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Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Greedy Goddesses Sunday – What’s New in the World of Financial Domination?

Happy Sunday! you’ve made it through the weekend! Have you been pleasing your Financial Domination Mistresses well, letting them live the life of luxury that They deserve while you make cutbacks and suffer quietly? I certainly hope so, puppets, because tomorrow it’s back tot he normal ‘work week,’ where you start the cycle over again – doing menial tasks for a company that could never compare to the Greatness of your Domme, only to turn around and blow your whole paycheck on Her at the end of the week. Mmm… Delicious…

Greedy Goddesses Financial Domination World News

So We did a little clean up, implemented a few new features, and made the site just all-around better and easier to use! you can thank Us now. So what’s new, you ask? Well, first of all, we got rid of a bunch of dead weight. There are no longer and links that lead to old websites, dead profiles, etc. And that got Us thinking… Nearly HALF of the cam-verified ‘Dommes’ don’t even have websites anymore, let alone twitter, Skype, or Niteflirt. We had to delete many of them, and We want to personally apologize for having dead links on Our website.

As Mistress Kiara pointed out in Her recent review of the book Greedy – this is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ business… You have to be GOOD at what you do, you have to be DEDICATED, and you have to, at some point at least, enjoy it. If you can’t keep your business afloat for at least a year (especially since this is a business built off the back of boys who LITERALLY throw money at You just for being Superior), then there is no room for You here. This is obviously not to say that there are not Women constantly joining this fetish lifestyle who absolutely are legit, wonderful findom and femdoms.  However, it takes time to prove that to the community. Therefore, in order to continue to provide GREAT QUALITY financial domination and female dominance daily updates, We will no longer be allowing femdoms and findoms to cam verify unless they can prove that they have been doing so for at least a year. It’s not a fool-proof system, but We think it will at least cut back on those who ‘can’t hack it’ squeaking through.

With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, what have We added in the positive column? We have made it easy for ANYone (yes, even those who are new and unable to cam verify!) to submit content for Us to feature in Our daily blog! If you go to the “Submit Content” page, there is now a simple form to fill out which will email Our web goon anything you like (hint: he likes spankings and stinky socks best!). This means that anyone can write femdom clip reviews, send Us tribute porn to post, tell Us of Their wonderful website updates, have Their slaves send Us Their travel schedules, submit femdom or findom articles displaying Their intelligence, or any number of things that You think Our little gremlins deserve to be updated on! And, of course, anything you submit has the option of being linked back to Your website, twitter, and any of your clip stores or call lines if You like. Our goal here is to provide quality financial domination updates so that We can provide quality financial domination traffic to Our subscribers, and We think that’s pretty cool ;3

Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Ok, enough self-gratification, on to Our Lovely Lades of today! Mistress Malvasia has been working Her salacious sorcery lately! She’s more than doubled the amount of Her Niteflirt listings LITERALLY overnight! She also sent Us Her interview, which We happily added to Our interviews page! Serve if you dare… @DommeMalvasia is Her twitter. Follow Her to see what She does with all of those poor souls that She enslaves…

Brat Princess Mindy Clip

Princess Mindy Madison released a new clip yesterday – Gay BFF Audition Task. “want to be my new gay cock sucking new BFF? – heres your chance to hang out with me and be my new best gay guy friend!!! if you do this right, you may end up making out with a man tonight!!!” Grab the clip on Her IWantClips or Clips4Sale and be sure to follower Her on Twitter at @BratMindy for Her latest updates!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

How Serving Makes me Feel – Guest Article by slave babyface

Mistress Malvasia has a loyal pet named babyface who wished to share his answer to the question – “How does serving make you feel?” with the Greedy Goddesses and Our followers.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Happy, Lucky, Special, Amazing, Exhilarated,
The synonyms go on and on and the reasons are usually due to us finding what we want most, finding what makes us feel good, what we value.
Finding your significant other, hitting the lotto, or whatever else. For me, I have found value in serving you.  Every positive feeling I could have is through being on my knees and stripping all the bullshit.  Why have freedom, when you can have Malvasia? Serving you makes me feel like the bitch that I am.  There is no need to pretend, no need to hide desires, you make the “vanilla” melt away to show the real me, an obedient slave at your beck and call.
I feel consumed by you and as your property I want to lay my body and mind at your feet.  To nurture and pet or to spit and step on, I’m yours.  Being nothing to you means everything to me. I know your a Goddess because you make me want to get on my knees and pray each night for your approval.
Physically you look amazing from head to toe and you always know what to say to make me feel like the luckiest puppy dog.
 So how do I feel? I feel thirsty when I don’t have your attention; I feel hungry because I haven’t tasted your amazing feet yet; I feel uncomfortable when I eat off my plate and think of you cause I know I should be eating out my bowl; I feel awkward when I chat with you if I’m not on my knees.
You make me smile, laugh, happy, squirm, anxious.  When people think of a higher power, they get genuine enjoyment out of serving something greater than themselves. Going to church, money in the collection plate, community service.
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia
This is how I feel cause I am serving someone superior, beautiful and perfect. My genuine enjoyment is worshipping you, buying you gifts and ultimately serving you and only you because no community could compare to being able to service (not a goddess) but THE GODDESS.  You make me feel like being scum, a bitch, a slave, and a dog are pleasures that anyone should be happy to be in servicing you.
Before you Goddess, I was just a person but now I can be anything and everything! With you, my face can become a chair, my mouth can become a foot bath, my back can become a stool and my money can become your gifts! You know how to make a stray bitch useful.
I’ll always be yours Goddess of Kink if you think I’m worthy…
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Friday, you know what your Goddesses want

