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Mistress Kiara's sissy loser cuckold blackmail slave

Greedy Goddesses Financial Domination Monday – Back to Work!

Mondays mean relaxations for Goddesses and back to work for losers like you! And DON’T think that means you’re absolved of tributing when you get home!

Mistress Kiara's sissy loser cuckold

Mistress Kiara is constantly adding new puppets to Her herd, and this week is no different! This week’s biggest loser is a new blackmail fetish puppet named beni. beni is a cuckold sissy loser who LOVES to wear rubber and chastity, and he now belongs to the one and only Mistress Kiara. Read about him and all of Her other losers in Her latest blog – More Blackmail + This Week’s Biggest Findom loser! And of course, don’t forget to follow Her on Twitter at @DominaKiara

Financial domination Goddess Lycia tribute porn

The lovely Goddess Lycia has posted some sexy tribute porn for you to aspire toward. One loser sent her over $5,600 last month! you can read all about it in Her blog – Financial Goddess In The House! We know that not all losers can be as lucrative as this one, but that doesn’t give you an excuse not to try! And join the haordes of brainwashed minions serving Her on twitter at @GodessLycia!

goddess jeslyn forced intoxicataion clip

Princess Jeslyn released a hot new forced intoxication clip clip – Fucked Up & Fucked Over! Join Me on this Int0x Journey. Over 24minutes of this Sexy GREEDY Redhead Goddess. I am going to Sensually Manipulate you and Fuck you up with shots of hard Liquor and My Sweet MAGICAL Words. You know EXACTLY why I want you to drink. It makes it so much easier to take Advantage of your Weak Mind and Fuck you over Financially. I know you CRAVE this, You want to be My Cash Cow, My Cash Dispensing Puppet. My GREED is HOT AS FUCK and you want to DROWN in it. GIGGLING. I have a Dark Sadistic Lust for your CASH. I want you to go get your wallet and Lay out your money and credit cards. Have My Wish List Open and be sure you know where the Tribute/Tip Button is Located. I’m going to fuck you over! The clip can be purchased at Her Clips4Sale, IWantClips, or Kinkbomb stores. And don’t forget to follow Her on twitter at @Princess_Jeslyn!

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

Greedy Goddesses Monday – Back to Work!

Welcome back to the work week, freaks and geeks! Make that paper for your Mistresses and Princesses! It’s all you’re good for anyway!

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

The ever-beautiful Ms. Foxx has a new blog post up today.  It’s called “Top 5 Ways to Fail as a submissive male (Findom)” and it is a REQUIRED READING for all boys looking to serve Her as financial domination submissives. Honestly, We here at Greedy Goddesses feel that it should be necessary for ALL boys serving ANY Dommes… For more hot blogs and other updates from Ms. Foxx, be sure to follow Her on Twitter at @MissFoxx_FD.

Tattooed Findom Mistress Harley

The tattooed brat beauty Mistress Harley also has a new blog showcasing Her Exposed Sissies and Faggots. Check them out in all of their loser glory. Are you on there? Better start paying to get yourself off! Not like THAT, loser! Ugh! Want more of this beauty? Follow Her on twitter at @Mistress_Harley

Trixie Miss is at it again with another sexy blackmail fetish clip – Blackmailed By Seductress. “Even though this is going to be very dangerous for you, you wont be able to resist being blackmailed by me. The thrill of giving me what I want no matter how much it fucks you up just turns you on even more. Ill allow you to stroke for me and my shiny spandex catsuit, but youre going to obey every command I give you along the way. When youve obediently handed over everything I want, I count you down to orgasm… then rub in how stupid youve been and that I can do anything I want with you now.”  you can buy Her newest clip and start surrendering now at Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and IWantClips, and you can always join Her legion of followers on Twitter at @Trixie_Miss.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Greedy Goddesses Update – We’re Back! 1/25/2015

Hello freaks, and welcome back! There were some personal issues that the Goddesses had to take care of at the end of 2014, but We’re back and ready to continue to bring you the hottest humiliation, femdom, and findom news every day! So  much has happened that if We tried to fill you in on EVERYthing We’d never get a post out, so We’re just going to focus on the recent stuff from a few of your favorites… Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mistress Kiara has a new tattoo, a new FREE clip, and SEVERAL new blackmail slaves lol!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Mistress Kiara has been busy lately, making and spending money from you freaks! She recently put a $500 tribute toward a sexy new tattoo for you weirdos to drool over. In appreciation for you (yeah right LOL!) She also released a FREE clip! Her latest clip features a blackmail fetish slave sucking off a tranny that he went to see lol! you can watch the streaming clip on Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Blog, which also features more clips of this blackmail loser as well as another stupid freak who bugged Her, or you can download just the clip by clicking here!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison wants to enslave not only you, but your wife too!

These 5 scandalous and super slick ways to get your wife to become my slave will probably not only work very well but get you hooked on being My slave in a whole new way!

Do these, dont just read them… Try to make all 5 of these sexy Princess orders happen! It might take a bit of time to make them all happen but thats okay… half the fun will be the process of making these awesome things happen!

Ideally you and your wife/gf ought to be serving me, on both of your knees, kissing my ass and handing over both of your pay cheques! I bet shes a secret lez anyway, she probably wants to kiss my ass… I bet I could make her my human sex toy if I want… I deserve to have the castle & you two as my house minions, footing the bill and being goo little Mindy slaves!

I order to make this happen we have to start one step at a time and this assignment is one sexy step towards making her be MY slave! Its time to make that wife/gf become my pay and service slave!

Continue reading on Her Blog…

Mistress Morgan Chase had a HOT interview on the In Bed With Doctor Sue show!

The Domme Spotlight is shining on Morgan Chase and she shines right back!  Find out all about this tough, tantalizing lady with the military background who can put you in your place and make you love every minute of it.

Morgan discusses how she fell in to Domination, her military background and an unfortunate problem she’s been dealing with that we can all learn from.  You’ll also find out that she and Jezebel Sinclair plan to take over the 2015 AVNExpo among some other tasty treats that are coming up.

Listen to the show by clicking here!

That’s it for today, but keep your browser pointed here tomorrow for a HOT new clip review form Denied Boy!


Life Comes First – A piece by Mistress Kiara

So I haven’t updated since My birthday, and there’s a good reason for that. Shortly after, an uncle of Mine who had been like a father to Me passed away. It was sudden and completely unexpected. It caught My boyfriend and I so off guard – I was pretty much non functional for a month. Uncle G was a workaholic. He wanted so badly to leave behind a legacy (not to mention an inheritance!) for his ‘kids’ that he neglected his own life in order to make sure that he did as much work as possible. He put up with bullshit form everyone just to make some money to stow away, and he neglected his personal health (having 3 stress heart attacks and a final one that did him in). Frankly, that’s crap.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

So here’s the deal. I am NOT going to be like Uncle G. I am not going to kowtow to any sub with a buck in his hand and his cock in the other. I am NOT going to fulfill your every fetish. I am going to CONTINUE to be the sexy, Perfect Princess that I always have been. And guess what – if you don’t like it, you can fuck off.

findom Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara Pretty Punk Princess Dreadlock Mistress

In the spirit of saying fuck what everyone else thinks, I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do – I gave Myself dreadlocks. They look fucking adorable, and I’m SO happy with them! I’m even more of a sexy punk bitch Princess than before! And if you don’t like it, you can fuck off…


Here’s the biggest thing you need to understand – I’m a financial domination Princess, which means I don’t NEED your money… I just WANT it… I deserve it… It makes Me HAPPY. And THAT is why you serve Me. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDS the money to pay the rent. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDs your tributes to pay Her bills. you want to serve a spoiled bitch pampered Princess like Me. And if our other kinks happen to line up as well, that’s all the more fun to be had for the both of us ;3


Between real time sessions (which I LOVE!), Mistress Phone Sex, Femdom cam sessions, fetish clips that I sell, bratty Princess IM/texting session, and drive-by tributes that I receive, I am rolling in the dough. In fact, I’m going to buy Myeslf a new car this week, just because I can. But all that’s just extra… I am independently wealthy. I don’t need any of it. I just WANT and DESERVE it. So now that you know exactly where you stand in My life (which is NOwhere unless you please Me in some way), let Me lay it on the line for you…

If you don’t like My sexy new dreads, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I do real time sessions, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like My sexy punky style, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I take time out of femdom for My personal life, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m not as tiny as some other Mistresses, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m an opinionated BITCH, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I don’t get involved with the Domme Drama scene, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I charge for My services, you can DEFINITELY FUCK OFF!

Until next time, freaks….

