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Saturday’s Greedy Goddesses Will Milk you Dry!

Happy Saturday! Are we all enjoying the weekend so far? Has your paycheck run out yet? No? Then GET TRIBUTING!


financial domination princess lyne raeganfinancial domination princess lyne

As you can see from the pictures above, Princess Lyne took Her friend Reagan Foxx out for drinks. Of course you freaks were MORE than willing to pay Her back the $70 for the drinks. In fact, She got a $100 Chase quick pay, and then more of you freaks begging Her to turn on Her non-ignore lines later. LOL! you just can’t get enough! Follow Her on Twitter at @Princess_Lyne for all the latest updates from Her and Her devotees!

The lovely Ms. Morgan Chase was on for the first time on Her channel at for the first time this week. Were you one of the lucky boys to serve Her? If you missed the broadcast, be sure to follow Her on twitter at @MsMorganChase to get all of Her latest updates!

Dream Girls in Socks released a new clip this week and it sounds like a MUST HAVE for you foot fetish freaks – Cassandra’s Financial Humiliation (High Quality). “Cassandra is going out on vacation and it seems like she wants to make her slave pay for the biggest part of her vacation! She asked her slave to deposit a big amount of cash in her bank account and it is now the time to reward him with her smelly feet for his nice contribution! She gives him a call and makes him come to her car to make him sniff and lick her sweaty feet! That was a very long day with her feet inside her filthy converse so she makes him take them off to cover his face with her sweaty cute socks! She takes pleasure to rub them all over his face and really make fun at him while filming the scene with her cell phone! She also makes him sniff the inside of he r filthy converse! Cassandra makes him sniff and lick her dirty socks before she makes him take them off to cover his face with her sweaty naked feet! Don’t be shy to smell them! You paid for it anyway! She makes him sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles with her cruel smile of satisfaction! This clip is just another great one to add to your Cassandra collection! Super Hot Clip Alert!”Be sure to follow them on twitter at @smellyzz to catch all of their latest clips updates!

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Greedy Goddesses Monday – Back to the Bump & Grind

Back to work for all you good little piggies – but don’t let THAT stop you from having fun! All the Findoms of Greedy Goddesses know where your paycheck goes each week…
Before We get into Our general updates – We want to give a special thanks to the powerful Goddess Bree for promoting Us in Her latest blog update!
Hopefully some of you made Princess Lyne’s Birthday something special! If not, send Her an apology tribute NOW!:

It’s My birthday! I’m heading out to brunch with My man and some friends. I plan on eating lots of yummy food and drinking lots of mimosas… after all it IS a celebration! Then later on I’m getting a massage. Yeah, the champagne is probably not the best choice of drink before a massage, but who cares, it’s My birthday!! Besides, I’ll make sure to drink lots of water too.

So while I’m out getting a rub down and/or drinking champagne, you should be worshipping Me properly and the perfect way to do that is by purchasing one of My ALL TIME FAVORITE Birthday clips:

Birthday Worship

Read more on Princess Lyne’s Blog!

Miss Jezebel is making a trip to Indio, CA and She’s invited you to come along… For a price!:

Exactly ONE month from today I’ll be in Indio, CA for my favorite event of every year – Coachella.

I only have very limited RT slots left available for the event – Unlike last year, I will NOT be doing sessions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday simply because I barely had enough time to see all the artists I wanted last year because of doing sessions during the actual festival.

I only have three time slots left for THURSDAY APRIL 10th ON the actual Coachella festival camping grounds.
Slot One: 3:10-4:10 PM
Slot Two: 9:00-10:00 PM
Slot Three: 10:20-11:20 PM
(If you wish to have a two hour session, you may book from 9:00-11:00)

For more information, read Her blog!

Miss Sasha Conceited has some very interesting thoughts on cheap slaves, and I suggest ALL of you read them before contacting ANY findom:

Now, I consider myself to charge decent prices when it comes to sessions, clips, etc. I do not sell myself for cheap, nor do I set my prices extremely high. When someone comes wanting a session with me and say they cannot afford it I don’t believe them. Yes, they can afford it, they just don’t think it’s worth the money for them.

Many of these boys have never met with a Mistress real time, and do not realize you cannot buy her time in 10 minute increments. In my opinion, ten minutes isn’t long enough to session, but a perfect amount of time to get off in. Do I care if boys get off in my sessions? No, but if they are sessioning just for the point of jerking off they will not get a chance to serve me. Those who think with just their dick are not good for service, hence they tend to side with their cheap dick. With all the free porn on the internet, no wonder these boys want to pay cheap prices. The truth is, a session is not the time and place to be completely focused on just getting your rocks off. Yes, it does happen, when permitted, but it takes place as part of the session and is not the focal point normally.

When you combine how easy it is to get sex on the internet for free with wanting a Domme’s time, there’s no wonder they want to be skimpy. Well, that is no excuse for poor behavior. Every submissive boy should be focused on one thing only: to respect ALL women as their superiors and serve with selflessness.

Be sure to read the rest of this article in Her blog!

Princess Laura has a hot new blog post with TONS of sexy tribute porn! It’s a must-read for the paypig in all of you!

It’s fun being me because I always get what I want.

If I want a new pair of shoes or outfit not a second thought goes in to it, my subs either buy me what I want or give me the money to buy it myself, it’s a rather great way to live.

Last night I had a last minute real time wallet rape, that was fun. He drove all the way from Manchester to drop some money of for me and was very obedient so, as a treat I allowed him to kiss my perfect little feet and keep my smelly old flats! What a lucky sub huh?? (Picture below)

My new websites looking good, Benjamin’s doing a good job with the graphics! There’s an exclusive members area with videos, photos etc so watch this space for the link!
I had a great day out with my man yesterday, the sunshine is finally here! But for how long?…

We went for a gorgeous Sunday lunch and a drive around the countryside! Perfect…made even better by tributes & sissy Joe entertaining us on skype by singing and dancing like an idiot! He made us giggle so much that I ‘accidentally’ left the video call on while making out with my boyfriend..oh I do love teasing you! Haha…

Read more and see Her sexy pics here!

That’s all for today, but never fear, there’s ALWAYS more findom, femdom, and fetish fun from the hottest bitches on the net! Tune in tomorrow for Our next update ;3

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess B

Miss B’s Vegas Blog

Thanks to Miss B for allowing Us to post Her blog post here! Be sure to check out Her site as well – Listen and Obey!
Mistress blog. Sunday, January 26.
Today is the first time I have worn shoes in 5 days. I have no auditory abilities in my right ear and my cough is the only thing that has gotten more productive since returning home.
I was one of the delicious victims hit by the Vegas influenza sweeping sin city and making headlines even now as I type this. Being a gracious host, I also invited strep to nest among my upper respiratory system and between the two viruses, they created infection. What can I say? Everybody wants a piece of me.
But I’m not complaining (much); it was all worth it and I’m just grateful I didn’t get sick until after I returned home.
I am pleased to announce that I stayed true to my goals, was in bed relatively early every night and remained disciplined, only once waking hung over and that was Sunday, the day of our departure. My schedule was packed tight with shoots from noon until about 8:00 all 3 days. I filmed roughly 40 clips with 8 different top dommes and am thrilled with the content I got. Of course I would be lying if I said I wanted to only work; I wished I could have done both, partied and filmed, but I’m just not built that way. And I really only regret two things. I did not seduce Elmo on the dance floor at the Beacher’s Madhouse party hosted by Empress Delfina. (Can you imagine the street credit given to those who have freaked with that hairy, red beast? Or with this red-haired beauty?) I am also disappointed I didn’t get to witness Goddess Jessica and Princess Lyne rolling while receiving lap dances at the Rhino strip club. But lord knows, if I hadn’t gone to bed early, I probably would have been too absorbed with the tits in my over dilated vision to have noticed them. And in all actuality, had I been there, I probably would have ruined all the fun, reminding them of what Lindsey Leigh announced initially, “the water bottle being passed around is spiked with Molly!” Drunk and dehydrated, who wouldn’t guzzle from a water bottle being presented to you?
I’m getting ahead of myself, revealing my potential regrets without having gone through the whole timeline of events. Let’s back up a bit.
Wednesday, my husband Derek and I arrive in Vegas, jet lagged, hungry and cranky. One of our flights was delayed by an hour and a half causing our arrival time to be much later (boooo) but enabling us to meet Goddess Jessica at the airport (yaaaay.) Fucking love this girl and had been missing her on at least a weekly basis since she left our house in September. After a little tussle with the cab driver attendant (what? it took them like 5 minutes of staring at us, then our bags to determine all of us and our luggage wouldn’t fit in the same cab [“Fuck; so just put us in 2 separate cabs already!”] and it’s like they hadn’t heard the word fuck before. whatever) all of us and all of our bags made it to Paris without any blood shed. Paris is one of my favorite hotels in Vegas, but upon check-in, I determined their reservation policy is pretty retarded. You can reserve a room, but the sleeping accommodations are only a request and whatever is available upon check-in is what you’re limited to. Upon our arrival, our options were two queen beds or a king-sized suite. Fuck it, kinkbomb was paying for the majority of the bill, so we went with the LeMans Suite. It was spacious, gorgeous and worth it. (Pats herself on the back for a decision well-made.)
My slave boy, paul m.k.a. (mainly known as) “nub” was meeting us there and had already checked into his neighboring hotel. I got most of my shit unpacked and was fucking starving. Jess, Derek and I had plans to meet up with Bratty Nikki and Princess Lyne for drinks, but I needed to eat. Now, most people say that while camping, food tastes so great. Those are the types who have never been out to a 5-star french restaurant after flying all day to consume a slave-bought martini and meal.

Half-starved and delirious, but still able to rule over males without batting an eye.

Half-starved and delirious, but still able to rule over males without batting an eye. Giddy up, nub!

Sated, we all headed to meet Nikki and Lynne at MGM for a round of slave-purchased drinks before attending the little persons show at Beacher’s Madhouse. So sweet, so kind, much more down-to-earth than you would guess, and so fucking hottt, Bratty Nikki and Princess Lynne are also two of my favorites and I was really looking forward to hanging out with them. There were hugs and cheek kisses exchanged between us all except nub who went to fetch us a round of drinks. You know that you’re secure with yourself, your marriage and your friends when your husband has two different shades of lipstick on his cheek and neither one are from you. I miss those girls already.
We only spent about 30 minutes at the madhouse, enough time to slurp down a jell-o shot, wistfully check out Elmo on the dance floor and admire the performance of the midget Bruno Mars. It was only my first night and already past my predetermined bed time. Proud of myself for having resisted Nikki’s pouts and pleas, off to my suite I went, husband and slave in tow.
Thursday. My first shoot is with Lyne and not until 12:00, but first I have to get showered, finish unpacking, then pack for my 3 shoots since all were on location in someone else’s hotel room. I was up by 9:45, only 45 minutes after my first alarm went off! Derek got me coffee and breakfast; nub arrived to carry my bag. We get to Aria and I’m thirsty already. I order nub to get me a bloody mary and ask Lyne and Nikki if they’d like anything. “Wow B, now I see why you travel with a slave.” They have him chase down some green juice concoction and a croissant. Everybody happy, I bust out my iPad itinerary. Oh I planned ahead, writing out clip descriptions of each clip I wanted to film with each particular domme based on her strengths and attributes. Lyne was easy: boobs, feet and exercise, baby.
“Boobies, boobies, boobies. Make us giggle, make you weak. Make you become our boob zombie freak.”

“Big feet. Little feet. The best of both worlds."

“Big feet. Little feet. The best of both worlds.”

Nub got his first taste of pain in a trampling clip involving our high heels. I truly think he will be jerking off to those scars for years to come. His reward? Off to the bar to fetch me another libation.

"Wait; was this made with well vodka, 'cause I'm not feeling any warmth or loving.. damn you, nub."

Wait; was this made with well vodka, ’cause I’m not feeling any warmth or loving.. damn you, nub.

Conveniently rooming with Lyne, Bratty Nikki was my next shoot and not much of a commute at all. This woman is true class, a magnificent beauty and one of the sweetest beings to walk the earth. I’ve suspected for some time that we were the fetish equivalent to kindred spirits, dare I even say partial soul mates? My suspicion was dead on.. And although we don’t really have that much in common, I could spend months on a desert island with this woman and still manage a smile at the end of every night.

“She may be sweet to me, but you fucks get the same treatment you’ve always received and will always deserve.”

“She may be sweet to me, but you fucks get the same treatment you’ve always received and will always deserve.”

I didn’t get to film as much as I would have liked with Nikki, but that only gives me the motivation to get together with her again soon!

Off to Mina Thorne’s room for one of the shoots I was looking forward to the most. Dark and seductive, hardcore, sexy and a woman after my own fashion loves: leather, latex, lace and pinup couture. One thing I wasn’t expecting though was how incredibly fucking funny she is. I was cracking up from the moment we arrived. I was especially excited to film with this real-time domme professional because I knew she would bring the pain, the femdom, beauty, snark and sex appeal in a way no one else can. Nub was nervous, but Mina and I had a way of making him feel right at ease:

“If it’s one thing we femdommes do well, it’s adding a little color to a pathetic sub’s life.”

“If it’s one thing we femdommes do well, it’s adding a little color to a pathetic sub’s life.”

Then after a whirlwind of a film day, we had arrived at the exciting moment of deflowering the virgin. Nub is one of those shy, nerdy guys with a “cock” that barely clears 3 inches. Needless to say, he’s a virgin in all senses of the word. It’s time he faces his fate, the only sex he will ever have is up the ass and who better than to preform this deflowering than the Mistress Mina? Everyone was excited for his big moment, even Goddess Jessica came by to witness it. The momentous occasion had arrived; Mina was all strapped and lubed up, I was in position at the bitch’s face ready to offer the comforting distraction of a big cock in his mouth and out of nowhere, Jess pipes up, “You know, maybe I want to lose my strap on cherry as well.” Sure; the more the merrier!! I fitted her into my harness and we were all ready to change this poor nub’s Facebook status once and for all. Good times! What; you think you’re going to gain the whole story here? Oh no; you’ll have to wait for the video.

"Open wide, nubs!"

“Open wide, nubs!”

At this point it was already after 9:00 and we had to hustle if we were going to make the Kinkbomb kick off dinner which actually started at 9:00. Jess, Derek, nub and I hauled ass from Aria back to Paris. I couldn’t manage with just a quick wardrobe change; I had been abusing nub and filming for 9 hours in front of studio lights. I smelled like ass and had to shower. Quick in and out, a little powder, another lipstick application and we were off to the Bellagio. We managed to make it to the dinner only a modest hour and a half late. Ooops. How time flies when you’re fucking someone in the ass.
We joined the group for a cocktail, but declined the invite to the club afterwards, instead opting for our own dinner. Lyne, Jess, Derek, nub and I were starving and went for sushi. I ate over $100 of raw fish and was finally sated. Belly full of fish and vodka, overly pleased with all the great footage I got, I was feeling so good, I even allowed this bachelor buffoon to pose in a pic with us:

Drunken bachelor: “Hey I think I should be in your picture.” Jess & Lyne: “Get the fuck out of here.” B smiles sweetly, “Oh come on ladies, let’s let him be in the photo.” Pushes buffoon to floor, “On your knees, bitch."

Drunken bachelor: “Hey I think I should be in your picture.”
Jess & Lyne: “Get the fuck out of here.”
B smiles sweetly, “Oh come on ladies, let’s let him be in the photo.”
Pushes buffoon to floor, “On your knees, bitch.”

Friday. Shauna Ryanne is expected at my room at 12:45. Yay; I get to sleep in! However there is no rest for the pathetic, and nub is to be awake, alert and at my beck and call from 10:00am. He doesn’t disappoint and comes round with coffee and milk for my smoothie at 10:30. He is dismissed until 12:30 at which point he will help Shauna with her gear and be ready for filming and drink duty.
I hadn’t really ever talked to Shauna until she reached out requesting to film with me prior to Vegas and I’m sure glad she did. This smokin’ red head and I meshed really well together as did our fashion style. She is such a sweetheart and we had a grand time abusing nub and the camera. By the time we were done with our first round of clips, he was shaking. Not from fear, being trampled with heels or anal insertions, but for the first time, nub was shaking from arousal. See, Shauna didn’t know much about nub, didn’t know of his inexperience with the fairer sex and after a smothering clip where she pressed his face deep into her voluptuous bosom, he was done for. After the camera stopped rolling, knowing the truth of what was going on, I couldn’t help but break down giggling. During this clip, she had suggested he was probably a virgin and that’s why he was shaking. Little did she know, she had hit the nub on the head, calling him out for exactly what he was.

"In a scissorhold with his balls being punched, he's still the envy of all you losers."

“In a scissorhold with his balls being punched, he’s still the envy of all you losers.”

I had other shoots that evening, but they ended up canceling on me. Well, lesson learned. This just gave me the opportunity for more delightful conversation with Shauna, a dirty martini and some solo clips with nub.

"He fetches drinks, takes it up the ass and makes a darn good pony."

“He fetches drinks, takes it up the ass and makes a darn good pony.”

I took it easy for the rest of the evening. A quiet dinner with my man and my fav partner in crime, Goddess Jessica. Then nub took us to see a show.

"Smile; we hate you!"

“Smile; we hate you!”