First off on this Greedy Goddesses Friday, Domme Malvasia is one of the 30 on the magical wishlist fairy’s list!  Congratulations to Her.  Go and spend, spend, spend on Her wishlist boys.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Miss Sasha Conceited posted a wonderful blog on building a D/s relationship and the concept of the gentleman submissive…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

I believe that many do miss the point of having a long term D/s relationship. As many of you know, I don’t believe a good D/s relationship can be built in a day. A boy should have to prove himself worthy of that privilege. I see ownership cheapened down to the point where I do not want any more subs as property. I see most attempts stem out of selfishness and not for the benefit of both parties.

Read more on Her blog…

Miss Jezebel will be hosting a kinky easter egg hunt, scheduled to go live on Her site at the stroke of midnight on easter…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Jezebel

As many of you know, I occasionally like to do free public tasks, games and contests so even the broke boys who follow my online presence can join in on the fun. Well, luckily for all of you I have a brand new ORIGINAL contest coming up for you boys to participate in.

Easter is coming up and we all know the typical things associated with easter – cute little bunnies, chocolate and the easter egg hunt that even adults love – today I’ll be giving you a reason to love easter egg hunts a little more than usual. The second the clock hits midnight on Easter, an online easter egg hunt will go live on my website.

Read more on Her blog…

Goddess Kyaa is showing off the prizes you could have won, if you had wisely decided to compete in Her Clip Addict Contest…

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

Read more on Her blog…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Foot Night Detroit – Special Guest Post by Mistress Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia was a huge hit at this past weekend’s foot night Detroit! In this special guest blog post, She talks all about the fun She had with all the feet slaves at foot night:

Malvasia Shoes

Saturday afternoon, most people do household chores, shopping, or go out for a nice dinner; what does a Domme like Me do? Footnight! That’s right My perfect self trekked over to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and had one of the best nights of My life! I dragged a few helpless potential Dommes along with for the ride too. Nothing better than expanding the horizon of those vanilla, but curious to Our wild and off color life style, victims. As soon as I pulled those hulking doors and entered that club I knew it was going to be one hell of a night. My first greeting came from the wonderful and, lets be honest, most adorable and charming Warren. He’s the mastermind behind Foot night and has been for many years. A foot man himself, he always is very friendly and totes a lot of pie. Yes, pie. So many foot slaves love to suck all kinds of goodies off yummy toes and heels. Warren makes it such a pleasant and easy experience. Every detail perfectly planned down to the cleaning supplies to make sure sanitation and safety is being practiced; which honestly really made Me happy. I’m all for a good foot sucking but to be stuck with sticky sugary delight covered digits for 6hrs, yeah no thanks. Warren was even nice enough to walk Me around the club a bit and show Me whats what knowing I was a newbie to this type of party.

Malvasia foot oil bath

Fun began in the dressing room below the club itself. Huge room full of so many mirrors that I could see every perfect inch of My Goddess body as I had never seen them before. And yes I did stand and stare at the splendor for a bit, I mean come on. Girl after girl came in, all giddy and excited knowing the fun to come. We all joked around about what to expect, shared odd experiences, and yes compared boob size. I WIN! Anyway, once all dressed to kill and heels to die for, We all scampered upstairs and continued the giggle fest while We waited for our foot friends to show. I was very pleased to see how relaxing and genuine these girls all were. Not a single uncomfortable soul to be found.

One by one the bright eyed and eager foot sluts began to show up. It was a surprise to see the vast array of men and women who showed to worship our feet. All walks of life were there and it was all due to mutual love of feet. I was sitting at the bar at the point that My first client shyly mosied on up to Me. He had a look all over his face like he had just seen a unicorn. A oddly tattood, pierced, crazy colorfully-haired unicorn. He couldn’t help himself.

“Um, uh…You are just stunning and i have to get to know you Miss.” He reaches out for a hand shake.

I firmly grab his hand with all My dominant glory ,”Well of course you do silly boy. I’m Miss Mal. Shall we?”

Malvasia stomp

We make the great fucking climb up those damn stairs of doom, as I’d be calling them by the end of the night, and get up to the private rooms. These rooms are spacious and not in the slightest creepy. Very well lit, nice and clean, with a big spacious couch to sprawl on if need be, and a Fucking giant nude of a woman. Each picture  different but no matter what room, boobies galore! Anyway… We choose a room and cracked the door per Warrens/clubs rules. I took My place on the couch and My client handed Me a 20. I was amazed to find that it was 20 dollars for 10 min of My time. Just a beautiful thing! I kept time with My phone and and soon as I hit that start button My sub hit the floor like a bomb warning just sounded! He explained that he just wanted to lay there as I did what I wanted. Needless to say with My Goddess feet and skills, I had him in subspace in no time. He lay there motionless except for his mouth. His tongue flicking wildly to try and sneak a taste as I rubbed and caressed his stubbly face.  My favorite part of this particular client was when he begged to be smothered and had to struggle for air. I’d place My feet, now sweaty and sticky because of the blaringly bright ass lights beating down on us, onto his face and press down. I could feel his gasps for air in between moans of pleasure.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The timer went off and time was up, but My client was still down, and soon to stay there. As he tried to get up he fell straight back down, subspace had him by the balls.

Laughing I said, “you are welcome for that.”

“For what Miss Mal?”

“Subspace lil one, the reason you fell to your knees and lay there drunk with ecstasy.”

“That’s what this is? Ive never felt like this before Miss Mal.”

“Again, you are welcome.”

Malvasia prod

There were many many more experiences like this to follow. My night finally concluded with exchanging numbers with a few girls who were aspiring Dommes and want to join our troop. I was ecstatic to share this information with Mistress Kiara. Even a few of My clients begged to give Me their info so that they can serve Me regularly like, which made Me a happy Mal. The topper to the cake of wonderful was yet again Warren. He gave Me a hearty hug and demanded that I come back soon, soon being May 3rd for the next event! It was a great time and I will never forget My first Footnight party! It will definitely NOT be My last~

malvasia bewbz

-Miss Mal

Fishnet Toes

Wednesday – hump day for pay pigs, payday for findoms!

That’s right, pay pigs, it’s hump day! Tribute your favorite findom and ask Her what you should be humping for Her amusement LOL!

Greedy Goddesses has a new cam verified Domme! Everyone give a big, warm, tribute-filled welcome to Goddess Amber! Here’s a little about Her, in Her own words of course:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ebony Goddess Amber

I am Egotistical, Sexy, Cruel, Money Hungry, Witty, Addicting, Mind-Blowing, Kinky, Caring, Smart, and an Ebony Goddess. Everyone knows Black Women were born dominant. Its is Our calling in life to have puppets, low lives, sluts, and losers serve Us.

Read more on Her Elite Financial Domination profile!


We also were lucky enough to have another Femdom Interview, this time with Miss Cee! Read Her femdom interview and see why you should be on your knees buying Her gifts, pay pig!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Mistress Malvasia applied and IMMEDIATELY got accepted to Foot Night Detroit! Foot Night. for those of you who don’t know, is where a bunch of women (occasionally findoms) with sexy feet get together and have a bunch of subs pay to worship Their feet. This includes licking Their Perfect arches, sucking Their beautiful toes, being trampled by Their sexy heels… Sometimes the subs even get a real ‘treat’ and get to eat food off of the Goddess’ feet LOL! I can’t WAIT to hear the stories about Mistress Malvasia’s experiences at foot night Detroit on March 22nd!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Queen Kitty

Greedy Goddesses Saturday – Spend for your Goddesses!

Got a lot of updates today, so let’s jump right in!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Goddess Bree has done an interview with the Greedy Goddesses! Read about how Superior She is, and how ALL men were put on this Earth to be beneath Her.

Princess Jezebel has had some great tributes this year, and has offered to share with Us Her very first brag blog of the year:

As usual, I’m pretty lazy about updating my tributes and doing my brag blogs but every now and then I find a few moments to organize photos of some of my tributes and display them for all you thirsty losers and help feed your addiction to me and my life.

Like any other High Class snobby Goddess, I have an extreme OBSESSION with all things Juicy Couture and what better brand to represent the epitome of High Class femininity? I got these two beautiful Juicy bracelets at the Juicy Couture store on my trip to Sedona. Quite obviously, my total spent was immediately reimbursed by Sissy Julie. The First bracelet is a pink and gold macrame bracelet that is perfect for everyday wear, I absolute LOVE it. The second bracelet is a beautiful black and gold leather mini cuff bracelet and mon dieu don’t you losers agree that it’s absolutely DIVINE?

There are even more tributes, presents, and updates on Princess Jezebel’s blog. Go visit, comment, and more importantly, add to Her stash!

The Femdoms at Pretty Punk Princesses had a fun day out with a new real time pay pig that they will be sharing:

Mistress Malvasia and Mistress Kiara had a fun real time meetup today with their newest pay pig! The pig took his new Mistresses out for coffee at a local Panera and quickly emptied his wallet on command. There wasn’t much in it, but he did promise to take Them both shopping next week! And in even better news, he’s excited to be filmed with his new Princesses, so look for some great fetish clips from the Pretty Punk Princesses featuring this pig! After they talked with the pig for a whole hour (lucky pig!), the Goddesses went and spent his cash on clothes, bath bombs, and snacks at Whole Foods.

Want to be their next lucky pay pig? Visit the Goddesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Send an email to the Pretty Punk Princesses and set up your appointment today! prettypunkprincesses(at)Gmail(dot)com

Queen Kitty is selling Her nasty ballet flats! Will YOU be the lucky boy to win them?:

SUPER SMELLY BLACK BALLET FLATS!!! I have had these bad boys about a year. Not only have I wore them all over My home and during many sessions but I have also taken these bad boys with Me when I travel. Can you imagine just how nasty they are? I have been walking around dirty hotel rooms in them. I will also be wearing them as much as possible this last week, with no socks of course. I also keep the flats in a ziploc bag any time in which I am not wearing them to preserve the delicious foot odor for My foot addicts. Show Me how bad you want these flats foot fetish freaks!




Mistress Bella Vendetta‘s birthday is coming up, and She has a new article about it in Our Femdom Pieces section of the website! Here’s a quick preview, but you should really go read the whole thing.


Lots and Lots of potential clients, friend and fellow Dommes have been asking Me about My policies on financial Domination.

The concept of money, CASH specifically and the power it brings is nothing new to Me

Read the whole article here!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Almost Payday, pay pig!

It’s almost payday, freaks, so get those wallets ready and start spending on these Greedy Goddesses!

As you can see, Mistress Kiara and Domme Malvasia have been posting some HOT pictures on Our twitters lately – pedicures and bubble baths! I bet you can’t wait to see what We have in store for you in the near future… ;3

Princess Mandy is making you weak again with some more PTV assignments:

I know all you do is masturbate all day long. I know you jerk off to My pics constantly. I know your cock controls you, and I know how to control your cock! :) I have made a ‘fun’ lil assignment for you to remind you that you’re a loser and will do anything for Me! LMAO I have also added a sexy ASS WORSHIP pic to help keep you hot.
Go play, puppet!

The ever-amazing Doctor Sue Storm is at it again – Her latest podcast is out: It’s about keeping your love alive. It covers such controversial topics as how much communication is necessary in a relationship, maintaining long distance relationships, keeping the passion alive on a busy schedule, and much more! Doctor Sue is one of My favorite Dommes out there, and it has EVERYthing to do with Her big sexy brain and amazing insight into all situations, so I feel this is a must-hear podcast! She’s also giving you a chance to call in and voice your opinion on Her NEXT podcast on the very controversial subject of blackmail fetish!  “What do you think of Blackmail in Fetish? Stupid? Sexy? Does it turn you on or make you angry? ☎ Call in your opinion NOW! 347-759-6131″

The lovely and intelligent Miss Sasha Conceited posted a VERY insightful blog about entitlement in the Financial Domination, Online Domination, femdom, and just the Western World in general:

I’ve talked to a vanilla friend recently about how entitled the western world has become. We feel that everything is owed to us and that we shouldn’t have to work hard for things. Our parents owe us, the governments owe us, everyone owes us. I’m alive, aren’t I? I think this thinking is also HUGE when it comes to financial domination and online domination. Many ladies start in findom expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter because they are a Princess, Goddess, have a vagina, etc. Well, I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but slaves don’t owe you shit. They do not need to give you money and gifts just because you are alive.

Findom like other fetishes is a domination game. Getting a sub to submit takes work on the Domme’s part. If you are not willing to put in the work, then you are not going to get tributes. Boys don’t want to give things to ladies who act entitled. I see boys get labeled as a fake or a time waster because he didn’t pay a lady within two minutes of talking to him. I doubt in those two minutes she did anything other than say “fuck you pay me.”

It is important to actually know how to dominate and get under the sub’s skin. That is how they will give you tributes and keep giving tributes. Being pretty, a female, etc is no reason to get tributes. I also feel bad for the subs who get crap for not wanting to tribute every so called dominant female that exists. Boys, don’t feel bad about not wanting to tribute a Domme who demands it. If you don’t want to give her a tribute, you sure as hell don’t have to. There isn’t a rule saying that every male must give every female everything. I’m sure in our new age of female independence, that idea sounds stupid anyway. Just a friendly reminder that slaves do want a connection with their Dommes in some way and will not just pay you because you have tits and a vagina.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Greedy Goddesses Wednesday

Wednesday is hump day, so let these Superior Mistresses tell you what to hump lol.

Mistress Kiara is finally in Her new home, and She’s got some HOT pictures to show you! And some not-so-hot pictures of a loser slave…

So much has happened since My last post! I’m FINALLY in My new place, the move was HECTIC! But I love it here, ESPECIALLY My new jacuzzi tub! In fact, I love My new tub SO much that I made TWO new picture packs in it!

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath loser

financial domination Mistress Kiara Bath loser

Those are a MUST have for all of you freaks, especially if you’re into voyeur, bubbles, feet, flipoffs, and loser signs!

Up close and personal of the little cum princess…..He LOVES to be covered in hot man cream. Fucking PATHETIC as hell! I hope everyone sees this and really finds out what kind of DIRTY fag/slut Jeff Is!

But speaking of losers, I had a hilarious one contact Me on Niteflirt this past week! Unfortunately I don’t have internet at My new house yet, so I have been doing a LOT on Niteflirt. This guy is who I like to call My loser puppydog – and he made a clip of himself while on a call with Me lol!

You can see more, including the video, on Mistress Kiara’s Blog.

Mistress Malvasia is having a great time on CollarMe – with a few little hiccups…

There are so many wonderful subs out there looking for their right Domme. It has to be a good fit, a proper fit, a comfortable fit…lol. For those of Us looking for a long term and loyal situation, its important to get along and understand the needs of both. Yes Im a Pro Domme, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not actually into the services I offer. There is SOOOOOOOO much more to this then that. I’m a kink therapist, the one you divulge your sick thoughts to with no judgement, no shame, no harassment. To conclude, I hope all you great subs out there find your one, your one Mistress/Master.

‘you absolutely in it for the money because the money thrills you. The taboo thrills you. So do not lie nor deceive yourself. At the end of the day you are a sick money grubbing cunt just like everyone else who labels themselves into financial domination. Your kink is on par with the pedophile who exploits easily manipulated and gullible children.’

This is exactly what my last post was talking about. If subbys contact Me and want to tribute because they like it and it gets them off…that’s on them. No child asks to be taken advantage of because they get off on it.

