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If you’re interested in submitting content to be featured on Greedy Goddesses, first read the rules below.

1. NO DRAMA! Seriously. None. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which means you are entitled to yours, and someone else is also entitled to their own, and that theirs may contradict yours. We’re all adults here, so let’s act like it. Respectfully disagreeing is one thing. Personal attacks and catty dochebaggery from ANY SIDE (Domme OR sub) will not be tolerated.

2. Findom and Femdom material only. This is a financial domination and female dominance website. It’s fine if you have a clip of you fucking your boyfriend or girlfriend, but this is not the place for it.

3. If your content is labeled as ‘exclusive for Greedy Goddesses,’ don’t submit it elsewhere. If you submit your Greedy Goddesses exclusive content to another website, We will be forced to remove your content from Our website.

4. Include pictures, payment buttons, links, and anything else you would like to have with your post in your submission. If there are no pictures, links, photos, etc in your email, We will NOT go to your site and get them for you. Your featured image for your post will, instead, be the default Greedy Goddesses picture.

5. Anything posted here is at the discretion of the owners of the Greedy Goddesses website. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any content We feel does not belong on Our site for any reason.

By submitting your content via the form below, you agree to abide by the rules above. You also agree to allow Greedy Goddesses to feature the contents of submission on Our website. If you wish to have your latest updates featured in Our daily blogs, follow Greedy Goddesses on twitter and make sure to have your blog/website in your profile for Our web goon to easily find.

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