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Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Greedy Goddesses Sunday – What’s New in the World of Financial Domination?

Happy Sunday! you’ve made it through the weekend! Have you been pleasing your Financial Domination Mistresses well, letting them live the life of luxury that They deserve while you make cutbacks and suffer quietly? I certainly hope so, puppets, because tomorrow it’s back tot he normal ‘work week,’ where you start the cycle over again – doing menial tasks for a company that could never compare to the Greatness of your Domme, only to turn around and blow your whole paycheck on Her at the end of the week. Mmm… Delicious…

Greedy Goddesses Financial Domination World News

So We did a little clean up, implemented a few new features, and made the site just all-around better and easier to use! you can thank Us now. So what’s new, you ask? Well, first of all, we got rid of a bunch of dead weight. There are no longer and links that lead to old websites, dead profiles, etc. And that got Us thinking… Nearly HALF of the cam-verified ‘Dommes’ don’t even have websites anymore, let alone twitter, Skype, or Niteflirt. We had to delete many of them, and We want to personally apologize for having dead links on Our website.

As Mistress Kiara pointed out in Her recent review of the book Greedy – this is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ business… You have to be GOOD at what you do, you have to be DEDICATED, and you have to, at some point at least, enjoy it. If you can’t keep your business afloat for at least a year (especially since this is a business built off the back of boys who LITERALLY throw money at You just for being Superior), then there is no room for You here. This is obviously not to say that there are not Women constantly joining this fetish lifestyle who absolutely are legit, wonderful findom and femdoms.  However, it takes time to prove that to the community. Therefore, in order to continue to provide GREAT QUALITY financial domination and female dominance daily updates, We will no longer be allowing femdoms and findoms to cam verify unless they can prove that they have been doing so for at least a year. It’s not a fool-proof system, but We think it will at least cut back on those who ‘can’t hack it’ squeaking through.

With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, what have We added in the positive column? We have made it easy for ANYone (yes, even those who are new and unable to cam verify!) to submit content for Us to feature in Our daily blog! If you go to the “Submit Content” page, there is now a simple form to fill out which will email Our web goon anything you like (hint: he likes spankings and stinky socks best!). This means that anyone can write femdom clip reviews, send Us tribute porn to post, tell Us of Their wonderful website updates, have Their slaves send Us Their travel schedules, submit femdom or findom articles displaying Their intelligence, or any number of things that You think Our little gremlins deserve to be updated on! And, of course, anything you submit has the option of being linked back to Your website, twitter, and any of your clip stores or call lines if You like. Our goal here is to provide quality financial domination updates so that We can provide quality financial domination traffic to Our subscribers, and We think that’s pretty cool ;3

Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Ok, enough self-gratification, on to Our Lovely Lades of today! Mistress Malvasia has been working Her salacious sorcery lately! She’s more than doubled the amount of Her Niteflirt listings LITERALLY overnight! She also sent Us Her interview, which We happily added to Our interviews page! Serve if you dare… @DommeMalvasia is Her twitter. Follow Her to see what She does with all of those poor souls that She enslaves…

Brat Princess Mindy Clip

Princess Mindy Madison released a new clip yesterday – Gay BFF Audition Task. “want to be my new gay cock sucking new BFF? – heres your chance to hang out with me and be my new best gay guy friend!!! if you do this right, you may end up making out with a man tonight!!!” Grab the clip on Her IWantClips or Clips4Sale and be sure to follower Her on Twitter at @BratMindy for Her latest updates!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Greedy Goddesses Update – We’re Back! 1/25/2015

Hello freaks, and welcome back! There were some personal issues that the Goddesses had to take care of at the end of 2014, but We’re back and ready to continue to bring you the hottest humiliation, femdom, and findom news every day! So  much has happened that if We tried to fill you in on EVERYthing We’d never get a post out, so We’re just going to focus on the recent stuff from a few of your favorites… Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mistress Kiara has a new tattoo, a new FREE clip, and SEVERAL new blackmail slaves lol!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Mistress Kiara has been busy lately, making and spending money from you freaks! She recently put a $500 tribute toward a sexy new tattoo for you weirdos to drool over. In appreciation for you (yeah right LOL!) She also released a FREE clip! Her latest clip features a blackmail fetish slave sucking off a tranny that he went to see lol! you can watch the streaming clip on Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Blog, which also features more clips of this blackmail loser as well as another stupid freak who bugged Her, or you can download just the clip by clicking here!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison wants to enslave not only you, but your wife too!

These 5 scandalous and super slick ways to get your wife to become my slave will probably not only work very well but get you hooked on being My slave in a whole new way!

Do these, dont just read them… Try to make all 5 of these sexy Princess orders happen! It might take a bit of time to make them all happen but thats okay… half the fun will be the process of making these awesome things happen!

Ideally you and your wife/gf ought to be serving me, on both of your knees, kissing my ass and handing over both of your pay cheques! I bet shes a secret lez anyway, she probably wants to kiss my ass… I bet I could make her my human sex toy if I want… I deserve to have the castle & you two as my house minions, footing the bill and being goo little Mindy slaves!

I order to make this happen we have to start one step at a time and this assignment is one sexy step towards making her be MY slave! Its time to make that wife/gf become my pay and service slave!

Continue reading on Her Blog…

Mistress Morgan Chase had a HOT interview on the In Bed With Doctor Sue show!

The Domme Spotlight is shining on Morgan Chase and she shines right back!  Find out all about this tough, tantalizing lady with the military background who can put you in your place and make you love every minute of it.

Morgan discusses how she fell in to Domination, her military background and an unfortunate problem she’s been dealing with that we can all learn from.  You’ll also find out that she and Jezebel Sinclair plan to take over the 2015 AVNExpo among some other tasty treats that are coming up.

Listen to the show by clicking here!

That’s it for today, but keep your browser pointed here tomorrow for a HOT new clip review form Denied Boy!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ezada

Tuesdays are for Milking you Dry!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Greedy Goddesses is expanding fast! And We want all of Our loyal readers to be able to enjoy the best femdom content We can find for a full 24 hours. For this reason, Greedy Goddesses will be updating after midnight EST each day from now on. We will post Our daily blog updates between 12 and 6am each day so that you can wake up to a nice helping of sexy femdom and findom content. Aren’t you lucky?

For today’s update, Our little review slut, Denied Boy, has another clip review for Us – Mistress Ezada Sinn‘s latest clip: Milked with his head in the toilet.

Milked with his head in the toilet

The scene begins with a bound kneeling slave, with his butt facing the
camera and his head inside a toilet bowl. His balls are tied with a
rope. Then Lady Ezada Sinn appears behind him. She doesn’t waste any
time, she grabs his back and penis and starts stroking them.

From his humiliating position, his genitals are pulled backward,
between his legs. You can easily see that his balls are red and sore,
as well as his cock head. it will make it clear to you that this
slave was edged several times and his balls were beaten also.

Read the rest of the review and see some more hot pics form the clip in the official review by Denied Boy!

Fishnet Toes

Wednesday – hump day for pay pigs, payday for findoms!

That’s right, pay pigs, it’s hump day! Tribute your favorite findom and ask Her what you should be humping for Her amusement LOL!

Greedy Goddesses has a new cam verified Domme! Everyone give a big, warm, tribute-filled welcome to Goddess Amber! Here’s a little about Her, in Her own words of course:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ebony Goddess Amber

I am Egotistical, Sexy, Cruel, Money Hungry, Witty, Addicting, Mind-Blowing, Kinky, Caring, Smart, and an Ebony Goddess. Everyone knows Black Women were born dominant. Its is Our calling in life to have puppets, low lives, sluts, and losers serve Us.

Read more on Her Elite Financial Domination profile!


We also were lucky enough to have another Femdom Interview, this time with Miss Cee! Read Her femdom interview and see why you should be on your knees buying Her gifts, pay pig!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia applied and IMMEDIATELY got accepted to Foot Night Detroit! Foot Night. for those of you who don’t know, is where a bunch of women (occasionally findoms) with sexy feet get together and have a bunch of subs pay to worship Their feet. This includes licking Their Perfect arches, sucking Their beautiful toes, being trampled by Their sexy heels… Sometimes the subs even get a real ‘treat’ and get to eat food off of the Goddess’ feet LOL! I can’t WAIT to hear the stories about Mistress Malvasia’s experiences at foot night Detroit on March 22nd!


Tuesday is here, did you tribute your Domme?

Greetings Dommes and subs, we have a new update for your reading pleasure!

The viscous and wonderful Domina Kiara has graced GG with a little glimpse into what makes her tick.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara

Financial Domination & Destruction are Mistress Kiara’s Nature


Mistress Amara Noir shares the details of Her trip to SXSW…


Planning is not my forte. To recap SXSW,   I made the most of the time I had- mostly with friends, music, fun, less  sessions than I’d hope for, so thanks for those who did come through. It was last minute trip so  I at least kept my head above water and had a great time.I kept waking up around 6 am, on little sleep and just powered through the day.  I got to see my aussie bands,  Got to see some cool acts I hadn’t heard of before- I think that’s the point no,? Rather than wait 4 hrs in line for an act you already like.

Decided to take a side trip to Houston. Saw a few of you- thanks! And had a lot of flakes.  My last night in Austin, I met an interesting guy, who happened to also be a vegan and pretty funny.  Coincidentally, he was headed to Houston the same day- so that was nice to spend my free time with some one I could relate to on many levels.

Click to continue reading on Her blog…



Goddess Genevieve has started up Her new Kinkbomb studio…


Minions! Pets! Puppets! subs and slaves of the kinkville universe..Prepare yourselves for the invasion of GODDESS GENEVIEVE’S KINKBOMB STUDIO!!! Now launched….New and improved & so sizzling it will sure to get your pants much, much tighter!

Click to continue reading on Her blog…



Mistress Severity has been having fun with some of Her slaves…


Hello minions,

Here’s an update on some of the slaves I’ve been playing with lately. Of course you all know slutty chunk, he is back by popular demand showing once again how a slut should dress. On this occasion he is dressed for the beach.
That’s it for today, Stay Frosty.

Sunday, time to worship those Goddesses!

Hey there Dommes and subs, first up we have some new news about the Greedy Goddesses community.  We’ve allowed everyone to register to comment and interact in our little community.  So please, register and enjoy!

Princess Laura Coats has a new tribute brag blog post for your enjoyment…


I got my euros from my loser mmmm all ready to waste on cocktails while I sunbathe on the beach with my real man mmmm…

My two dresses from loser James arrived this afternoon just in time to pack in my case! below.

This evening I had a very amusing cam session with a lucky addict…I had an extremely sexy body stocking on with my latex thigh high boots and loser cum almost instantly when he saw me…him & his pin dick were pathetic.
Enjoy my tribute porn from tonight. I’m such a spoilt Goddess!!!

I’ll update when I return home from my holiday.

Money looks great on me.

Click to continue reading on Her blog…


Mistress Elle has a brand new sissy to show off…


Ladies & worms, may I introduce to you all, My latest plaything Under Consideration – Sissy Nancy.



Nancy attempted to serve Me before – but as she wasn’t in a good enough financial position, she had to go elsewhere.

Naturally this little panty wearing bitch crawled back to Me on her knees, wallet in mouth & panties on her head, begging to serve Me properly – and as I laid down alot of the foundations before, I was only happy to oblige & of course, finish what I originally started.



Mistress Myrina Douleur is just breaking out from the real-time world into the digital one…

Mistress Myrina

Hello Minions,

So Mistress Myrina’s Minions have been restless…I have been getting your texts and emails requesting more of Me. I understand that you adore your Mistress. I am slowly approaching the whole social media thing so start with this for more Mistress Myrina…


I don’t know what else am I missing? Prob Instagram and a few others…Any kinky geeks want to help Me out I will be posting some much overdue positions to be filled soon. I will be integrating a few things to make it easier to reach Me and see what I’m up too.

Click here to continue reading on Her blog…



That’s all for now, keep D/s’ing and Stay Frosty.


Sunday – Funday, if you’re a Domme

First up, we have a new clip review by Denied Boy, check it out here:

Clip Review: Short But Not So Sweet Ball Slapping


Miss Laura received some new latex gifts…

I just wanted to show you all my sexy latex boots from J they are sexy
as fuck don’t you agree????……and of course a few other gifts iv
had the last couple of days! Get On your knees for me.

