy Goddess Thursday – Money Mistresses Unite!

Everyone’s gearing up for payday – it’s almost time to fork over that hard earned cash to the money Mistress in your life who deserves it even more!

Miss Conceited loves Sinful Call – have you checked them out?

I’ve been with Sinful Call now for a couple months, and I’ve really enjoyed my experience there so far. Now many people who have used other platforms are going to say, what makes this place so special? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s better than your current PSO websites, but it does have a lot to offer.

A lot of sites take a HUGE percentage of your earnings, which nobody really likes. Sinful Call gives chat hosts 70% of what they earn on calls and 80% on content and tips sold through the site. Speaking of content, you can upload audio, video, and photo sets to be sold. I’ve been putting every piece of content I make on there, so boys have one place to get everything I have.

Read more on Her blog!

Mistress Laura is more spoiled than ever!

I’m enjoying exploiting the weak at the moment.

Last night I spent over £200 of my amazon vouchers on myself, and iv still got over 1k left. Drools! It feels so good to know how weak you boys & girls get for me. You just can’t resist me & you just love making a fool of yourself for me don’t you bitch?!!!

It’s funny because subs come and go…this is fact! But just about every sub that has gone in the past comes crawling back to me. Wallet in mouth, tail between legs, begging to serve me once again! Rob, Mark, Chris…to name a recent few! Hehe

Read more and see more hot money Mistress tribute porn on Her blog!

Goddess Genevieve is selling 2 pairs of stinky, sexy socks:
Up for grabs my little feet lovers are My very dirty, sweaty gym socks x2!!!….ready to find their new homes!
They’ve both been on My perfect feet for 2 weeks now while I’ve been at gym and every day in-between…and will continue to be on My feet until they are shipped off.
How can I get your socks Goddess?
easy…It’s on a first come, first get basis as I’ve only got 2 pairs of worn dirty and sweaty socks…so I hope you’ve been following this blog carefully boys!

Find out how to buy them on Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Foot Night Detroit – Special Guest Post by Mistress Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia was a huge hit at this past weekend’s foot night Detroit! In this special guest blog post, She talks all about the fun She had with all the feet slaves at foot night:

Malvasia Shoes

Saturday afternoon, most people do household chores, shopping, or go out for a nice dinner; what does a Domme like Me do? Footnight! That’s right My perfect self trekked over to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and had one of the best nights of My life! I dragged a few helpless potential Dommes along with for the ride too. Nothing better than expanding the horizon of those vanilla, but curious to Our wild and off color life style, victims. As soon as I pulled those hulking doors and entered that club I knew it was going to be one hell of a night. My first greeting came from the wonderful and, lets be honest, most adorable and charming Warren. He’s the mastermind behind Foot night and has been for many years. A foot man himself, he always is very friendly and totes a lot of pie. Yes, pie. So many foot slaves love to suck all kinds of goodies off yummy toes and heels. Warren makes it such a pleasant and easy experience. Every detail perfectly planned down to the cleaning supplies to make sure sanitation and safety is being practiced; which honestly really made Me happy. I’m all for a good foot sucking but to be stuck with sticky sugary delight covered digits for 6hrs, yeah no thanks. Warren was even nice enough to walk Me around the club a bit and show Me whats what knowing I was a newbie to this type of party.

Malvasia foot oil bath

Fun began in the dressing room below the club itself. Huge room full of so many mirrors that I could see every perfect inch of My Goddess body as I had never seen them before. And yes I did stand and stare at the splendor for a bit, I mean come on. Girl after girl came in, all giddy and excited knowing the fun to come. We all joked around about what to expect, shared odd experiences, and yes compared boob size. I WIN! Anyway, once all dressed to kill and heels to die for, We all scampered upstairs and continued the giggle fest while We waited for our foot friends to show. I was very pleased to see how relaxing and genuine these girls all were. Not a single uncomfortable soul to be found.

One by one the bright eyed and eager foot sluts began to show up. It was a surprise to see the vast array of men and women who showed to worship our feet. All walks of life were there and it was all due to mutual love of feet. I was sitting at the bar at the point that My first client shyly mosied on up to Me. He had a look all over his face like he had just seen a unicorn. A oddly tattood, pierced, crazy colorfully-haired unicorn. He couldn’t help himself.

“Um, uh…You are just stunning and i have to get to know you Miss.” He reaches out for a hand shake.

I firmly grab his hand with all My dominant glory ,”Well of course you do silly boy. I’m Miss Mal. Shall we?”

Malvasia stomp

We make the great fucking climb up those damn stairs of doom, as I’d be calling them by the end of the night, and get up to the private rooms. These rooms are spacious and not in the slightest creepy. Very well lit, nice and clean, with a big spacious couch to sprawl on if need be, and a Fucking giant nude of a woman. Each picture  different but no matter what room, boobies galore! Anyway… We choose a room and cracked the door per Warrens/clubs rules. I took My place on the couch and My client handed Me a 20. I was amazed to find that it was 20 dollars for 10 min of My time. Just a beautiful thing! I kept time with My phone and and soon as I hit that start button My sub hit the floor like a bomb warning just sounded! He explained that he just wanted to lay there as I did what I wanted. Needless to say with My Goddess feet and skills, I had him in subspace in no time. He lay there motionless except for his mouth. His tongue flicking wildly to try and sneak a taste as I rubbed and caressed his stubbly face.  My favorite part of this particular client was when he begged to be smothered and had to struggle for air. I’d place My feet, now sweaty and sticky because of the blaringly bright ass lights beating down on us, onto his face and press down. I could feel his gasps for air in between moans of pleasure.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The timer went off and time was up, but My client was still down, and soon to stay there. As he tried to get up he fell straight back down, subspace had him by the balls.

Laughing I said, “you are welcome for that.”

“For what Miss Mal?”

“Subspace lil one, the reason you fell to your knees and lay there drunk with ecstasy.”

“That’s what this is? Ive never felt like this before Miss Mal.”

“Again, you are welcome.”

Malvasia prod

There were many many more experiences like this to follow. My night finally concluded with exchanging numbers with a few girls who were aspiring Dommes and want to join our troop. I was ecstatic to share this information with Mistress Kiara. Even a few of My clients begged to give Me their info so that they can serve Me regularly like, which made Me a happy Mal. The topper to the cake of wonderful was yet again Warren. He gave Me a hearty hug and demanded that I come back soon, soon being May 3rd for the next event! It was a great time and I will never forget My first Footnight party! It will definitely NOT be My last~

malvasia bewbz

-Miss Mal

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa cbt ballbusting bondage

Saturday – your paycheck should be tribute by now.

First up, Goddess Kyaa has Her bard attempting a full 365 days of denial.  Good luck to him, blue balls ahoy!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa cbt ballbusting bondage

1 year without orgasms?! Can you even imagine? Kyaasbard is going to begin an attempt at a full 365 days of denial next month!

Originally posted on Kyaas_bard:

In September of 2012 the Divine One, http://goddesskyaa.com/ answers my prayers and saved me from my own vile and dirty habit of self pleasuring, i was restricted to one orgasm per month, on the first of the month. At first i did indeed find this very difficult as i had been pleasuring myself each and every day kneeling at my alter to Her Divinity.

Continue reading on Her blog…

Mistress Severity is giving all her fans and minions a chance to own some of Her filthy used socks…

Hello again minions,

As I’m such a generous mistress I have decided to give you all a chance to own a pair of my old, smelly, sweaty socks. The pair in question will have been freshly worn in my trainers for the lucky foot lover to sniff at his or her pleasure and to imagine what it would be like to sniff and lick my perfect feet.

Continue reading on Her blog…

And finally Princess Laura C went on a holiday solely with tribute from her subbies…

Good afternoon worms! I am back from Lanzarote, have you Missed me much??? Of course you have!!! Hehe…

My holiday was great. Boiling hot, classy and a overall great break.

I throughly enjoyed spending my losers money on me & my man. We bought lots of cocktails and ate some gorgeous sea food. I didn’t have to spend a penny of my own money which is the way it should be!!!!

The beach was absolutely gorgeous with some great views, the cocktails amazing, the locals were polite and the food great! I even got a holiday cat who come in our hotel each day to be petted & fed!

Continue reading on Her blog…

That’s all for now everyone out there in D/s land.  Stay frosty.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Financial Domination, Hypnosis, Humiliation, & more!

As always, the world of financial domination and femdom fetish is ever changing, so let’s get right to it!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison has an entrancing new hypnosis clip out on youtube! That’s right – you don’t even have to pay for this one! Well, sort of…

She also posted a blog chock full of tribute porn and gifts that She’s been receiving. She’s living the Princess life for sure!

Hello slaves… Aside from getting my period with bad cramps, the past weekish has been super fab! Life is generally pretty spectacular for this Princess but considering Iv had a $3500 day, lots of prezzies, other 1k profitable days and even a local boy sending his $120 – $150 every 2 days… You know, The Prince$$ life! Im living it and loving it… hehehe and while most of my servants are living the drone life! work and pay and work and pay! The way it should be! (((my local boy has been slacking the past 3 days… better fix it, thats no way to keep me into considering a real meetup!)))

A married slave is back and full on in Mindy Mindy, which is amazing for him as hes very unhappily married! Lucky boy gets to tribute me, speak to me on niteflirt again and even buy me gifts on amazon… In short Iv basically saved him from sheer and utter nothingness… Yay, more numbers in my human stock pile! #Spoiled #Princess

I thought it would be fun to share moments of one of my recent fun cam sessions… Enjoy!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Here I am double dipping as I often do… Im both on paid webcam as well on a niteflirt call… #SmartGirl

Read and see more of Her at Her Blog!

