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Princess Shimmy Control Fetish

Financial Domination Saturday – Spend Spend Spend!

It’s the weekend again, but a pay pig is NEVER done working! Tribute to your Goddesses!

But first we have another FAKE ALERT! @bratty_bella has stolen her profile picture from @MissJessicaWood – and thievery from another Goddess is NOT permitted in the world of Greedy Goddesses! See the conversation here where a concerned sub brought it to the attention of Miss Jessica when he recognized Her Perfect Ass ;3


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The Brats over at have a new clip out – Jennifer and Sasha – The Last Unicorn is Captured and Ballbusted (1080 HD)! Jennifer has captured the last unicorn and now she has to destroy its balls. She has to. Unicorn youre mine! The unicorn is tied securely to the ball kicking chair. It cant move a hoof. Sasha and Jennifer have a great time giving it full force ball kicks as hard as they can. The unicorn cries out in agony while the girls laugh and laugh. The unicorn makes sickening sounds and whelps when the kicks are delivered. Sasha Foxx kicks as hard as she can and grunts like she is returning serve at Wimbledon. The unicorn cannot move at all. It is completely tied down. The girls are extremely sadistic in this clip and show it no mercy. The clip ended early because of a catastrophic kick that caused the unicorn to open up. The clip is about 6 minutes long but we filmed it with 2 cameras so you get angle 1 first and then angle 2. This is one of the cruelest clips we have ever done. (12:27 long). Be sure to follow @Brat_Princess_2 to get all of the latest updates from these Bratty Beauties!

Princess Shimmy Control Fetish


We always enjoy seeing blogs done by subs for their Mistresses, so We were happy to see that ‘Princess Shimmy owns me‘ is updating his blog to promote his Mistress! Be sure to follow the one and only @Princess_Shimmy on twitter to see just what it is that makes this little loser so addicted…

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Special Greedy Goddesses Friday Update!

So this is a special update – The Greedy Goddesses website is here to help and support the femdom and findom community. Usually, that means posting updates and articles, cam verifying Mistresses, and promoting findom and femdom Mistresses from across the web. Today, however, I have another helpful category to add to the list – outing a scam artist in the femdom & findom community.

As many of you know, is a venue that some Dommes and subs can use to find their owners/pets. Unfortunately, there are also many scammers on CollarMe as well. Mistress Malvasia and Mistress Kiara were both contacted but just such a person, posing as a female Domme. Her CollarMe ID is MissJenny1, but for some reason the profile itself cannot be viewed on CollarMe – that’s the first red flag… ‘She’ sent Us both this message:

“Do you wish to work with us for $6,000-$10,000 per month, 2-3 hours a day as a finance online Mistress ?”

My response was, “Sounds a bit too good to be true if I’m honest lol. What would you need from me?” Figuring that I’d be asked for My credit card information or driver’s license, social security card, etc. But all she asked for was My yahoo ID. I made a dummy yahoo ID, just in case, and figured I’d string this out as far as it would go lol. Here is Our conversation:

