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Mistress Goddess Financial Domination Princess Bella Vendetta

Financial Domination Princesses Updates Tuesday

Hang in there, boys, it’s almost hump day! Keep spoiling your Princesses until it hurts, freaks!

Mistress Goddess Financial Domination Princess Bella Vendetta

First and foremost, Mistress Bella Vendetta has a birthday coming up on March 5th! One day is not at ALL enough to contain the awesomeness that is this beauty, though, so She will be celebrating all month long! If you want to be part of the celebration, buy Her gifts from Her Amazon Wishlist. you should also follow Her on Twitter at @BellaVendetta for all of Her celebration updates!

Mistress Kiara's Financial Domination Money Slavery Wallet Rape

Mistress Kiara decided to do a ‘biggest loser’ contest for Her blog this week. Are your initials on list for this week? If not, get working on it! Not high enough up on the list? WORK HARDER! Mistress is PMSing this week, so don’t expect Her to go lightly on you… Follow Her on Twitter at @DominaKiara for all of Her latest updates!

SF Weekly posted an article this week by  and her experiences with Financial Domination for the first time. The article is called “50 Shates of Green: Exploring Financial Domination“. Mistress Kiara already posted Her thoughts on the 5-page article, but We would all love to hear thoughts from both the Dommes and the subs on the article itself. Mistress Kiara’s view is that there are parts that are accurate, but there are also parts which grossly misrepresent this fetish.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Queen Kitty

Greedy Goddesses Saturday – Spend for your Goddesses!

Got a lot of updates today, so let’s jump right in!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Goddess Bree has done an interview with the Greedy Goddesses! Read about how Superior She is, and how ALL men were put on this Earth to be beneath Her.

Princess Jezebel has had some great tributes this year, and has offered to share with Us Her very first brag blog of the year:

As usual, I’m pretty lazy about updating my tributes and doing my brag blogs but every now and then I find a few moments to organize photos of some of my tributes and display them for all you thirsty losers and help feed your addiction to me and my life.

Like any other High Class snobby Goddess, I have an extreme OBSESSION with all things Juicy Couture and what better brand to represent the epitome of High Class femininity? I got these two beautiful Juicy bracelets at the Juicy Couture store on my trip to Sedona. Quite obviously, my total spent was immediately reimbursed by Sissy Julie. The First bracelet is a pink and gold macrame bracelet that is perfect for everyday wear, I absolute LOVE it. The second bracelet is a beautiful black and gold leather mini cuff bracelet and mon dieu don’t you losers agree that it’s absolutely DIVINE?

There are even more tributes, presents, and updates on Princess Jezebel’s blog. Go visit, comment, and more importantly, add to Her stash!

The Femdoms at Pretty Punk Princesses had a fun day out with a new real time pay pig that they will be sharing:

Mistress Malvasia and Mistress Kiara had a fun real time meetup today with their newest pay pig! The pig took his new Mistresses out for coffee at a local Panera and quickly emptied his wallet on command. There wasn’t much in it, but he did promise to take Them both shopping next week! And in even better news, he’s excited to be filmed with his new Princesses, so look for some great fetish clips from the Pretty Punk Princesses featuring this pig! After they talked with the pig for a whole hour (lucky pig!), the Goddesses went and spent his cash on clothes, bath bombs, and snacks at Whole Foods.

Want to be their next lucky pay pig? Visit the Goddesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Send an email to the Pretty Punk Princesses and set up your appointment today! prettypunkprincesses(at)Gmail(dot)com

Queen Kitty is selling Her nasty ballet flats! Will YOU be the lucky boy to win them?:

SUPER SMELLY BLACK BALLET FLATS!!! I have had these bad boys about a year. Not only have I wore them all over My home and during many sessions but I have also taken these bad boys with Me when I travel. Can you imagine just how nasty they are? I have been walking around dirty hotel rooms in them. I will also be wearing them as much as possible this last week, with no socks of course. I also keep the flats in a ziploc bag any time in which I am not wearing them to preserve the delicious foot odor for My foot addicts. Show Me how bad you want these flats foot fetish freaks!




Mistress Bella Vendetta‘s birthday is coming up, and She has a new article about it in Our Femdom Pieces section of the website! Here’s a quick preview, but you should really go read the whole thing.


Lots and Lots of potential clients, friend and fellow Dommes have been asking Me about My policies on financial Domination.

The concept of money, CASH specifically and the power it brings is nothing new to Me

Read the whole article here!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bella Vendetta

Findom – it’s Who Bella Vendetta Is!

Lots and Lots of potential clients, friend and fellow Dommes have been asking Me about My policies on financial Domination.

The concept of money, CASH specifically and the power it brings is nothing new to Me


but over the past few years I have more and become a lover of financial domination.


I think it started when I began feature dancing and stripping. I really and honestly was turned on by the CASH, convincing men to hand over their hard earned money was what had Me turned on all night. If they needed to fool themselves into thinking that they were objectifying Me and shaming Me that was fine. I was the one in complete control. And I was the one at the end of the night uncrumpling My money, straightening it out, making it all face the same direction, and feeling My pussy get wet as I counted it.


Pro Domming also brought Me great joy when I got paid. I LIKED being paid in cash. It’s much different than waiting for a paycheck, or direct deposit. Sex work is attractive on many levels because of the nature of the cash transactions.


Things like porn, camwork, phonework, even some sessions as a Domina, video sales, clips etc, that’s all money you have to WAIT to get. And you bet your sweet ass some (probably man) is getting a big chunk out of it before it gets to you anyway. I have always hated the notion of paying someone else to be able to get money that I worked for. Cam sites take SO MUCH of your money (streamate the company I cam for I only get 35% of ALL the money I make. So think about THAT next time you wanna complain about My rates there) When I was a stripper there was a;lways house fees, bouncers to tip, bartenders to tip, room fees, locker fees, house mom fees, fucking fees for everything. Somebody was always getting a big bite out of My money.


(And as a pornographer:, lawyers, graphic designers, photographers, billing companies, web hosting, editors AND credit card companies are taking a shit ton of your money)

I started loving financial Domination even MORE!

I was never one of those pornstars who asked for things off her wishlist. But then I started. Fuck it, why not? I fucking DESERVE to be spoiled.


I AM a motherfuckign GODDESS>

I DO work My ass off just to make it in this crazy world as an artist.

I’m not some 19 year old stripper whipper I have studied psychology, I have 13 years training and experience, I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I AM DOING AND I DESERVE TO BE PAID WELL FOR DOING IT.

I’m not saying I understand or am even into EVERY single fetish (and anyone who tells you they are doesn’t know shit about bdsm culture)

but there ARE some things I am great at

One of them is being skilled in the power dynamic behind FINDOM and financial domination.


consensual blackmail and being a spoiled princess.

Financial Domination can take many forms

it can be a weekly tribute you pay to Me in exchange for keeping your dirty secrets, for not leaking scandalous photos that we may have taken during our session time together, for an exchange of texts or emails letting you know how I am spending your money, maybe photos of the new expsnesive shoes I used your credit card to pay for

It really depends on what you are looking for and what your specific fetish involving money is



Some people just like that wonderful feeling they get of sending a beautiful woman something nice off her wishlist

maybe it will make you feel good to contribute to something that Makes ME a happier and better Woman.

Yoga classes, boxing classes, professional massages,

gift certificates to My favorite restaurants, new computer and photography equipment, nice hotel rooms when I travel, vet appointments for My dogs, repairs on My car?

You want to be My little Pay Piggie?

You want to shower Me with affection and gifts?



Perhaps you want Me to take all of your power away

submit to Me so completely that you let Me take control of your finances. How and when you spend your money.

Some slaves have a blackmail contract, and even a fee they can use to get out of it if they so desire.

The dynamic of a pay pig and a Mistress is one that takes a lot of trust.

I have no time for time wasters.

Are you interested in a real FinDom?

Are you looking for someone that will get the same thrill out of accepting your money as you get giving it to Me?



I always tell anyone interested in power exchange and money dynamics with me, to begin by sending Me a polite letter of introduction, and something nice off My wishlist.

There’s lots of guys out there who are into the FANTASY of this fetish, but not the actual practice and will waste countless hours exchanging emails without actually spending a dime.

SO: set yourself apart, it will go far in showing Me that you are for real.

Here’s some photos for you to enjoy, of Me enjoying money from slaves, and that I had worked very hard for from a photoshoot.

THAT is what a happy sex worker looks like.

ALONE, covered in money and expensive hosiery and shoes. (gifts from slaves)

This is Me in My natural state

send an email to:

and visit My wishlist here:

and follow Me on tumblr: