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Princess Shimmy Control Fetish

Financial Domination Saturday – Spend Spend Spend!

It’s the weekend again, but a pay pig is NEVER done working! Tribute to your Goddesses!

But first we have another FAKE ALERT! @bratty_bella has stolen her profile picture from @MissJessicaWood – and thievery from another Goddess is NOT permitted in the world of Greedy Goddesses! See the conversation here where a concerned sub brought it to the attention of Miss Jessica when he recognized Her Perfect Ass ;3


ball busting brat princesses

The Brats over at BratPrincess.us have a new clip out – Jennifer and Sasha – The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted (1080 HD)! Jennifer has captured the last unicorn and now she has to destroy its balls. She has to. Unicorn youre mine! The unicorn is tied securely to the ball kicking chair. It cant move a hoof. Sasha and Jennifer have a great time giving it full force ball kicks as hard as they can. The unicorn cries out in agony while the girls laugh and laugh. The unicorn makes sickening sounds and whelps when the kicks are delivered. Sasha Foxx kicks as hard as she can and grunts like she is returning serve at Wimbledon. The unicorn cannot move at all. It is completely tied down. The girls are extremely sadistic in this clip and show it no mercy. The clip ended early because of a catastrophic kick that caused the unicorn to open up. The clip is about 6 minutes long but we filmed it with 2 cameras so you get angle 1 first and then angle 2. This is one of the cruelest clips we have ever done. (12:27 long). Be sure to follow @Brat_Princess_2 to get all of the latest updates from these Bratty Beauties!

Princess Shimmy Control Fetish


We always enjoy seeing blogs done by subs for their Mistresses, so We were happy to see that ‘Princess Shimmy owns me‘ is updating his blog to promote his Mistress! Be sure to follow the one and only @Princess_Shimmy on twitter to see just what it is that makes this little loser so addicted…

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

Greedy Goddesses Monday – Back to Work!

Welcome back to the work week, freaks and geeks! Make that paper for your Mistresses and Princesses! It’s all you’re good for anyway!

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

The ever-beautiful Ms. Foxx has a new blog post up today.  It’s called “Top 5 Ways to Fail as a submissive male (Findom)” and it is a REQUIRED READING for all boys looking to serve Her as financial domination submissives. Honestly, We here at Greedy Goddesses feel that it should be necessary for ALL boys serving ANY Dommes… For more hot blogs and other updates from Ms. Foxx, be sure to follow Her on Twitter at @MissFoxx_FD.

Tattooed Findom Mistress Harley

The tattooed brat beauty Mistress Harley also has a new blog showcasing Her Exposed Sissies and Faggots. Check them out in all of their loser glory. Are you on there? Better start paying to get yourself off! Not like THAT, loser! Ugh! Want more of this beauty? Follow Her on twitter at @Mistress_Harley

Trixie Miss is at it again with another sexy blackmail fetish clip – Blackmailed By Seductress. “Even though this is going to be very dangerous for you, you wont be able to resist being blackmailed by me. The thrill of giving me what I want no matter how much it fucks you up just turns you on even more. Ill allow you to stroke for me and my shiny spandex catsuit, but youre going to obey every command I give you along the way. When youve obediently handed over everything I want, I count you down to orgasm… then rub in how stupid youve been and that I can do anything I want with you now.”  you can buy Her newest clip and start surrendering now at Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and IWantClips, and you can always join Her legion of followers on Twitter at @Trixie_Miss.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

GG Monday, 5-5-14, Miss Jezebel, Princess Mindy Madison, Goddess Bree

First up Miss Jezebel posted about her experiences at Coachella 2014.  Stories and pictures await!

Alright so let me start off by saying that this year I was much more prepared for Coachella than I was when I went last year in all senses. Last year my RT sessions were conducted in my car camping spot but I didn’t take an ez up. This year between my friends and I who went together, we secured 6 camping spots all right next to each other and even managed to get all our neighbors to attach their ez ups to ours. It was an awesome giant coachella community.



Continue reading on Her blog…

Next, Princess Mindy Madison has a brand spanking new chastity clip for those of you into blue balls…

Pussy Whipped Into Chastity 2

You WILL end up cock locked in chastity and you 100% will send me your keys, all on your own desire, after you do this guided cock exploding detailed chastity commands…

8 intense and semi artistic chastity pussy panty tease, worship and command photos are inside… so you get to follow my orders and have ZERO chance of resisting… how can you resist cumming to my photos while following hot commands which will have your dick in chastity,your balls TOTALLY drained and even experience a chastity boner while you clean up that cum!

Get pussy whipped into chastity now!!! The chastity follow along assignment which includes cei, joi, tease / worship pics, and chastity lock up guided play, panties/vagina smelling! *Chastity guaranteed! If you follow all the details, I will hold the keys to your drained and horny controlled chastity cock!


 Don’t forget to check out Her blog and buy the clip!

Finally, Keeping Goddess Bree happy results in rewards for all you loyal fans!

Goddess Bree's Perfect Ass

I must say that those of you who are serving Me right now, who are owned by Me or under consideration to serve Me have pleased Me this week.  And that’s what it’s all about minons, isn’t it?  Pleasing Me, serving Me and adoring Me are the 3 main keys to keeping your BBW Goddess happy!

Continue reading on Her blog…

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath ass fetish

Financial Domination & Destruction are Mistress Kiara’s Nature

So I was taking My nightly bath last night and I decided to use My bath bomb that I picked up from Whole Foods the day that Mistress Malvasia and I went out to lunch with that German pay slut. It started out fine, I ran the bath, plopped the bath bomb in, and sat back to relax.

But after a couple minutes, I found Myself staring at the bath bomb… It spun and wiggled as it fizzed and broke apart, as if it were struggling against its fate. I picked it up, keeping it under water, and watched the ‘smoke’ roiling out of it. I kept turning it around under water, looking at all the facets and divots of it as it slowly came apart in My hands. I was entranced.

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath ass fetish

I was incapable of stopping Myself from picking off the little bits that stuck out as softer than the rest. And what’s more, I found Myself grinning the whole time. As it started to get toward the end, the bath bomb started to fizz and ‘smoke’ faster. But it wasn’t enough. I grabbed it in My hands and crushed it, watching huge plumes of ‘smoke’ flow out from between My delicate fingers. I ground what was left of the bath bomb into powder and let it go. Only then did I lay back to enjoy My bath.

But as I lay there in the bubbles with the jacuzzi jets massaging My back and legs, I started thinking about that insatiable need to pick at the weak spots of that bath ball, and how that is basically a metaphor for My existence as a Domme (both findom and femdom). Financial Domination & Destruction are simply who I am, not just what I do. When I meet a potential new sub, be it online for a findom session, on the phone through Niteflirt, or in person for a real time femdom session, I can’t help but study them closely until I find their weak spots. And then, once I’ve pointed them all out to Myself, I start to poke at them.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

I’m gentle at first, they probably don’t even notice to be honest. If they do, they shrug it off and ignore it. But as the session or meeting wears on, I become more insistent upon getting the reaction I want… I make the weak spots I’ve sought out grow, causing wounds in psyche of the sub in question. If he hasn’t noticed it by this point, he soon will – but it doesn’t matter, because it’s already too late.

When I make demands of My subs, there is always a reason for it, even if it is not clear to them at the time. The timing, the amount of the tribute, the exact nature of the femdom assignment, all of these facets are carefully thought out and planned by Me. From the moment a sub shows Me weakness, I begin planning how to tear that little niche in his armor apart, using all the tools at My command to widen that small breach in his hide to a gaping wound… And I love every minute of it.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

Just like My bath bomb, you wiggle and writhe; you try to escape your fate, but I am too strong. I am too smart. I am too Perfect. And then, unlike the bath bomb, you begin to enjoy it. you don’t only enjoy it, you CRAVE it. you BEG for it. Even knowing that you will be destroyed by Me, you NEED Me. you know that, as soon as you become useless to Me, you will be crushed by Me and forgotten to dissolve into the periphery of My life.