I know that some people out there in the community hate Findoms, but you know what…I don’t care and here’s why. Honestly I get a bit of a tingle when I get tributes. I love seeing a subbys face when they buy that gift or send tribute. I enjoy the pleasure the subby gets from doing what they love. Its just another Kink to Me. Its another form of domination…whats more powerful then holding the purse strings too? I’m not looking to clean someone out…that’s no fun. I wish people wouldn’t just think Findoms are ALL in it for the money.

Princess Mindy Madison shares her views on subs and slaves “going normal”…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy

I really want to write in my blog more but blogging only to brag honestly gets kinda boring… so for fun, heres a long winded and entertaining peek into my thoughts on a slaves perception of “going to get normal”

Im always a bit confused when my slaves say that they need a break or to stop and use a reason which eludes to them being a slave or into submissive fetishes with some kind of negative undertone. More like, overtone! Im not talking about canned perceptions and insults about slaves, like, worthless, stupid and loser, etc. Though, yeah, some are… not all are! I think most know that but its just too much fun to demean, emasculate and look down upon a man of accomplishments, finances and especially those who as well like it!

Anyway, it seems as though some slaves think that they are being bad or hurting themselves on some deeper more real kind of level by staying a slave or playing around in their fetishes on line. Some will say “this” isn’t really them, or they really dont like that stuff its just drunk talk or they feel bad or they just want to change.

Click to continue reading…

‘Bye for now.


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bella Daisy

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Update – Moving sucks!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom Fireplace  Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom Pool

Sorry for missing yesterday’s update – moving sucks! We got the internet turned off, so I can only go online using My mobile hot spot on My phone, which is annoying. Tonight SHOULD be the last night here packing (I’m actually hiding out and taking a break from loading the Uhaul to update this right now) and that means tomorrow I’ll be at My sexy new house! I just keep looking at those pictures up there  and imagining how sweet it’s gonna be to swim in that infinity pool or sit in front of that fireplace… Anyway, enough daydreaming, there’s work to be done ;3

Goddess Bree has posted a long-overdue update for you freaks:

This blog post is WAY overdue!!  But since you boys have been made to wait that can only mean one thing … hard insignificant dicks and your wallets standing at attention!  Just how I like My weak submissive males.

This past week and a half has been extremely busy.  As most of you know I made a rare appearance on cam two weekends ago and I had so much fun raping wallets and teasing you boys into a mindfucking frenzy that I think I will be making an appearance at least once a month!  Maybe even twice a month if those wallets open up nice and wide!

One of My newer foot slaves (who hasn’t quite earned the privilege of being mentioned by name yet) had his very first cam session with Me.  It was a life changing event for him to say the least.  Foot slave got the honor to be teased almost into a coma by My strong, thick legs and creamy feet on cam.  And the best part was that it just so happened I was wearing his favourite shinny opaque pantyhose that night!  payslut got the honor of maxing out his credit card by opening up ever single pay to view I sent him while on cam with Me.  The expression on his face was priceless when he saw the zero’s increase each time! haha :0  payslut, being the eager little wanker he actually thought that if he paid enough I would let him cum #DENIED 

Goddess Bree Cam

Here’s a quick snapshot of Me on cam! See what some of you missed out on

Since My perfect feet are the hot topic right now, I decided to be generous and do a photo shoot of them.  All My foot fetish boys, foot slaves, foot junkies and just My boys who admire every inch of My Goddess body can buy that photoset.  Click any of buttons below to buy it!




Goddess Foot Tease Photoset

Here’s a little teaser of My amazing photoset!

I have been getting tons and TONS of applications from My Apply To Serve page.  you fucktards really need to read the rules before you apply.  I mean, how hard is that?  Read, obey and the submit.  Three simple things for you idiots to do and most of you manage to fuck it up every single time.  If you do not follow the easy rule of sending a tribute along with your application I will automatically delete your application.  I do not waste My time reading them if there aren’t $$$ signs along with it.

I will be shooting clips on Friday!  I know how much you love to buy and buy and buy My clips.  So far I think I will doing a Forced Intox clip, Blackmail Clip, Mind Control Clip, Keyholding Clip and of course a Tease & Denial Clip featuring My new dress that jerkoffjohn just bought off My wishlist.

Tease & Denial Clip Outfit

I can’t wait to slip this sexy outfit on so that I can tease you dorks!

If you would like to order a custom clip make sure you submit your request before Friday!  Send requests to:

Mistress Malvasia had one of Her losers post this pic on twitter this week – wonder if he’s still tied up..? lol! I doubt it – you know you freaks can’t resist Her wiles, and who could say no to that loser face? Well, besides any woman who he ever tried to get to sleep with him, that is… Just in case, though, you better go over to Pretty Punk Princesses and tribute Her.


Balls Deep in your wallet

The Asian Goddess is heading out on a trip to the beach – so don’t even THINK about wasting Her time!

In a few days I’ll be off again to My favorite beach location.    This winter has been the WORST all over the country.  I can’t stand one more day of it.  Even if it rains, I could care less.  85 degrees and raining is SO much better than -10 and snowing.  again.

I’ve been focusing on the TRIBUTE aspect again of Financial Domination.  I love the gifts, but I’m literally running out of space, and I have SO much from My admirers and boys over the years – so I’ve implemented a few new BALLS DEEP options that have proved perfect for MY Greedy ways.   My good boys are still hitting up My wish list as needed, but I def have called off the frenzy that has been MY Legendary Wishlist.  Also, it’s just not as much fun not being able to see the gift count anymore, and limited the pages.  I literally had HUNDREDS of pages.    My main wish list can still only be accessed by a link given to you by Me, the rest continue to be public.   My vacation list is about to be closed, as any gifts coming wouldn’t arrive in time, so technically you failed to provide the ENTIRE list — you should think about ME more and less about yourself and your SELFISH ways.   In order to serve Me properly – I expect that, and will receive that or you will be blacklisted and then you’ll have to PAY even more for forgiveness.

little bunny came back for more exposure so he’s been hit for 1k so far, and he will be cleaning houses via craigslist and handing that extra income to Me.

My little toy came back and spent 2k and then rannnnn like the wind.  he can’t resist My perfect little tush though.  he can’t help but dream of sniffing it while I take his ENTIRE bank balance.   he still has an assignment to complete for Me, and has a reward waiting for him, so I know he will come back with his hard weak dumb stick ready to perform for Me.

of course, ankle biter came thru with a $3400 direct — walked into the bank and deposited it to My account for My beach getaway, and then I hit him with $400 in airfare and another $600 BECAUSE I said so.  I asked him how he was able to scrape up the last $600 because I only gave him 9 days notice, and he said ” I delayed every bill known to man for you ”  HAHAH I laughed soooo hard when he told Me that.  HAHAHAHA he’s going to get some AMAZINGGGGGG photos of Me soaking up his money on the beach !!!!!!!!

I robbed TM of $700 the other night and $500 tonight.   he’s performing well so far.  we will see if he cracks under the pressure.  HAHAH.  he’s SO in love with Me, he can’t help it.

of course My sissybear is My faithful little bitch, who has serious VAG envy.  $250  and of course, SHE always pays for MY lash fluffings like the good wanna bitch girl she is.   I’ve already warned her that she will be maxing out MY one account for MARCH.  HAHAH get ready little girl.  I’m going balls deep in your wanna be VAGINA ! :D  little m came around and spent fast and furiously $1100 – it was hottttttt.

My aussie admirer also sent some funds for ME and weakling bitch sent an expensive bikini, but now is lost in the wind like the weak chicken fuck he is.   blah blah blah that’s all that’s been happening the last few weeks, so there’s your update.

I’m pretty sure from reading reviews on trip advisor that the wireless is going to be spotty – DO NOT TEXT or IMESSAGE Me during the day unless I give you the OKAY to do so.  I’m sure back in My suite the wireless will be fine, but seems by the pool it will be shit ( and I will be spending ALL day light hours at the pool or ocean side ) If you see Me on YIM mobile, then I most likely have a good wireless signal.   do NOT message Me on YIM unless you’re handing over TRIBUTES for My pleasure. ( YOU WILL BE IGNORED )  I will have My laptop with Me, but I doubt I will be on much unless your wallet is SO fucking fat that it can lure Me into giving you attention :D  Is this clear ? :D  goooooood.

Okay, now let’s discuss My YIM status messages.   When it indicates BUSY and ” CASH ONLY ” or something of that variation — I really don’t expect to see messages for chit chat.  There are exceptions to that rule, and those who know that have access to Me.   you WILL be ignored, and don’t get butt hurt over it — overcome it – and PAY for My attention.   My YIM isn’t your personal lifeline to Me sluts.    MY boys know whats up :D

I’ll be busy the next few days until I leave, so don’t waste My time — come to PAY or don’t cum at all.  In fact, while I’m away.  NO ONE is allowed to :D  you don’t get to have fun because I am. HAHHAHA.

Just a fortnight after Valentine’s Day and Princess Bella Daisy is still raking in the tributes, gifts, and humiliation sessions:

 photo Mich-I-Have_To_Go_Shopping_Now.jpg
My good girl, Sissy Michell knows how to please her Princess. I’ve been enjoying having her credit card and also having her encourage me to spend more. Between Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and tributes – I took over a $1,000 from my sissy. Of course I also pick out things to surprise her with… she has a pretty, satin sissy surprise waiting at her P O Box – that she paid for of course;)
I had Michell all dressed up in pink ruffles, blonde wig, and a big puffy bow in her hair while practicing her cock sucking on a BBC.
 photo mich-3.jpg  photo mich-7.jpg

 photo Mardi-michell.jpg

 photo g-2.jpg

Good Boy Gary continues to grow weaker for my cleavage. Gary knows there’s no use fighting it, he needs my cleavage. Always a good boy, Gary opened $520 in PTV vids.

 photo g-3.jpg
TDY knows his Boss knows best! Now that he has that shiny new credit card I helped him get, of course the right thing to do is use it to give me what I want. This week I wanted $450 :)

 photo fay-1.jpg

Fist Fucker Fay asked for a break because I drain him so easily with my PTV vids humiliating him. I gave him a couple weeks off, but then came back and laughed as he couldn’t resist opening another $240. I think I’ll take it easy on him for another week or so.


CBT Jimmy opened $140 in PTV cbt /denial vids. I’ve only allowed him one ruined orgasm in the past 6 months and he’s still coming back, begging for more abuse. He knows how good it feels to ache for me.


Blackmail Bitch Ben paid me $520. He was making a nice dent in his balance, but of course begged for more games.
Now his balance is back up to 1,020 pounds = about $1,700

 photo PiggyP-1-20-1.jpg

Piggy P knows his greatest pleasure in life is serving me. He loves my greed and was happy to hand over $400 to his Princess.

 photo PiggyP-2-16-1.jpg


Aussie D has been trying to get a hold of me for a while. He called, I suggested some Forced Intox fun and off he went to buy a case of beer. About 5 beers in I had him grab a Sharpie… write Eat, Sleep, Pay, Repeat on his face. Of course he needed a couple cocks on his head too and drew a mustache and goatee on his face, then completely cover his nose in black marker. He only made it to 10 beers before needing a break, I’ve seen him do a lot more. Between the call and tributes, I took $400 from him. I had him call me from work a couple days later. I enjoy making you boys call me when you really can’t talk… the whispering and short answers make me giggle.


I was just about to sign off for the night when a new boy, Tracy called me. He told me what a porn addict he was and needed to be used by my cleavage. What better way to be used than a fun game of Raise The Rate. $5./min $8./min and then my favorite… NF’s max of $50./minute. While he focused on my pics , I laughed at him and drained a quick $350. Nice way to end my night:)

Loser Mark, the pastry fucker has been paying $30./min and managed to eat a cum cracker while I laughed at him.


Pay Slut H has been calling more often. He called me from work and really couldn’t speak, but that didn’t stop me from making him weak and raising the rate to $9.50/min. He can’t resist my cleavage.

$lave P was in the mood for some TV games. I ended up taking a very easy $350 from him. He came back a couple days later, handing over $185 more.
So much fun :)

JRL hasn’t been around for a bit. He came back for some TV fun… I did a bit of exploring and took $90.

My foot bitch Marky sent me $215 towards his balance owed to me. He was so desperate for a 1 minute video message from me that he offered to pay hundreds for it. That brings his balance back up to $900.

 photo leroy-2-22.jpg

Bitch Leroy is serving me once again. I had to cut him off a few months ago because he couldn’t handle how busy I always am with other boys serving me. After some tributes and a phone call, I decided to give him another chance. He threw out all of the panties, dildos, and girly things I made him buy to decorate his apartment. Well, everything except for a poster of a shirtless Channing Tatum ;) His first new purchase was of course, a big dildo. He wanted him to get right back in the routine of practicing his cock sucking every day.
Whipped Puppy is also very weak for my cleavage. Sometimes he tries to put up a fight, but he never wins, and I always get what I want.

 photo dami-1-4.jpg
Sissy Damian loves taking a load to the face;)

Jim G also knows there’s no fighting it… it feels so good to send me money;)

TomM stops buy to say hi and I end up taking an easy $200.

Red is weaker than ever for my cleavage, so desperate to serve me on cam.

Texas Tonya – the cock sucking loser stopped by to be used again.

Swedish Loser M was in need of my humiliation also.

Cock Sucker Ian called to be degraded.

Cupcake Jarett was all dressed up in pink VS lingerie for our ignore call.

Robot Jeff made an appearance. I turned that into a 2 hour forced intox session.

Sissy Mic has returned. He tried so hard to fight the urge to serve me… but he’s back under my control. He’ll do whatever it takes to please me…even when it means hiding from his wife because I told him it’s time to call me.

Skyler knows his place… and he knows how good it feels to surprise me with a tribute before calling. He also knows there’s no release without paying a cum fee ;)

Cowboy A is back on track… checking in with me every day and calling to serve more often.

Sissy Virgin Jake sent a tribute, because really… what else is he good for ;)

Slave Chris dreams of the day my Princess feet will crush him like a bug.

I took an easy $100 from UK Loser Timmy. I have some fun plans for our next humiliation session.

Easter Bunny Mike stopped by to say hi.

Fleshlight James called with his rubber girlfriend in hand.

1HB is of course still around, thinking up new ways to please his Princess. He’s still sending his nightly tributes, but sometimes one just isn’t enough and he has to come back for another one;)

Another new boy, I’ll call him Hypno Robert… The first night he called me, he was a bit buzzed. We talked for over 2 and a half hours, mostly about how much he doesn’t want to be turned on by being a sissy and wanting to suck hot tranny cock. He was annoyed that I encouraged him to be a sissy. He was also annoyed by my profile pic holding a lot of money. He kept trying to tell me he’s not submissive like that other guys… yet, he called me anyway… and didn’t seem to want to get off the phone… Submissive Men, Money, and Sissies?? These are some of my favorites things:) I enjoyed teasing him for how turned on he got by the thought of being a cock sucker. He called back a couple days later, I almost didn’t except the call. I wasn’t in the mood to go back and forth with this guy about why it’s OK to be a sissy, why it’s OK for him to want to suck cock, and why it is more than ok for me to do what I do with my subs and love it. Lucky for him, he was completely sober. I kept him on the phone for over an hour. I enjoyed embarrassing him a little by repeating some of the things he said to me. He was very apologetic, very respectful, and also admitted.. yea he guesses he does have a bit of a submissive side (( but I already knew that ;)
Wish List… sandals from Sissy Michell and TDY bought me “Babette” to complete my Lenox Beauty and the Beast collection.

 photo wl1-4.jpg

 photo wl-bab.jpg

That’s all for now, puppets. Unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll be able to update again tomorrow, but look forward to business as usual starting Saturday!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara

Greedy Goddesses Thursday

Thursday’s here and Mistress Kiara is busy packing – but not too  busy to update the blog here at Greedy Goddesses! I can’t WAIT to get into My new house, but I’m determined to keep this blog rolling come hell or high water! ;3

This week started out with crack addict playing his silly little retweet game on  Twitter – he paid $20 to each Mistress who retweeted one of his tweets and $50 if they had over 3,000 twitter followers. he fucked himself out of $1,700 total, but all I can think of is why? Why waste the time of all the Mistresses out there, why top-from-the-bottom and make them do what they want and jump through hoops for cash when there are so many piggies out there who are more than willing to pay Us for nothing? I retweeted and got My $50 (well, $35 after Niteflirt took their cut), but I don’t think this one’s for me. Just thought I’d throw him in this update in case any of you Ladies out there enjoy this sorta thing ;3

Brat Mistress Mindy Madison released some totally sexy new findom clips just in time to ruin your wallet this weekend – you won’t want to miss them!

Deep In My Mind Fucking Nylon Web Buy Now
Price: $8.99
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Length: 7 minutes
taking over your simple horny mind using my nylons… mind fuck dialogue and manicured finger snaps… Watch how I toy with your mind in expensive sun set panties behind my black nylons… Staring deep in your eyes and telling you, YOU ARE FUKED… go deeper, follow me, come with me… Im taking you down, down down! become addicted and mind fucked on my legs, nylons and perfect deceitful manipulation disguised in sheer greedy seduction! fetishes: mind fuck, high heels, manipulation, nylon worship, goddess worship, bewitching eyes, brainwashing, finger snaps, Mind fuck hypn0 effects
Tell Your Wife I Said Thanks! – Arrogant Uppity Homewrcking Buy Now
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Length: 5 minutes
Tell your wife I said thanks… Oh yes, theres LOTS of things to thank her for hehe, like being boring, not hot and lazy and More – because it made it easier for me to slip in there and control YOU! looking all classy and stylish, tempting and sexy with my sparkly glitter black tight short dress and nylons… Im being all enticing and arrogant as I behave like a Pro Homewrecker Brat who doesnt care about the hearts shes breaking… Adore Me as I toy with you, play with you and entrance you by speaking slow and sexy while looking right in your eyes, close up… you cant resist me drool as I show off my nylons and butt while insulting your out of shape wife #Brat!
Dedicated & focused Foot Bitch Slaves ONLY! Buy Now
Price: $8.99
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This classy, teasing & all Goddess like foot worship clip is ONLY for obedient real foot boys who put MY feet first… no grimy sloppy wannabe’s! Adore my sexy heels and beautiful feet behind a luxurious pair of black nylons – My long tanned legs and all my curves which are also seen will captivate you… while my bratty Princess voice demands the most from you… Insisting you sit up the straightest you ever have for anyone and lick every fucking speck off my high heels! Demanding, in my sexy Princess voice, that you handle my perfect feet and heels with the up-most care…. THEN Worship and get lost in the smell of my nylon feet and heels as I put them in your face and have you smell, worship and adore them! | www.MistressMindy.Net
I, Mistress Kiara, have been hard at work trying to take a note from Miss B’s book to reform My slacker ways. I’ve released a clip every day this week – that’s 5 hot new clips featuring Me, Princess Mandy, and Domme Malvasia. Can you handle Us?
Serve Our Painfully Sexy Shoes!

Serve Our Painfully Sexy Shoes!

Can you handle these sexy, spikey stilettos on Our sexy, Perfect feet? you will be BEGGING fo Us to pierce your pathetic balls with these spiked heels by the time this clip is done, and you’ll be drooling over Our sexy legs, feet, and shoes while you beg to tribute Us for the privilege!

Buy the clip now!
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Make Cutbacks for your Princesses!

Make Cutbacks for your Princesses!

Princess Mandy and I are offering you a GREAT tool here – We’re listing several ways you can make cutbacks in your life so that you will have more money with which to serve Us! These very simple lifestyle changes will make Us SO happy, and isn’t that what it’s all about, puppet?

 Buy the clip now!
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YOU Fucked up the economy!

YOU Fucked up the economy!

Guess what, freak? Remember that crash in the economy? Well it was YOUR FAULT! But your Mistresses know exactly how you can fix it…

Buy the clip now!
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Counting Tribute from piggy harold

Counting Tribute from piggy harold

Found this clip from a few months ago while editing My newer clips. This is from a fwe months ago when I went to Chicago to visit piggy harold. When I got home, I made this clip of Me counting his tribute – which he kept in a smelly sock LOL! Fuckign werido! So here you go, harold – this one’s for you!

Buy the clip now!
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Poly Princesses - you're Still Not Worthy!

Poly Princesses – you’re Still Not Worthy!

Mistress Malvasia and I are both poly and dating the same man. It’s not you. We both have OTHER boyfriends AND girlfriends… Who ALSO aren’t you. If you want to hear MORE about OUr private life, what We think of you, your dick, and why We aren’t dating you, then this clip is a MUST!

The illustrious Doctor Sue from the Doctor Sue Review has offered for Domme Kyaa and I to appear on Her podcast in the next week or so. The topic – blackmail. I can’t wait, and I know Kyaa and Doctor Sue are excited as well!
Speaking of Domme Kyaa, She is officially going to be traveling the second week in March! She will be visiting Seattle & Vancouver BC to meet dickie virgin himself, along with many other fabulous kinky people. I for one can’t wait to see the pics and clips She comes back with!

Seattle & Vancouver BC