—Tribute Me!—

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Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

Main Website: Financial Domination Princess Kiara

Serve Me and My Friends: Pretty Punk Princesses

Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3C5E4AZCW0649

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DominaKiara

email: dominakiara@gmail.com

blackmail fetish blog

Wednesdays are for Blackmail fetish!?

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here – Doctor Sue, Domme Kyaa, and Domina Kiara are featured together in this amazing episode of the In Bed With Doctor Sue show, and the topic is a good one – blackmail fetish! Is it stupid, unethical, and unlawful? Or is it a sexy fetish that Dommes and subs can safely enjoy together? you be the judge! Mistresses Kyaa and Kiara share their feelings and thoughts about the blackmail fetish in a very interesting debate while Dr. Sue moderates between them in this amazing podcast. If you’re into blackmail fetish, or even just curious about it, this is a must listen!

Blackmail...Stupid or Sexy?

Blackmail.  The words in this picture probably make you chuckle but for some people, primarily men but also women the thought of getting a note like that turns them on.  In this episode of In Bed I’m going to be talking about BLACKMAIL.  What exactly is it when it pertains to fetish and sex?  What type of mind would get in to something that could possibly ruin their lives?

But what about the ladies and gentlemen behind the threat?  Besides the obvious monetary gain what does the Blackmailer get out of this?   Do the Dommes/Doms who participate in this have some sort of responsibility or ethical guidelines?

So many questions on a subject that can sometimes enrage the folks debating it and that’s just what I’ve brought to you; a debate between two very popular Dommes on the subject of Blackmail.

It was an awesome debate and I KNOW all you guys will love not only hearing about the psychology behind blackmail but also what these gorgeous ladies think of the subject.  (SPOILER ALERT: There were no women scratched or harmed during this debate)

Do yourself a favor and click here to listen to the debate!

financial domination fihttp://payprincess.com/ndom femdom Mistress Princess Jenny sissy

Greedy Goddesses Friday – Findoms, Therapy, and Contests!

First, let’s start off by welcoming Our newest cam verified Dommes – Mistress Genevieve! Be sure to visit Her website and send Her lots of welcome tributes!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

The amazingly intelligent Doctor Sue Storm has lent Her big sexy brain to another helplessly addicted money slave in Her latest article about maintaining a balance in online domination:

Balancing Your Online Life

Rich writes with a dilemma he’s in that faces many men who are playing in the online Domination scene.  Rich writes: (this question is redacted and paraphrased for privacy purposes)

“…Dr. Sue this leads me to my question i have now, i have served my Mistress now for four years, she’s an **** Findom who has complete ownership over me, my finances, and i’m owned with blackmail. I do like serving her and being her property but i have reached a point where it’s effecting my personal life, and not financially, but physically, i can no longer perform sexually with women……..Is there any help for me Dr. Sue, a way back to at least having a healthy relationship and life?”

n a word, YES Rich you can get your life back.  I first want to give you kudos for not whining and saying it’s all the Domme’s fault.  You make it quite clear you went to her for a service and she has supplied that service.  Well done for both parties.

This situation comes in to play not only in the world of D & s but in just watching excessive porn.  Our brains are wired to enjoy routine.  That’s why it’s hard for a heroin addict to kick that habit.  Once the drug is out of the system the person is no longer addicted to the drug and what you’re left with are negative habits that have formed.  It’s the same for smoking, eating, drinking or anything else we become habituated to.  These habits are actually harder to kick than the drug itself but they can be fixed.

Read more about what Doctor Sue prescribes in Her latest article!

Princess Jenny had a hilarious humiliation session with a tiny dicked loser:

Sissy Meme

Yesterday was St. Patricks day but in the world of phone sex it seemed yesterday was Sissy Patricks day.  Sissy Kelly had his pansy Irish ass all done up in green ready to get lucky all day on Craigslist.  Did you get lucky at all this week? OMG I just got off of a Niteflirt call and this loser paid me $100 to look at his micro phallis.  He warned me that some girls have gagged and thrown up when he revealed his deformed cock. I started laughing so hard and told him if that was true that girls actually gagged then he was going to have to pay me to look at it.

Read the rest of the story in Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Financial Domination, Hypnosis, Humiliation, & more!

As always, the world of financial domination and femdom fetish is ever changing, so let’s get right to it!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison has an entrancing new hypnosis clip out on youtube! That’s right – you don’t even have to pay for this one! Well, sort of…

She also posted a blog chock full of tribute porn and gifts that She’s been receiving. She’s living the Princess life for sure!

Hello slaves… Aside from getting my period with bad cramps, the past weekish has been super fab! Life is generally pretty spectacular for this Princess but considering Iv had a $3500 day, lots of prezzies, other 1k profitable days and even a local boy sending his $120 – $150 every 2 days… You know, The Prince$$ life! Im living it and loving it… hehehe and while most of my servants are living the drone life! work and pay and work and pay! The way it should be! (((my local boy has been slacking the past 3 days… better fix it, thats no way to keep me into considering a real meetup!)))

A married slave is back and full on in Mindy Mindy, which is amazing for him as hes very unhappily married! Lucky boy gets to tribute me, speak to me on niteflirt again and even buy me gifts on amazon… In short Iv basically saved him from sheer and utter nothingness… Yay, more numbers in my human stock pile! #Spoiled #Princess

I thought it would be fun to share moments of one of my recent fun cam sessions… Enjoy!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Here I am double dipping as I often do… Im both on paid webcam as well on a niteflirt call… #SmartGirl

Read and see more of Her at Her Blog!

Everyone’s favorite beach Princess Bratty Nikki released another hot clip today:

Cleavage Closeup JOI

Come to Me, boob addict…I want you seriously close to My perfect boobs! They are so enticing, so captivating. I know you are weak already and must give in. The power of My seductive cleavage while I encourage you to stroke for Me is overwhelmingly hot! So close to such amazingly seductive cleavage perfection…you lucky male!

Buy this hot clip and many more on Her Clips4Sale!

Mistress Kiara has some great news for all you pay pigs – She now accepts Giftrocket as Her new preferred method of tribute! And in case you were all wondering how loser puppydog jeff was doing, Mistress Kiara updated his tumblr for him again:

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetishloser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

So loser puppydog jeff was at it again – look at these hilarious pics of him with cum all over his face! LOL! he just can’t get enough of Me!

Call DominaKiara for phone sex on Niteflirt.com for your own humiliating experience! 3 free minutes if you join now!

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath ass fetish

Financial Domination & Destruction are Mistress Kiara’s Nature

So I was taking My nightly bath last night and I decided to use My bath bomb that I picked up from Whole Foods the day that Mistress Malvasia and I went out to lunch with that German pay slut. It started out fine, I ran the bath, plopped the bath bomb in, and sat back to relax.

But after a couple minutes, I found Myself staring at the bath bomb… It spun and wiggled as it fizzed and broke apart, as if it were struggling against its fate. I picked it up, keeping it under water, and watched the ‘smoke’ roiling out of it. I kept turning it around under water, looking at all the facets and divots of it as it slowly came apart in My hands. I was entranced.

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath ass fetish

I was incapable of stopping Myself from picking off the little bits that stuck out as softer than the rest. And what’s more, I found Myself grinning the whole time. As it started to get toward the end, the bath bomb started to fizz and ‘smoke’ faster. But it wasn’t enough. I grabbed it in My hands and crushed it, watching huge plumes of ‘smoke’ flow out from between My delicate fingers. I ground what was left of the bath bomb into powder and let it go. Only then did I lay back to enjoy My bath.

But as I lay there in the bubbles with the jacuzzi jets massaging My back and legs, I started thinking about that insatiable need to pick at the weak spots of that bath ball, and how that is basically a metaphor for My existence as a Domme (both findom and femdom). Financial Domination & Destruction are simply who I am, not just what I do. When I meet a potential new sub, be it online for a findom session, on the phone through Niteflirt, or in person for a real time femdom session, I can’t help but study them closely until I find their weak spots. And then, once I’ve pointed them all out to Myself, I start to poke at them.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

I’m gentle at first, they probably don’t even notice to be honest. If they do, they shrug it off and ignore it. But as the session or meeting wears on, I become more insistent upon getting the reaction I want… I make the weak spots I’ve sought out grow, causing wounds in psyche of the sub in question. If he hasn’t noticed it by this point, he soon will – but it doesn’t matter, because it’s already too late.

