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Clip Review: Can You Jerk It Right, or Do I Have to Show You?

Review by: Denied Boy

When you first see her, you properly think she is just a cute next-door girl. Well, from my experience, you are very wrong! I will make this post focusing on one side of what she can do to you.

I purchased one from her store, it’s called “Can you do this right or do I need to show you.  It’s a Point of View masturbation instructions clip.
The setting is so simple, cozy and warm. It gives you the feeling that what you are going to see could happens in any living room. It starts out with Mistress Sarah Blake in sweet homey dress. She sits down on the floor in her living room and in front of her is a table with a big dildo. She calmly asks you “ do you think you can you do this right?” while manipulating the dildo with her sweet tiny fingers. She ends up saying “I don’t think you masturbate right” then to break you down she adds : “i have seen you, it just pathetic”.
She guides you gently with her soft voice to start with her, step by step, she makes you unzip and pull your cock  out, she throw a laugh to break the ice and tells you to get it hard with an obvious signs of indifference. She waits for few seconds and asks you “are you hard yet” she knows you are not, she looks to you in your eyes and tells you that she wants you as hard as the dildo with a look of resentment. She tells you with a sweet voice and bitchy attitude “i am not here to get you hard, i am here  to show you how you fucking jerk it, get it off”. She waits more for you, watches you trying to get it hard and start tapping with her fingers on the table. She begins to get bored by you, she will starts after few seconds!
Now Mistress Sarah is incredibly cute, she begins her instructions. You can see her stunning cleavage clearly. Her hand starts touching the dildo and she informs you that you are doing it wrong. Just watch and learn. She shows her technique for the beginning and builds up with you. She keeps in mind that you might get too excited (and you will) so she reminds you how to cool down and start fresh. She keeps building you up as she tells you that you need to stay erect. As the stroking goes faster, the humiliation level gets higher as she sees you getting hornier and weaker, she tells how lousy you are in bed, if you cum too fast. She keeps it that way , getting you up, until the big intense end. You will love it so much.
This clip is a must buy for all slaves, and all  men must watch this and learn.
I can’t tell how deep she affects me. She is the cruelest cute girl I ever seen. She was born to do humiliation. she does it so perfectly and naturally. There is no acting or faking at all.
I remember when i purchased this clip I had watched it 6 times in the same night. Can you imagine how addictive it is.
Can you jerk your cock right? Hmmm, maybe you need some lessons in control. I’ll walk you throuigh jerking off the proper way to gain some orgasm control and not just to get itt. Make it mean something slave!
Category Masturbation Instruction Media Format WMV
File size 109 MB Media Playtime 15:02
Price: $14.99
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Clip Review: Renna Ryann in I Love Your Smal Penis

Review by: Denied Boy
Renna Ryann is such a Beautiful lady. she is hot! she appears in her sexy white dress. sitting on a red sofa in a good light room. the camera angle is perfect, it will give you a great sense of POV with degradation.
it starts with Renna welcoming you and she seems happy to see you. She smiles and tells you to not cover it up. the she says her magic line “ small penis is so wonderful really!”. Then she talks to you more with her soft voice and kind eyes in details about your small penis. And from her angle you can see a great view of her sexy cleavage.
She tells you why she prefers a small one, many reasons, like that you won’t leave her sore after sex, and she can easily deep throat you, and as she says “any girl can deep throat that”. Then she tells you that you will not disgust girls with your semen, because you will shoot a small amount. And the best thing about having a small penis is that you can put it in her ass, because she  would barely feel it in her ass. She then tells you that you can have sex with her when she is sleeping and she won’t even wake up. She keeps sympathizing with the same smile that will burn you out.
This kind of clip is very rare. It has a strong dose of humiliation coated with a thin layer of sympathy. It’s brilliant. if you are into small penis humiliation, you will love it for sure.
Renna Ryann in I Love Your Smal Penis
Cory chase’s store Jerky Wives:
Price: $4.99 USD
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 102 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 02/24/11 12:33:47 AM