ms017: Hi, Ms. Jenny here
Kiara.Domina: Hello there
ms017: How are you ?
Kiara.Domina: Pretty good, just moved into a new place and I’m loving it ;3 you?
ms017: Great TY, So did you dom or switch on cam before and can be good as online finance ?
Kiara.Domina: Um, your English is a bit off. I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking me… I’m a pro domme both real time and online. I do financial domination – is that what you mean?
ms017: wasnt born at the u.s.  living in new york for 9 years. did you dom / switch on cam ?
Kiara.Domina: Yes, Domme only
ms017: OK look, We are managing a group of finance mistresses. We cater to very select, high quality subs that pay $3000-$4000 every month.
We manage over 200 mistresses all over the US and Canada. Also more than 100 in Europe, Asia and Australia. Mistresses pay us 5% commission after receiving the payment from the sub. Do you have a cam and a mic for online Domination ?
Kiara.Domina: Yes
ms017: this forum works for 4.5 years, pretty discreet, except paying the mistresses, every sub pays 300$ per month for membership { more than 600 subs, 25% are women }
pls note we’re checking on cam 10-15 mistresses every day, accept only 3-5 best. do you think you can be good for us ?
Kiara.Domina: I’m not 100% sure I understand. How will I be paid?
ms017: pls be patient and understand 1st all details. Why do you think you can be good for us ?
Kiara.Domina: Because I’ve been an online Domme and supporting Myself without any help and without any other job for 8 years.
ms017: In case we accept you, do you think you can handle VIP subs that pay 4000$ per month or you need us to teach you some tricks ?
Kiara.Domina: I can handle it…
ms017: Look Kiara, this is a pure biz. a good finance mistress needs to be tough on the subs but also to listen to the mistresses that managing this group, not every mistress can do it. Can you ?
Kiara.Domina: How about you stop asking the same questions over and over again and get to the actual biz? As of right now, this all sounds like a scam and you’re just dangling carrots in front of my face without giving me any REAL information.
Kiara.Domina: YOU contacted ME, so you clearly want me, otherwise you wouldn’t have messaged me. I’ve been doing this for 8 years, so I don’t NEED you. I would happily accept you, but I am not going to jump through hoops for someone I don’t know.
ms017: K, i’m managing more than 200 girls. i dont accept this attitude
Kiara.Domina: Well I’m sorry, but what have you given me to prove that you’re real?
ms017: if you cant be patient and polite you better work alone
ms017: we’re doing a lot of $$ with or w/o you
Kiara.Domina: As am I, so why contact me?
ms017: wasnt me , it’s 1 of the i.t. subs
Kiara.Domina: That would explain the copy/paste nature of it lol. All I want is some sort of proof that you’re real and I’ll drop the attitude. But being around as long as I have been, you get suspicious of EVERYone. you haven’t given me a company name, a website, a payment platform, nothing. How am I to honestly take you seriously?
ms017: in case we accept you our accounting will give you all info
Kiara.Domina: And would I be required to give you any of My information before hand? Because if so then that’s not smart on My end, I’m sure you’ll agree.
ms017: a nick name is enough for now, we never ask a new girl for her credit card number, et cereta..
Kiara.Domina: So what do you need from me?
ms017: Again K,  this is a pure biz. a good finance mistress needs to be tough on the subs but also to listen to the mistresses that managing this group, not every mistress can do it. Can you ?
Kiara.Domina: Of course, but only if you stop asking the same copy/paste questions, please.
ms017: K, next rude thing and we finished. You didn’t ask, but it’s important for you to know the subs pay via paypal, Amazon or Western Union. 15 days after you receive the money, you will pay the 5% commision. In case we accept you when can you start ?
Kiara.Domina: I can start ASAP, but to be sure, I will be getting the money BEFORE the sessions with the subs, correct?
ms017: of course
Kiara.Domina: So far sounds good
ms017: Ok K, willing to give you this chance, every mistress needs to be checked on cam, before sending the details to the 2 other mistresses managing this group with me. every new girl that we accept gets a joining bonus of 2000$ in order she can see it’s for real, also NEVER start a session before you got the payment. In case you work with us can you come to one of the Dungeons in NY, LA or FL, in case we accept you there are up to 6 month to come for this visit ? After 2 working month we can pay for the flight if needed