But unlike the bath bomb, you can, and more often than not DO come back. you gather what little of yourself you can and contact Me again. It may not be right away – sometimes it’s YEARS down the line, after I’ve already all but forgotten about you completely. But when you come back to Me, you are already broken… you may THINK you’ve mended your wounds, but you are just fooling yourself.  And what’s more, I already know all of your little weaknesses… I know just exactly what buttons to push, what words to say, what assignments to give… I know when to demand tribute, when to simply ask for it, when to slyly suggest it, and when to simply mention a trigger word or two – findom, financial domination, gifts, servitude, be a ‘good boy,’ etc. And then, just like before, you crumble before Me.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdfinancial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Domina Kiaraom Princess Kiara

But there is something different when a sub returns to Me. When a sub returns to Me after being destroyed by My wiles, he is changed on some deep, fundamental level. It’s as though, deep down, he knows what’s coming, and he’s ready for it. Or at least he thinks he is… Sometimes he’ll try to game the system once or twice – pretending that he doesn’t have those weaknesses anymore, pretending that he’s ‘gotten over’ his financial domination addiction. But we both know the truth… you’ll never escape.

Want to start the sexy, vicious cycle? What are you waiting for? Do it NOW!
Pretty Punk Princesses Financial Domination Mistresses Wishlist
* My website – Mistress Kaira’s Findom Dungeon
* My Clips4Sale – Buy My Clips!
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* Serve Me AND My Friends at Pretty Punk Princesses!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Dommes Make Mondays Better!

Kind of a late update today, but I had a date, so sue Me :P But never fear, We’ve got BIG news for Greedy Goddesses! We’ve teamed up with Elite Financial Domination! What does this mean for you? Well, more traffic for the ladies, and the ability to be cam verified by either Elite Financial Domination OR Greedy Goddesses! That’s right, Ladies, if you want to be on Our cam verified Dommes section of Greedy Goddesses and you have an Elite Financial Domination profile that is cam verified, simply send Me the link to it and I’ll add you! I’ve also acquired ad space on Elite Financial Domination, so We will get plenty of traffic from this amazing Findom community! Thanks, Elite Financial Domination!

The amazingly sexy Sarah Blake has a new blog out about defining Herself, and if you participate, you could win!:


Can you describe Sarah Blake? I mean really describe her? She’s quite kinky and into many things you may not even know about. She’s been in softcore late night tv, playboy TV, Posed for numerous young girl magazines and teen websites even though she was actually well into her 20′s at the time. She’s explored her submissive side and she’s a pretty damn tough sub as well as a very sadistic Dominant. It’s difficult to put a label on her and I find that just when I think I have her figured out, there’s a new layer, a new interest of hers that flips everything I though on its head! How would you describe her? I am just going to call her an artist and leave it at that.

Read more & participate in Her contest on Her blog!

Mistress Mindy got some kangaroo jumps and is showing off how hot She looks in them:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Like my kangoo jumps, slaves? Can you imagine seeing me jogging in these? Im going to cause sooo many accidents haha!

Ki$$ it & become My obedient little addict!

Worship Her more on Her blog!

Princess Mandy has some hot new clips for you to drool over:

  loser for My Grey Baggy Sweater
  Daily Moneyslave Task
That’s all for today, Ladies & worms! Enjoy your kinky evening :3
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ceara Lynch Annika Albright ass

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Payday’s Eve

Hello again boys and Women of Greedy Goddesses! First off, let Me just say thank you to all of those who have been with Us since the very beginning. We will never be able to repay you for your support of this growing community. And boy are We growing! We’ve launched a no-holds-barred advertising campaign. We will be advertising on all of the fetish, femdom, findom, financial domination, blackmail money slavery, etc etc websites We can find! If you know of one that you think would benefit Us (Either for paid advertising or banner exchanges) We’d love to hear about it! Send Us an email at GreedyGoddesses@Gmail.com !

As for other news about the site, We’ve added a twitter feed with all of Our favorite findoms. If you want to be added to the list, simply follow @GreedyGoddesses on twitter and mention (@) Us to let Us know! For this first batch of Divas, We gave priority to those who followed Us and promoted Us from the beginning, but We’ve got plenty of room for more financial domination Mistresses and femdom Princesses!

Speaking of Princesses, Mistress Kiara is living the Princess lifestyle indeed!

domina kiara financial domination mistress findom femdom princess Kiara tribute porn

Just got back from shopping with your cash – got Myself some sexy new panties (look for them in clips soon!), some makeup, and a new ped egg. I didn’t NEED any of it – especially the new ped egg (I just left Mine at Princess Mandy’s), but since it’s not My money, why not? LOL! And here’s a pic of Me wearing that hot lip stain – where have you been all My life!?

Mistress femdom selfie domina kiara findom financial domination lipstick fetish

Oh, that reminds Me, Mistress Malvasia and I are going to be doing a real time shopping trip with a sub next week, so get used to tribute porn – My blog is gonna be full of it!

Read More at Financial Domination Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Dungeon

Mistress Ceara Lynch just got back from Hollywood!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ceara Lynch Annika Albright ass

Recently I got back from a trip to Hollywood; a little get away to relax, do some shopping, check out the sights and lay on the beach. I stayed with my friend Mike, a successful mainstream porn director who I met at AVN earlier this year. He was nice enough to lend me his spare bedroom in his gorgeous sky rise penthouse during my stay. There are certainly worse places I could have been.

The apartment was spacious and beautiful. Nicely decorated with white walls, bright colorful accents and floor to ceiling windows all around. I must have took a million selfies while I was there.

The location was great too. I walked up Sunset Blvd toward Runyon Canyon every morning. On the first day I was stopped by the a film crew asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a show on the history channel called “America’s Secret Slang.” They were laughing about the fact that the woman they just previously interviewed was a dominatrix. Imagine their surprise when I told them I was too, albeit a cyber version.

Read more about Her interview, some of the sexy chicks She met, and see some SERIOUSLY hot pics on Her blog!

Princess Laura is going on vacation – on your dime!

Good morning you lowly lot!!

This week has gone by so fast!!! Lots have happened….

Iv had some very nice tributes and gifts arrive. My sexy spiked bra arrived from tom, my colour changing fire place come & I love it, a Vivienne Westwood necklace from John Martin arrived and some more flat pack furniture arrived (yah lol) See photos below…

Me and my man have booked a last minute holiday for this Sunday! I can’t wait to get away and relax in the sun. We are jetting off to Lanzarote for 4 nights. It’s even more exciting because I used your tributes to pay for it!! Hehe…

Read More at Mistress Laura’s Blog!

Mistress Meggerz is draining another piggy, and She has some demands:spoiled amazon wishlist princess


Piggy Justin, I only want:

for now. I don’t want to destroy your wallet considering you have the rest of your life to spoil and obey me. Snap Snap – I expect it NOW.

Wait. Did I really just say I didn’t want to destroy your wallet and actually have mercy on you?

Yeah, I did. Because it’s more amusing to watch you slowly suffer my demands than to take- take- take and have you cowering in fear. Request that 3rd loan and work harder brown nosing your stupidly submissive boss. He’s a gluten for sexy white bitches as well (or so I hear). Suck cock and earn *my* raise. I’ve got wants and you’re the pig who’s fulfilling them.

Or else I’ll dump you.

$426 and counting.

Read more on Her blog!