Click to continue reading…

Goddess Genevieve posts on D/s and the balance between Domme and sub…

This is going to be a short blog, but it’s a topic I’ve been wanting to blog
about for some time now.

Someone once asked Me, “what do your subs experience when they
session/serve you?” Now, there are many answers to this particular
question, and there is no one experience that matches the next.
However My answer was this.

A sub that either sessions or serves Me knows that I have the ability to
crush them, yet uplift them. A safe haven that explores their inner most
wants and needs, yet submits to mine. They know the physiological
mind fuck can be the best and worst part of their servitude.
The ability to choose their course of action yet the instinct
to always obey.

Bottom line, each to their own.

However, when I see or hear of the dreaded “blocked, fake or destroyed
session” around the various sites on social medias, I see the bottom


That’s it for now.  Stay frosty.
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

A very Dommely Tuesday

First up, there’s a new In Bed with Dr. Sue podcast coming soon with a debate on the topic of blackmail featuring Mistress Kiara and Goddess Kya.  Look for it.

In GG site news, there’s a new cam-verified Domme, Goddess Bree.  Check out her website at

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Ms Sasha Conceited made an interesting post on D/s relationships and instant gratification:



Many subs who want to get into the online scene seem to jump right in and find a Mistress ASAP. I get a lot of these boys contacting me, and well, let’s just say they won’t get that satisfaction of being owned within a day. Why don’t I do it? Well, for one thing, it makes those who engage in it look like a joke of BDSM and D/s relationships in general. I’ve spent over a year cultivating my relationship with my boy, and it makes me sick when I see those throwing out their “devotion” so swiftly. I almost find it offensive when these people want to be on the same plane as me and my boy. It’s like comparing that one night stand to a marriage.

Click to continue reading…

The Fetishist Lady M posts about what kinky archetypes She feels suit Her…

Saw this is a Fetlife Group…

I thought it was interesting. These are the archetypes I identify with the most…

Continued on her blog…

Miss Sophia Stone Released a brand new clip: Ass-tastic adventure.

CUSTOM VIDEO – One morning at the beautiful Miss Sophia Stone’s condo while making breakfast, our shrunken mini man escapes the thong drawer she keeps him in and is roaming around. As he’s exploring, he scales the skyscraper sized dining room table to discover a bowl of piping hot oatmeal.

Starving from captivity, he braves being discovered to indulge in the tasty treat. It is “monstrously” good. So good in fact that he does not notice that Miss Sophia has returned to the table with her spoon and she begins to stir her meal unaware that her tiny man is in the bowl!

Click to continue synopsis and for purchase links…

More to come.


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa

What’s New at Greedy Goddesses?

As you all know, this site is a work in progress, and We’re working to progress this toward something AWESOME! We’ve tweaked the layout a bit, removing some things which took away from Our advertisers, adding some other things to help attract boys like you, and added more content to keep you coming back – dicks in one hand, wallets in the other! If you have any suggestions as to how We can make this site even better, do not hesitate to email Us at GreedyGoddesses(AT)—

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Lindsey cbt ballbusting

Our resident denied loser clip reviewer has another hot clip review up – Goddess Lindsey’s “Just How My Fiance Likes It“. Read his review and drool over some sexy snapshots from the clip here. Learn exactly what it’s like to be cuckolded by the sexy Goddess Lindsey! Or you can check out all of his clip reviews by checking out the Femdom Clip Reviews page here at Greedy Goddesses.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa

The ever-sexy and Dominant Goddess Kyaa has done an interview with Us! See just what brings losers to their knees in Her presence in Her interview – Meet the Goddesses – Domme Kyaa. Learn why She rightfully pegs Her best feature as Her “sexy brain,” how She feels when She makes boys cry, and even gain insight into some of Her non-fetish interests. A must read for Kyaa addicts everywhere! If you’re looking for other Domme interviews, check out Our Domme Writeups page.

We had a bit of a problem with getting comments moderated, so We’ve hired a goon to help Us out when Mistress Kiara is out of town. This should prevent any long lapses in comment approval, as well as give Us a hand with keeping this site updated with fresh femdom, findom, and fetish content for you freaks. you’re welcome.