Kiara.Domina: Yes that’s fine
ms017: I already recommended you to The Head Mistress
ms017: ??
Kiara.Domina: Sorry, you didn’t ask a question?
ms017: told you I already recommended you to The Head Mistress
Kiara.Domina: ok, what do you want me to say? That’s not a question
ms017: are you happy ??
Kiara.Domina: of course, I’m on cam draining a pay pig lol
ms017: Waiting for The Head Mistress confirmation to proceed with you, than need your cam on.
ms017: Ok K, The Head Mistress confirm to proceed and instruct me to assist you get ready, she’ll join us in 2-3 min to check and confirm you. In case she accepts a new girl I get a 2k bonus too.. so I’m at your side.
Kiara.Domina: k
ms017: let’s do the best
ms017: ?
Kiara.Domina: k
ms017: ??
Kiara.Domina: will you guys go on cam too so I can see your real
ms017: not sure it’s possible coz The Head Mistress needs to control my pc
Kiara.Domina: then do it now real quick before she gets here
ms017: do you wish to be our manager ?
Kiara.Domina: ?
ms017: you are telling us how to work
Kiara.Domina: no, I’m asking you to cam verify, like you are asking me to cam verify.
ms017: i dont ask you to do nothing, she’s the Boss
Kiara.Domina: Here’s the thing though, I still dont’ know you, as far as I know you could still be a sub just wanting a free peak on cam or to waste my time or something. So what’s the big deal with going on cam so I can see you for a second so I know that you’re not a dude?
ms017: k
ms017: we checked today 6 girks on cam
Kiara.Domina: Ok but that doesn’t effect me at all, and I have no proof of that, do I?
Kiara.Domina: So you said you get $2,000 if you get me hired, why not just do this one little thing to get that much closer to your goal?
ms017: pls hold on
Kiara.Domina: ok
ms017: K
ms017: that’s how we work. Can you accept that ?
Kiara.Domina: …sure
ms017: so pls cooperate. I need to assist you get ready for THE HEAD MISTRESS
ms017: send me your cam
ms017: the screen is tiny, add light pls
Kiara.Domina: I don’t have lights ((NOTE: I lied xD I just didn’t want to get them))
ms017: so go to another room
Kiara.Domina: this is the brightest room in the house, sorry. I’ve never had a sub complain.
ms017: As you know, online isn’t Realtime, 1st tip: smile and laugh as much as you can, 2nd tip: don’t leave the frame
Kiara.Domina: of course
ms017: As you know as hard as his cock as more an online sub pays you, Our girls work thongs on, can you handle that ?
Kiara.Domina: Yes
ms017: Look K, an online switch can make double than a mistress, do you wish to be checked as a switch ? a session is 1 hour, a dom is on top for 60 min, a switch is on top for 57 min and every switch has her limits
Kiara.Domina: No, I only do Domination, sorry.
ms017: let me connect The Head Mistress
Kiara.Domina: k
ms017: 1 more thing, In case she ask you pls tell her I checked you naked on cam. It’s between me and you… she’s my Boss too
Kiara.Domina: k
ms017: OK K, The Head Mistress is here, say hello pls
Kiara.Domina: Hello there
ms017: The Head Mistress ask to describe your last rt session
Kiara.Domina: Well bascially the last one was easy – he just took Me shopping lol
Kiara.Domina: But I have done RT CBT, tease/denial, flogging, caning, bondage, sensory deprivation, etc.
ms017: The Head Mistress ask if you think you beter be an “ASS” don ot a “TITS” dom ?
Kiara.Domina: Ass
ms017: The Head Mistress ask you to stand up ((I did at this point))
ms017: The Head Mistress said your bare ass to the cam
Kiara.Domina: lol no
ms017: she’s testing your limits
Kiara.Domina: Well you found one. I don’t show My perfect body on cam for ANY amount of money lol.
ms017: all the girls do that
Kiara.Domina: No. That’s a limit of Mine, and it’s worked for Me for the past 8 years, won’t be compromising My desires to be a ‘Dom’ for your ‘company.’
ms017: The Head Mistress left
ms017: np
ms017: wish you luck
ms017: ty

And that was the end of that. I KINDA wish I had gone further, just to get to that ‘GATCHA!’ moment lol. But there’s NO WAY I’m going to bare My ass to a sub guy on the other end of a cam lol. Malvasia had quite a similar experience, though She didn’t drag it out as long. Feel free to prove Us wrong here, but We are calling this one a scam. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is lol.