The sexy Sarah Blake has a new clip out – pink satin glove tease, and it is HOT!

pinksatinglovetittyuteaseGIF Sarah Blake Video  Pink Satin Glove Tease

You wanna see? Hehehe, noooooo…I’m just going to tease you since I know you want to see my big beautiful tits so badly. Just tease and tease. Will there be a nipple slip? Mmmmm, you wish there was so much. You stroke and watch and wait and hope while I keep on with my topless tease and sexy satin gloves…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess brat Mindy

Greedy Goddess Tuesday – Serve a Findom Today!

So today’s posts seem to be all about financial domination. Keep your tongue in your mouth, piggy, but feel free to bring out your wallet… First up, Brat Mistress Mindy  has some sexy tribute porn to show off:

Some of my most recent amazon prezzies have started to hit my UPS box and as you know… I lub to brag, be spoiled and show how my good little servants have been showering me with their wallets! So, heres a quick blog post with some stuff thats come in along with a few other photos!

Mindy Madison – www.MindyMadison.com

See more on Her blog!

Next is Princess Laura again with some more tribute porn and sexy shoe pics:

Here’s some photos of my sexy shoes iv gotten in the last few days! A girl can never have enough shoes…true story!!!!

Iv always got shoes on my wishlist..feed my addiction!!


First up are my favourites..Vivienne Westwood heels

More hot pics and sexy shoes at Her blog! Read now!

Princess Mandy Loves Money is living up to Her name, as always, with a sexy JOI edging game She’s got for sale today:

Five Star Free Image Hosting

Buy from Mandy Loves Money through Niteflirt.com

you sit there day after day, squirting out load after load. Doesn’t that get a lil mundane??? I guess you wouldn’t even notice since your life IS the epitome of mundane. Well tonight I’m going to shake things up a bit for you. I’m going to have both your heads spinning and begging for more. you will probably even hate Me, until the very end when I let you finally release. Yes loser, I let you cum tonight.

Read more about this clip on Her blog!

Mistress Severity has a HILARIOUS sissy gif:

Here are a couple of gifs to keep you busy until I have video

That’s it for today, keep the great content coming, Ladies! And subs, keep those tributes flowing!


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Meet the Goddesses – Goddess Bree

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Q: What title do you prefer be used when slaves address you?
A: Goddess

Q: Besides BDSM and fetish, what are some things you enjoy? Movies, TV, books, games, etc.
A: I enjoy just life in general! Going out with My friends, playing guitar, taking My dog to the beach.

Q: What do YOU think is your best feature?
A: My legs and My wicked greed.

Q: What specifically makes you the most giddy/happy/turned on?
A: Tributes, gifts, being the boss bitch and making weak boys squirm.

Q: Have you ever made a sub cry? How did it make you feel?
A: Yes and it felt amazing and powerful!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Q: Do you think of yourself as a lifestyle, professional, or strictly online Mistress?
A: As of right now I am a online Goddess, but in the future I am going to be offering real time sessions.

Q: How long have you been offering sessions?
A: For a year and a half now.

Q: What are your favorite fetishes?
A: Financial Domination, Foot Worship and Humiliation.

Q: What was your first femdom experience? How did it make you feel?
A: When I was in college a guy, named Luke, that was in the same residency as Me used to follow Me around like a lost little puppy. He was really annoying and I reminded him that he was on a daily basis. One day I looked at him with My peircing glare and a smirk on My face and I told him that if he was going to follow Me around like a lost puppy every day that he should make himself useful. He jumped at the chance to say the least. I made him carry My books, do My laundry, type up My assignments and buy anything I needed out of his own pocket! And all the while he got the privilege of being ignored by Me. It made Me feel powerful, superior to ignore Luke the loser!

Q: Can you describe in one word how dominating someone makes you feel?
A: Superior

Q: How do you honestly feel about men?
A: I feel that men have only one place and that is beneath Me. They were put on this earth to be useful, to be trained and to worship.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Q: Do you share your femdom life with your friends and family?
A: Very little.

Q: Do you think all women are inherently superior?
A: I think that every woman has it in them to be superior, We are superior creatures by nature. But a lot of women either choose not to be superior or they simply haven’t had an incident happen in life where they know they have it in born in them.

Q: Have you ever been to play party or played in Public before?
A: No I haven’t. But I can’t wait to do real time sessions so I can play in public.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to submissives who approach you?
A: I have 2 actually. #1 is when a sub approaches Me and adresses Me as Mistress, Princess, etc … anything but My actual title. #2 is when a sub tries to waste My time with conversation without an immediate tribute.

Q: Are you currently seeking other slaves?
A: Yes

Q: How do you accept Tributes?
A: I accept tributes through NiteFlirt: http://www.niteflirt.com/BBW%20Goddess%20Bree or amazon gift cards sent to: bree@goddessbree.com

Q: How can potential slaves contact you?
A: On Yahoo Messenger (ID: breedemand), by email (bree@goddessbree.com) or through My website (http://www.goddessbree.com/apply-to-serve/) only after they have paid tribute first.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa cbt ballbusting

Clip Review: Torture Time 3 – Percussion Play

Review by: Denied Boy

Before you begin you have to get these things ready:
  • Leather crop (or wooden or plastic spatula)
  • Tape

The Review

At the beginning Goddess Kyaa orders you to take the position for this session by laying down on your back on the floor with your legs spread wide. Then get your knees up and spread them wide too. Then you have to tape your penis shaft to your belly to clear the way to work on your balls easily.
She tells you where to aim exactly. You will find the seam between your balls. You will smack it hard with your tool. She instructs you to smack it harder and faster. She tells you to smack it for five seconds as hard as you can, and as fast as you can. You will get a nice percussion of it. Then take a deep breath and get back to the second wave of smacking. Then she leans down to you with her beautiful face and tells you how much she loves that sound of your pain, of your ball sack getting smacked like this. “Do you hear me loser, I want you to smack those balls, nice and hard. Bust them, do you hear me?”
That will give you few seconds to catch your breath, then the 3rd wave will begin. She orders you to flip the tool that you are using and hit yourself with its handle. You should be crying right now, because the handle is much stronger and it inflicts great pain. Then she will get you back to your regular smacking for another five seconds. Then she orders you to hit yourself 3 times with the handle. She gives you few seconds to take a deep breath, because you will need it. Then back to handle again for 3 more smacks. Then she does it again. At this time, you have to say “Thank you for smashing my balls Goddess Kyaa” while she shakes her ass in front of you and flips you off. Then the handle, take a deep breath then the handle again. She asks you to watch this video again a few times. So, you have to re-do all that again, because the session is about to end.
When it is time to finish you off, she orders you to keep smacking your balls with the handle as she teases you. You can’t stop for almost a minute of unbelievable pain. She teases you, flips you off and laughs at your tears. Goddess Kyaa knows that you are crying in pain. Now her job is done.

Note on the clip

This session has about 12 stages or waves. Each one has its own rule for duration and number of smacks. Sometimes you don’t know how many smacks you will get, you have to keep smacking as hard and as fast as you can until the time is up. Be prepared that these 12 waves could be doubled or tripled because at the 11th wave, she tells you to do it all over again.

The waves in details 

First it’s the intro where she makes you test the crop. 2nd wave (5 seconds), 3rd wave (5s), 4th wave (5s). 5th wave 11 smacks by handle, 6th wave (5s), 7th wave 3 smacks by handle, 8th wave 3 smacks by handle, 9th wave 3 smacks by handle, 10th wave 3 smacks by handle, 11th wave 3 smacks by handle, 12th wave smacks by handle (50s) .

Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip.

Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple. Setting was Goddess Kyaa’s elegant dungeon aka studio. In the background there is a big bookcase with lots kinky stuff; dildos in different sizes and high heels. These elements helped to create a certain tone. They also help you to focus on Goddess Kyaa alone. There is no distraction at all. The clip was shot in pov style with fixed angles, so you get the feeling of being kneeled in front of her. It’s a smart technique because when she goes backward you can see all her body, when she gets in the middle you can get a clearer look at her and when she leans down to talk to you, you feel it more personal than ever.
Monologue: Goddess Kyaa is very good with words! She knows how to choose them carefully, and how to say them effectively.
A dominatrix wants you to beat your balls for her. She walks you through detailed steps how to do it.
Goddess Kyaa is very smart. She is also a sadistic woman. You will be fooled by her beautiful smile and charming eyes, then all these are going to be weapons to destroy you when you hear her laugh at your pain.
The plot is inventive. Using percussion in ball busting is really a smart idea. She will get you through her stages, and at some point she will have you do it all over again then you will be shocked at the end.
The clip goes smoothly without any cutting at all. It was taken at one shoot. Lighting was perfect. It shows a clear view.
Costume design
Her clothes are simple and sexy.

Clip info

The third installment of my highly detailed physical abuse instruction series, Torture Time! In this seductive and brutal video I walk you through an extensive cock and ball beating session. I will mostly focus on your little loser sack, making sure you turn that thing black and blue for me. I will first tell you what item(s) you will need to complete the assignment and then give you step by step instructions on how I want you to torture yourself for my pleasure.
Abuse yourself for me now! I love knowing that you are hurting in my honor. Photograph or record yourself beating your balls and email me proof of your obedience to really show you are desperate to please me. Remember, your pain is my pleasure. Now beat yourself, bitch!
(1280x720p HD)
In this video you will find elements of the following: CBT, abuse, torture, percussion, beating, whipping, caning, ball busting, ball beating, female domination, domination, humiliation, laughter, tease & denial, ass worship, riding crop, ball slapping, Goddess worship
Category CBT
Media Format WMV
File size 266 MB
Media Playtime 9:33
Price: $19.50
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Alexandra Snow

Clip Review: Bust your Nuts!

Review by: Denied Boy

Last night, before bed, while I was working on this article about Ballbusting, I got the urge to bust mine. I watched lots of clips and I think I wanted to end my day with a real demonstration.

I picked up this great clip for one of the greatest Dommes ever Alexandra Snow “Bust your nuts”. What a perfect tittle !

At the beginning She talked for 2 minutes about her bad day, and that she needs a stress ball.  This kind of introduction gives your brain a clear massage: You will face pain here, not pleasure at all, you will get beaten for her pleasure. This helped to prepare myself for the next step.

During the clip, she also talked about the difference between CBT & Ballbusting, and how CBT divides pain between the cock & balls, on the other hand, BB is pure focused on these little guys.

First she made me slap my balls hard, with a smart position that allowed my hand to move freely. Then I got to another step, by placing a hard cover book under my balls. I thought it doesn’t matter, but I regret that while slapping them against that book, the slap became harder and more painful.

Then I got into another step, by tying my balls to a door and try to kiss her ass. It caused so much pain, because i was pulling myself and starching my balls hard. At this moment I felt like I wanted to stop. I told myself “isn’t this enough? I am in real pain”

At the end, she told me to untie the door and keep my balls tied up. Then She said “Now you’re gonna bust ‘em for me“!! I was like “WHAT!” what was I doing all this time?

She gave me a free choice between my fist and any other implement like a spoon, shoe, ect. But at that point I couldn’t think, I chose my fist.

I busted my balls for her so good, I am still sore.


Bust Your Nuts

My house has been invaded by repairmen for the last several weeks, which had made it very difficult to work in my home office. Right now, they are banging away downstairs and their incessant hammering is pissing me off. So it’s your job to make me feel better by torturing your balls for my amusement. You’re going to be stretching, crushing, and slapping them all for ME… and maybe I’ll even reward you with some ass worship time.
Time to abuse those balls, boys!
Video includes: female domination, cbt instruction, ball busting, cock control, humiliation, ass worship
Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.
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Length: 14 minutes
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Added: 5/20/12 4:00pm