When I make demands of My subs, there is always a reason for it, even if it is not clear to them at the time. The timing, the amount of the tribute, the exact nature of the femdom assignment, all of these facets are carefully thought out and planned by Me. From the moment a sub shows Me weakness, I begin planning how to tear that little niche in his armor apart, using all the tools at My command to widen that small breach in his hide to a gaping wound… And I love every minute of it.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

Just like My bath bomb, you wiggle and writhe; you try to escape your fate, but I am too strong. I am too smart. I am too Perfect. And then, unlike the bath bomb, you begin to enjoy it. you don’t only enjoy it, you CRAVE it. you BEG for it. Even knowing that you will be destroyed by Me, you NEED Me. you know that, as soon as you become useless to Me, you will be crushed by Me and forgotten to dissolve into the periphery of My life.

But unlike the bath bomb, you can, and more often than not DO come back. you gather what little of yourself you can and contact Me again. It may not be right away – sometimes it’s YEARS down the line, after I’ve already all but forgotten about you completely. But when you come back to Me, you are already broken… you may THINK you’ve mended your wounds, but you are just fooling yourself.  And what’s more, I already know all of your little weaknesses… I know just exactly what buttons to push, what words to say, what assignments to give… I know when to demand tribute, when to simply ask for it, when to slyly suggest it, and when to simply mention a trigger word or two – findom, financial domination, gifts, servitude, be a ‘good boy,’ etc. And then, just like before, you crumble before Me.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdfinancial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Domina Kiaraom Princess Kiara

But there is something different when a sub returns to Me. When a sub returns to Me after being destroyed by My wiles, he is changed on some deep, fundamental level. It’s as though, deep down, he knows what’s coming, and he’s ready for it. Or at least he thinks he is… Sometimes he’ll try to game the system once or twice – pretending that he doesn’t have those weaknesses anymore, pretending that he’s ‘gotten over’ his financial domination addiction. But we both know the truth… you’ll never escape.

Want to start the sexy, vicious cycle? What are you waiting for? Do it NOW!
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Super Saturday Update, for all your Findom and Femdom needs!

First up Queen Kitty and Goddess Jennifer had a debauched weekend in Charlotte…


This year will be the 2nd annual get together of super sadistic and kinky minds. Last year Goddess Jennifer and I took Charlotte by storm with a weekend full of debauchery filled RT sessions, online sessions, wallet rapes and wishlist clearing. In addition to all of Our fun sessions of trampling, food and object crushing, foot worship, face-sitting, flogging, caning, more foot worship, whipping and general BDSM fun were followed by tons of pampering. Pedicures, meals and shopping all paid for by Our pets or admirers as Goddess like Us always deserve.  Even with a few roadblocks and bumps in the trip, it was still a great weekend spent with My best friend and I just happened to walk away making a ton of money and meeting new subs (who still message Us begging Us to come back).

Click to Continue reading on Queen Kitty’s Blog….



Miss Jezebel has an awful lot to brag about in her latest tribute brag blog…


So as I had mentioned in my perfume blog a couple days ago, I have an OBSESSION with perfumes and fragrances and it’s clear that this is no lie when people see how much my perfume collection just grows and grows. These aren’t just your cheap $20 perfumes either. I accept only top notch exquisite fragrances suitable for ROYALTY – after all, I am the physical embodiment of perfection so I deserve the very best. (And yes, that’s two of the same perfume because I like to spend sub’s money like that)

Click to continue reading on Miss Jezebel’s Blog…



Ms. Katie Savage has a winter update, with a little something for everyone…

I’ve been hard at work emptying your wallet and wading through the snow.  Like most of us in the United States, I was blasted with snow and frigid temps this winter.  YAY for snow boots.  Sometimes, if I’m just running outside, I choose to wear these fuzzy snow boots without socks.





The inimitable Goddess Kyaa has posted up her spring travel and shoot schedule…

I have 2 trips planned for this spring currently, with at least 1 more still up in the air. Read on and find out where I’m traveling this spring. Since you no-life losers live vicariously through my exciting life I’m going to make sure you know approximately when I’ll be traveling and where so you can follow along with me through my travel blogs and tweets while on the road/out-and-about.

Are you drooling yet?




Mistress Tori Sloan has a message for all you blackmail fetishists out there…


I have been getting bombarded with a huge number of messages from pathetic losers craving for My attention begging to get humiliated by Me. Used and blackmailed to the extent of desperation that they offer to do the most pathetic things for Me lol

Click to continue reading on Her blog…



That’s it for now, keep tributing and stay frosty.



financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ceara Lynch Annika Albright ass

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Payday’s Eve

Hello again boys and Women of Greedy Goddesses! First off, let Me just say thank you to all of those who have been with Us since the very beginning. We will never be able to repay you for your support of this growing community. And boy are We growing! We’ve launched a no-holds-barred advertising campaign. We will be advertising on all of the fetish, femdom, findom, financial domination, blackmail money slavery, etc etc websites We can find! If you know of one that you think would benefit Us (Either for paid advertising or banner exchanges) We’d love to hear about it! Send Us an email at GreedyGoddesses@Gmail.com !

As for other news about the site, We’ve added a twitter feed with all of Our favorite findoms. If you want to be added to the list, simply follow @GreedyGoddesses on twitter and mention (@) Us to let Us know! For this first batch of Divas, We gave priority to those who followed Us and promoted Us from the beginning, but We’ve got plenty of room for more financial domination Mistresses and femdom Princesses!

Speaking of Princesses, Mistress Kiara is living the Princess lifestyle indeed!

domina kiara financial domination mistress findom femdom princess Kiara tribute porn

Just got back from shopping with your cash – got Myself some sexy new panties (look for them in clips soon!), some makeup, and a new ped egg. I didn’t NEED any of it – especially the new ped egg (I just left Mine at Princess Mandy’s), but since it’s not My money, why not? LOL! And here’s a pic of Me wearing that hot lip stain – where have you been all My life!?

Mistress femdom selfie domina kiara findom financial domination lipstick fetish

Oh, that reminds Me, Mistress Malvasia and I are going to be doing a real time shopping trip with a sub next week, so get used to tribute porn – My blog is gonna be full of it!

Read More at Financial Domination Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Dungeon

Mistress Ceara Lynch just got back from Hollywood!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ceara Lynch Annika Albright ass

Recently I got back from a trip to Hollywood; a little get away to relax, do some shopping, check out the sights and lay on the beach. I stayed with my friend Mike, a successful mainstream porn director who I met at AVN earlier this year. He was nice enough to lend me his spare bedroom in his gorgeous sky rise penthouse during my stay. There are certainly worse places I could have been.

The apartment was spacious and beautiful. Nicely decorated with white walls, bright colorful accents and floor to ceiling windows all around. I must have took a million selfies while I was there.

The location was great too. I walked up Sunset Blvd toward Runyon Canyon every morning. On the first day I was stopped by the a film crew asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a show on the history channel called “America’s Secret Slang.” They were laughing about the fact that the woman they just previously interviewed was a dominatrix. Imagine their surprise when I told them I was too, albeit a cyber version.

Read more about Her interview, some of the sexy chicks She met, and see some SERIOUSLY hot pics on Her blog!

Princess Laura is going on vacation – on your dime!

Good morning you lowly lot!!

This week has gone by so fast!!! Lots have happened….

Iv had some very nice tributes and gifts arrive. My sexy spiked bra arrived from tom, my colour changing fire place come & I love it, a Vivienne Westwood necklace from John Martin arrived and some more flat pack furniture arrived (yah lol) See photos below…

Me and my man have booked a last minute holiday for this Sunday! I can’t wait to get away and relax in the sun. We are jetting off to Lanzarote for 4 nights. It’s even more exciting because I used your tributes to pay for it!! Hehe…

Read More at Mistress Laura’s Blog!

Mistress Meggerz is draining another piggy, and She has some demands:spoiled amazon wishlist princess


Piggy Justin, I only want:

for now. I don’t want to destroy your wallet considering you have the rest of your life to spoil and obey me. Snap Snap – I expect it NOW.

Wait. Did I really just say I didn’t want to destroy your wallet and actually have mercy on you?

Yeah, I did. Because it’s more amusing to watch you slowly suffer my demands than to take- take- take and have you cowering in fear. Request that 3rd loan and work harder brown nosing your stupidly submissive boss. He’s a gluten for sexy white bitches as well (or so I hear). Suck cock and earn *my* raise. I’ve got wants and you’re the pig who’s fulfilling them.

Or else I’ll dump you.

$426 and counting.

Read more on Her blog!

The sexy Sarah Blake has a new clip out – pink satin glove tease, and it is HOT!

pinksatinglovetittyuteaseGIF Sarah Blake Video  Pink Satin Glove Tease

You wanna see? Hehehe, noooooo…I’m just going to tease you since I know you want to see my big beautiful tits so badly. Just tease and tease. Will there be a nipple slip? Mmmmm, you wish there was so much. You stroke and watch and wait and hope while I keep on with my topless tease and sexy satin gloves…