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financial domination princess lyne raegan

Saturday’s Greedy Goddesses Will Milk you Dry!

Happy Saturday! Are we all enjoying the weekend so far? Has your paycheck run out yet? No? Then GET TRIBUTING!


financial domination princess lyne raeganfinancial domination princess lyne

As you can see from the pictures above, Princess Lyne took Her friend Reagan Foxx out for drinks. Of course you freaks were MORE than willing to pay Her back the $70 for the drinks. In fact, She got a $100 Chase quick pay, and then more of you freaks begging Her to turn on Her non-ignore lines later. LOL! you just can’t get enough! Follow Her on Twitter at @Princess_Lyne for all the latest updates from Her and Her devotees!

The lovely Ms. Morgan Chase was on Periscope.tv for the first time on Her channel at https://periscope.tv/MsMorganChase for the first time this week. Were you one of the lucky boys to serve Her? If you missed the broadcast, be sure to follow Her on twitter at @MsMorganChase to get all of Her latest updates!

Dream Girls in Socks released a new clip this week and it sounds like a MUST HAVE for you foot fetish freaks – Cassandra’s Financial Humiliation (High Quality). “Cassandra is going out on vacation and it seems like she wants to make her slave pay for the biggest part of her vacation! She asked her slave to deposit a big amount of cash in her bank account and it is now the time to reward him with her smelly feet for his nice contribution! She gives him a call and makes him come to her car to make him sniff and lick her sweaty feet! That was a very long day with her feet inside her filthy converse so she makes him take them off to cover his face with her sweaty cute socks! She takes pleasure to rub them all over his face and really make fun at him while filming the scene with her cell phone! She also makes him sniff the inside of he r filthy converse! Cassandra makes him sniff and lick her dirty socks before she makes him take them off to cover his face with her sweaty naked feet! Don’t be shy to smell them! You paid for it anyway! She makes him sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles with her cruel smile of satisfaction! This clip is just another great one to add to your Cassandra collection! Super Hot Clip Alert!”Be sure to follow them on twitter at @smellyzz to catch all of their latest clips updates!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Foot Night Detroit – Special Guest Post by Mistress Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia was a huge hit at this past weekend’s foot night Detroit! In this special guest blog post, She talks all about the fun She had with all the feet slaves at foot night:

Malvasia Shoes

Saturday afternoon, most people do household chores, shopping, or go out for a nice dinner; what does a Domme like Me do? Footnight! That’s right My perfect self trekked over to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and had one of the best nights of My life! I dragged a few helpless potential Dommes along with for the ride too. Nothing better than expanding the horizon of those vanilla, but curious to Our wild and off color life style, victims. As soon as I pulled those hulking doors and entered that club I knew it was going to be one hell of a night. My first greeting came from the wonderful and, lets be honest, most adorable and charming Warren. He’s the mastermind behind Foot night and has been for many years. A foot man himself, he always is very friendly and totes a lot of pie. Yes, pie. So many foot slaves love to suck all kinds of goodies off yummy toes and heels. Warren makes it such a pleasant and easy experience. Every detail perfectly planned down to the cleaning supplies to make sure sanitation and safety is being practiced; which honestly really made Me happy. I’m all for a good foot sucking but to be stuck with sticky sugary delight covered digits for 6hrs, yeah no thanks. Warren was even nice enough to walk Me around the club a bit and show Me whats what knowing I was a newbie to this type of party.

Malvasia foot oil bath

Fun began in the dressing room below the club itself. Huge room full of so many mirrors that I could see every perfect inch of My Goddess body as I had never seen them before. And yes I did stand and stare at the splendor for a bit, I mean come on. Girl after girl came in, all giddy and excited knowing the fun to come. We all joked around about what to expect, shared odd experiences, and yes compared boob size. I WIN! Anyway, once all dressed to kill and heels to die for, We all scampered upstairs and continued the giggle fest while We waited for our foot friends to show. I was very pleased to see how relaxing and genuine these girls all were. Not a single uncomfortable soul to be found.

One by one the bright eyed and eager foot sluts began to show up. It was a surprise to see the vast array of men and women who showed to worship our feet. All walks of life were there and it was all due to mutual love of feet. I was sitting at the bar at the point that My first client shyly mosied on up to Me. He had a look all over his face like he had just seen a unicorn. A oddly tattood, pierced, crazy colorfully-haired unicorn. He couldn’t help himself.

“Um, uh…You are just stunning and i have to get to know you Miss.” He reaches out for a hand shake.

I firmly grab his hand with all My dominant glory ,”Well of course you do silly boy. I’m Miss Mal. Shall we?”

Malvasia stomp

We make the great fucking climb up those damn stairs of doom, as I’d be calling them by the end of the night, and get up to the private rooms. These rooms are spacious and not in the slightest creepy. Very well lit, nice and clean, with a big spacious couch to sprawl on if need be, and a Fucking giant nude of a woman. Each picture  different but no matter what room, boobies galore! Anyway… We choose a room and cracked the door per Warrens/clubs rules. I took My place on the couch and My client handed Me a 20. I was amazed to find that it was 20 dollars for 10 min of My time. Just a beautiful thing! I kept time with My phone and and soon as I hit that start button My sub hit the floor like a bomb warning just sounded! He explained that he just wanted to lay there as I did what I wanted. Needless to say with My Goddess feet and skills, I had him in subspace in no time. He lay there motionless except for his mouth. His tongue flicking wildly to try and sneak a taste as I rubbed and caressed his stubbly face.  My favorite part of this particular client was when he begged to be smothered and had to struggle for air. I’d place My feet, now sweaty and sticky because of the blaringly bright ass lights beating down on us, onto his face and press down. I could feel his gasps for air in between moans of pleasure.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The timer went off and time was up, but My client was still down, and soon to stay there. As he tried to get up he fell straight back down, subspace had him by the balls.

Laughing I said, “you are welcome for that.”

“For what Miss Mal?”

“Subspace lil one, the reason you fell to your knees and lay there drunk with ecstasy.”

“That’s what this is? Ive never felt like this before Miss Mal.”

“Again, you are welcome.”

Malvasia prod

There were many many more experiences like this to follow. My night finally concluded with exchanging numbers with a few girls who were aspiring Dommes and want to join our troop. I was ecstatic to share this information with Mistress Kiara. Even a few of My clients begged to give Me their info so that they can serve Me regularly like, which made Me a happy Mal. The topper to the cake of wonderful was yet again Warren. He gave Me a hearty hug and demanded that I come back soon, soon being May 3rd for the next event! It was a great time and I will never forget My first Footnight party! It will definitely NOT be My last~

malvasia bewbz

-Miss Mal

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Financial Domination Friday!

It’s Friday, pay day in the real world and the financial domination world! So get your wallets ready, We’ve got some HOT new content coming your way!

In case you didn’t notice, Greedy Goddesses is now on Dickie Virgin’s Femdom Blog! We will be on the front page for a whole 6 months, so go show some love for dickie and the other femdoms and findoms by checking out his site!

Princess Mindy has a SUPER sexy Ebanned auction for you freaks to bid on:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison: Princess Mindy’s Precious Princess Ankle Socks :


These are a pair of white ankle socks which Iv been wearing on and off for a couple of weeks… I tweeted a photo of me in them and they generated a little interest , so here we are! Iv made sure to not wash then and they’ve pretty much have had their own life since then!

They’ve had days in the laundry pile, been worn with boots and to the gym. Iv cleaned in them and I even slept in them once! These well worn cute Princess socks can be all yours, all you have to do is BID BID BID! *good boy!*


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

More info and a TON more hot pics of those little socks on Mistress Mindy’s blog!


Mistress Evelyn Milano has had a busy week as well:

I have some foot news you foot boys don’t want to miss.  I have created a foot worship cam line on niteflirt, that will be on more often. Make sure you have purchase my Skype ID before you call it. You can view it here:



I have closed down my kinkbomb studio, it is no longer active.

I spent some time with my doggy Toro last week while he was recovering from surgery.  He got attacked by a german shepherd at the dog park.

BiDjNk3CEAEbdCn.jpg large

I have added tons of summer items to my amazon wishlist like denim shorts, sandals/flip flops, swim suits etc… so go on over to amazon and spoil me with summer items minions!


More on Mistress Evelyn’s blog, including some hot new clips!

Princess Rene has a problem with sissies…:

Sissy boy. When I use this term I mean a male with a fetish for acting girly, not just an effeminate male.

So – sissy boys. I’m not a big fan. Sure, it can be amusing to get a guy all dolled up to make him prance around – and even more so when they look a hot mess doing it. But, I’m not really fond of sissies. Why? Because they’re poor. Seriously, in my experience, sissies tend to be broke as HELL. For some reason a lot of sissy boys tend to be just that – boys. They’re super young, fresh meat, first delving into the fetish world. They’re college-goers who’ve discovered they feel sexy when they wear a thong. These newbies are generally much more interested in their own humiliation (or whatever) than actually serving a powerful female and without even part time jobs, they’re of no interest to me.

Now, not all sissies are 20 year old twinks. Some sissy boys are actually grown men. I’ve even done cam sessions with old grandpa sissies (talk about creepy!). However, these old sissies still tend to be broke. Here’s my theory: a sissy is a male who doesn’t feel like he’s a male. He doesn’t feel strong or masculine. In fact, he probably lacks (purposely or not) those inherently male traits – like assertiveness, aggression, courage, and drive. Don’t get all sexist on me here, women can be ALL of those things and more! But, sissies tend to go to the extreme when flaunting their female traits. Some get really into the limp-wrist thing (when have you ever even seen a female do that?) and they tend to wear the most garish of makeup – 1980s hot pink lips, anyone? Sissies are often shy and giggly and obsessed with their appearance and outfits. They emphasize being submissive and ditzy or demure. I’ve surmised that this is why sissies don’t have the high powered corporate jobs that interest me as a financial Domme, because the traits needed to garner these jobs go against who they are. While I have dealt with (and continue to deal with) many subs who are doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, professors, etc., I’ve yet to meet a sissy in one of these professions. Most sissies I’ve met are broke. Broke means I’m not interested. I enjoy dominating and humiliating slaves–however, if there are thousands of you out there willing to pay for the honor of being dominated by me, why would I dominate one of you for free? I wouldn’t. I don’t have to. I’ve been able to turn my penchant for being Dominant into quite the lucrative career. Yay me. Broke sissies are out!

More of Her thoughts and Her sissy-inspired clips on Worship Rene’s blog!