Everyone’s favorite beach Princess Bratty Nikki released another hot clip today:

Cleavage Closeup JOI

Come to Me, boob addict…I want you seriously close to My perfect boobs! They are so enticing, so captivating. I know you are weak already and must give in. The power of My seductive cleavage while I encourage you to stroke for Me is overwhelmingly hot! So close to such amazingly seductive cleavage perfection…you lucky male!

Buy this hot clip and many more on Her Clips4Sale!

Mistress Kiara has some great news for all you pay pigs – She now accepts Giftrocket as Her new preferred method of tribute! And in case you were all wondering how loser puppydog jeff was doing, Mistress Kiara updated his tumblr for him again:

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetishloser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

So loser puppydog jeff was at it again – look at these hilarious pics of him with cum all over his face! LOL! he just can’t get enough of Me!

Call DominaKiara for phone sex on Niteflirt.com for your own humiliating experience! 3 free minutes if you join now!

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

Fishnet Toes

Wednesday – hump day for pay pigs, payday for findoms!

That’s right, pay pigs, it’s hump day! Tribute your favorite findom and ask Her what you should be humping for Her amusement LOL!

Greedy Goddesses has a new cam verified Domme! Everyone give a big, warm, tribute-filled welcome to Goddess Amber! Here’s a little about Her, in Her own words of course:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ebony Goddess Amber

I am Egotistical, Sexy, Cruel, Money Hungry, Witty, Addicting, Mind-Blowing, Kinky, Caring, Smart, and an Ebony Goddess. Everyone knows Black Women were born dominant. Its is Our calling in life to have puppets, low lives, sluts, and losers serve Us.

Read more on Her Elite Financial Domination profile!


We also were lucky enough to have another Femdom Interview, this time with Miss Cee! Read Her femdom interview and see why you should be on your knees buying Her gifts, pay pig!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia applied and IMMEDIATELY got accepted to Foot Night Detroit! Foot Night. for those of you who don’t know, is where a bunch of women (occasionally findoms) with sexy feet get together and have a bunch of subs pay to worship Their feet. This includes licking Their Perfect arches, sucking Their beautiful toes, being trampled by Their sexy heels… Sometimes the subs even get a real ‘treat’ and get to eat food off of the Goddess’ feet LOL! I can’t WAIT to hear the stories about Mistress Malvasia’s experiences at foot night Detroit on March 22nd!


Super Saturday Update, for all your Findom and Femdom needs!

First up Queen Kitty and Goddess Jennifer had a debauched weekend in Charlotte…


This year will be the 2nd annual get together of super sadistic and kinky minds. Last year Goddess Jennifer and I took Charlotte by storm with a weekend full of debauchery filled RT sessions, online sessions, wallet rapes and wishlist clearing. In addition to all of Our fun sessions of trampling, food and object crushing, foot worship, face-sitting, flogging, caning, more foot worship, whipping and general BDSM fun were followed by tons of pampering. Pedicures, meals and shopping all paid for by Our pets or admirers as Goddess like Us always deserve.  Even with a few roadblocks and bumps in the trip, it was still a great weekend spent with My best friend and I just happened to walk away making a ton of money and meeting new subs (who still message Us begging Us to come back).

Click to Continue reading on Queen Kitty’s Blog….



Miss Jezebel has an awful lot to brag about in her latest tribute brag blog…


So as I had mentioned in my perfume blog a couple days ago, I have an OBSESSION with perfumes and fragrances and it’s clear that this is no lie when people see how much my perfume collection just grows and grows. These aren’t just your cheap $20 perfumes either. I accept only top notch exquisite fragrances suitable for ROYALTY – after all, I am the physical embodiment of perfection so I deserve the very best. (And yes, that’s two of the same perfume because I like to spend sub’s money like that)

Click to continue reading on Miss Jezebel’s Blog…



Ms. Katie Savage has a winter update, with a little something for everyone…

I’ve been hard at work emptying your wallet and wading through the snow.  Like most of us in the United States, I was blasted with snow and frigid temps this winter.  YAY for snow boots.  Sometimes, if I’m just running outside, I choose to wear these fuzzy snow boots without socks.





The inimitable Goddess Kyaa has posted up her spring travel and shoot schedule…

I have 2 trips planned for this spring currently, with at least 1 more still up in the air. Read on and find out where I’m traveling this spring. Since you no-life losers live vicariously through my exciting life I’m going to make sure you know approximately when I’ll be traveling and where so you can follow along with me through my travel blogs and tweets while on the road/out-and-about.

Are you drooling yet?




Mistress Tori Sloan has a message for all you blackmail fetishists out there…


I have been getting bombarded with a huge number of messages from pathetic losers craving for My attention begging to get humiliated by Me. Used and blackmailed to the extent of desperation that they offer to do the most pathetic things for Me lol

Click to continue reading on Her blog…



That’s it for now, keep tributing and stay frosty.