Saturday. My last day of filming and the night I vowed I was going to let it all out. For months I had been preparing for this trip, went on a 30-day no drinking detox, started seeing my trainer 3 days a week, hadn’t eaten carbs in who knows how long and I had been looking forward to this for some time. I was giving myself this one night to party hard and throw all caution, all discipline, all responsibility to the wind. But first I had three more shoots, starting with Lindsey Leigh. This girl is awesome! There’s no other word to describe her and any of you that have met her know exactly what I’m talking about. She gave nub a black eye during our first clip!

"Ice on the face, Lindsay's foot on his balls... He's fine."

“Ice on the face, Lindsay’s foot on his balls… He’s fine.”

She’s a spitfire whirlwind of enthusiastic energy and the only person I’ve ever met who is EXACTLY the same on camera as she is off camera. I really admire this about her. Plus she’s got a hell of a pucker on her; makes me all tingly to think about it again.. her lips on my breasts, my hands on her hips, there was tongue and teeth in all the right ways. Woooh, (fanning myself) you’ll have to buy the clip to see for yourself. There’s no way in hell you fucks deserve to see those pics without paying.
Jess came to collect Lindsey for lunch just as Cheyenne Jewel arrived..! Here’s another Vegas local with whom I was really looking forward to filming. I thought it was straight-up adorable; in almost every email exchange we made, she would end our correspondence with, “remember I’m a switch so feel free to use me.” Adorable. And yes sweets, I planned on it and was looking forward to it. Most of you shit stains don’t know (because I have yet to offer such privileged information) but I really, REALLY get off on dominating women and Cheyenne was such a professional peach which made it all that much more enjoyable.

"And ticklish too?! This was my kind of girl."

“And ticklish too?! This was my kind of girl.”

I took full advantage of her switch attributes and had a lot of fun with this divine specimen, although I don’t know that nub can say the same.

"Well, that's what you get for being a bottom bitch in a room with 4 tops."

“Well, that’s what you get for being a bottom bitch in a room with 4 tops.”

Another in a long list of dommes I was looking forward to filming with, Mistress Morgan (Diabolical Domme) arrived. This up and coming domme is quickly making her way to the top and so sue me if I wanted to board that train. It wasn’t all about that though, I sincerely appreciate individuality and really like this chick’s style. Noir, punk, alternative, goth, whatever you want to call it, I dig it. I knew we would mesh well physically, but was surprised by how unbelievably well we meshed mentally. Normally when filming with another for the first time, you stumble a bit, interrupting one another on occasion; this never happened with us. It was delightful. Plus she is a smoker, and as many of you know, this is a vice I gave up last January…. but should I really deny smoking fetishists the allure of a billowing cloud exhaled from my mouth when such a perfect opportunity falls in my lap? I didn’t think so either.

"Bubbles and beauty.. Who needs a smoking fetish?"

“Bubbles and beauty.. Who needs a smoking fetish?”

After having managed to work bathing into my filming schedule, I was damn ready to party. ‘Mon Ami Gabi’ my favorite Vegas restaurant awaited us.

"How delicious.. and the dinner was good too!"

“How delicious.. and the dinner was good too!”

Goddess Jessica, Mistress Morgan, Derek, nub and I ate warm brie, crusty French bread, roasted potatoes, grilled scallops, bacon-wrapped beef, haricot certs, blue cheese-stuffed olives and drank chilled grey goose. I admit to not only not being able to finish my meal, but feeling a bit queazy afterwards. Regardless, I wasn’t going to let a little overindulgence stop me, we had a big party to attend. A new fetish site is opening its cyber doors in February and I have been recruited as an honorary member. was hosting its kick off party at 1Oak and I was thrilled to be a part of it. We said goodbye to nub and headed over. VIPs that we are, we flew past the line of common minions waiting to get in to our private table complete with a skinny girl dressed in black lingerie and pouring grey goose. Unfortunately she cleared as well as she poured and it seemed that every time I set my drink down, she whisked it away. I gave up and hit the stripper pole instead.

"Really?! This is the best pic I have of me dancing at the club? Somebody's fired."

“Really?! This is the best pic I have of me dancing at the club? Somebody’s fired.”

All in all, I repeat, it was well worth it. The pre-Vegas discipline, the post-Vegas sickness, it was worth it. And at the risk of sounded like more of a bitch than nub crying out when penetrated, I really made some amazing connections, rekindled old friendships, made new ones and had a damn good time. Plus, the clips I filmed are fucking ridiculously hottt. No seriously; check back again soon. I promise it’ll be worth it.

"So fucked."

“So fucked.”

I would like to thank all of those that made my 2014 AVN/ AEE Vegas weekend so damn incredible: