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Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

Greedy Goddesses Monday – Back to Work!

Welcome back to the work week, freaks and geeks! Make that paper for your Mistresses and Princesses! It’s all you’re good for anyway!

Financial Domination Goddess Findom Princess Ms Foxx

The ever-beautiful Ms. Foxx has a new blog post up today.  It’s called “Top 5 Ways to Fail as a submissive male (Findom)” and it is a REQUIRED READING for all boys looking to serve Her as financial domination submissives. Honestly, We here at Greedy Goddesses feel that it should be necessary for ALL boys serving ANY Dommes… For more hot blogs and other updates from Ms. Foxx, be sure to follow Her on Twitter at @MissFoxx_FD.

Tattooed Findom Mistress Harley

The tattooed brat beauty Mistress Harley also has a new blog showcasing Her Exposed Sissies and Faggots. Check them out in all of their loser glory. Are you on there? Better start paying to get yourself off! Not like THAT, loser! Ugh! Want more of this beauty? Follow Her on twitter at @Mistress_Harley

Trixie Miss is at it again with another sexy blackmail fetish clip – Blackmailed By Seductress. “Even though this is going to be very dangerous for you, you wont be able to resist being blackmailed by me. The thrill of giving me what I want no matter how much it fucks you up just turns you on even more. Ill allow you to stroke for me and my shiny spandex catsuit, but youre going to obey every command I give you along the way. When youve obediently handed over everything I want, I count you down to orgasm… then rub in how stupid youve been and that I can do anything I want with you now.”  you can buy Her newest clip and start surrendering now at Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and IWantClips, and you can always join Her legion of followers on Twitter at @Trixie_Miss.

i want clips femdom fetish clips for sale

Monday Update – your Femdom Princesses await!

It’s Monday, boys – time to get back to work for Us Goddesses!

A brand new clip site: has launched today.  Many of the Femdom Goddesses you know and adore from GG are releasing new clips as we speak.  Don’t wait, go buy them now boys!

Spoiled Princess Jenny has a new armpit fetish clip for you freaks to wank to:


Armpit hypnosis part 2

Happy Spring Jenny jerkers! It’s felt like Spring here in California for the last month. its been so hot and all the flowers are blooming. in a special tribute to the heat and Spring I made a new part 2 of my Armpit seduction hypnosis clip. My Armpit fetish army continues to grow, with no deodorant on just the erotic natural aroma I exude. My Princess perfume hypnotizing your mind and brainwashing you. You don’t need an armpit fetish to enjoy this clip. My seductive eyes and lips are enough to bring you to a deep Jenny jerking orgasm.

Read more at Her blog!

 Goddess Kyaa had a completely uninteresting time in Canada:

Last week I visited Canada for the very first time. Sadly my introduction to Canada was rather boring and uneventful. This blog post will be nothing but a snooze-fest so I suggest you go find something more interesting to read, like War and Peace.

Boring Canadians!

Boring Canadians! They never do anything interesting. Look how obviously uninterested I am in this photo.

Read more on Her blog!


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princecc Kiara Mistress Malvasia Princess Mandy

Sexy Saturday Fetish Fun!

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! It’s February 1st, which marks the start of ‘Singles Awareness Month,’ and I know most of you boys are feeling that! What better way to wank away your sorrows than by serving the sexy Dommes on this blog?

Mistress Kiara, of Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Dungeon, has only been back for a couple weeks, but She’s already making a big splash with Her latest clip featuring Domme Malvasia’s 38Js and Mistress Kiara’s 36D’s! Mistress Malvasia has Her own website as well, Financial Bondage – what a hot title! Mistress Kiara and Mistress Malvasia also filmed and took some hot pics with Princess Mandy from Mandy Loves Money. This new content is sure to help you forget about your lack of a girlfriend lol! Here’s what Mistress Kiara had to say in Her latest blog:

financial domination Mistress Kara Mandy Loes Money Slavery Mistress Malvasia

So I’ve only been back for 2 weeks, but I’m already having a blast and getting SO MUCH DONE! My good friends Mistress Malvasia, Princess Mandy, and I have been hanging out a LOT! We have a blast every time We hang out, And MAN do We rape wallets like fucking crazy!




Lastly, and DEFINITELY not least, I released the first clip with Mistress Malvasia and I in it, and it is super HOT and selling like crazy! It actually surpassed My financial domination addiction rehabilitation series and has become My number 1 best selling clip on C4S!!! you’re not gonna wanna miss this one!

 Double Domme Tit Worship – Mistress Malvasia Debut!

Introducing a HOT new Goddess – Mistress Malvasia! Tattooed bitch Princess Mistress Malvasia and I show off our HOT, sexy, huge tits for you to drool over. 36D and 38 J – can you handle it? Click and spend for Our sexy tits, freak!

Goddess Kyaa also released a ton of hot clips that will make you drool for both Her and Mistress Ceara Lynch as well! This is what Goddess Kyaa had to say in Her latest blog:

The final week of this month has brought some incredibly hot and kinky clips that will blow your loser minds. There’s a hot mindfuck with Ceara Lynch, a cock teasing wet bikini worship video, sissy training, taboo humiliation for virgins, you’ll get to see the Sadistic Sisters mock a slut and more!

week 4

New Content Update, January 2014 – Part 4

Addicted To My Perky Boobies

addicted to my perky boobies




Wet Bikini Body Jerk Off Denial

wet bikini body




In Chains for Goddess Kyaa

inchains for goddess kyaa




All Men Should Fear Me – Taking Over The World 1 Pathetic Male At a Time!

all men should fear me taking over the world




Sissy Training – Walking in Heels #2

sissy training walking in heels 2




The Worst Strip Tease Ever

worst strip tease




For Virgin Losers Who Live at Home With Mummy

virgin losers who live at home gif




The Angel and The Devil on Your Shoulders

angel devil shoulders



Click, pay, stroke!

Brat Mindy Madison of has also been busy raping wallets! Check out Her most recent blog: Intro to foot fetish & some recent conquests:

from banking off UK cock whore and a very well known servant boy of mine who has requested to now be anonymous from my blog… Oey vey, here we go again with slaves asking to be kept on the DL… Meh, I kinda don’t care honestly – name dropping slaves or blogging every step of my days isn’t my bag considering I’m here strictly for the dough anyway! #greedy

UK cock whore up to his regular bag of tricks… Showing what a loser he is on cam, eating toilet paper and waxing his face or my entertainment lolz this freak never stops astonishing me with his stupidity!
Silly losers… Entertaining, profitable and ultra pathetic – how do half of you manage to get married?

Mr private (who has asked to be anonymous for now) messaged me on yahoo after being mia for a few weeks and we jumped right into the fun as usual. He called a bunch of times on niteflirt, we hit up my wishlist a little bit, and only a little bit because I honestly have had ENOUGH of the amazon shit! My closet is literally looking like its going to fall off the wall lol I know boohoo spoiled Princess probs! Lolol
Anywho we had fun with some hypno play, spells and curses haha and lots of Goddess worship!
This resulted in about $1200 to my bank, 800ish on niteflirt, a pretty gold and pearl necklace and a few other amazon prezzies!

Add that with the nf losers, UK cock whores mini binge and the new c4s meat as of late I’d say its been a fab week and Im having a fab time!

I’m def enjoying the new nf slime, they’ve been fun to dig my feet into and my my what easy targets too!

Oh minus me getting scammed this week by some piece of shit who obviously is right off the welfare bus… Pfff block list and move on! He’s obviously in need of his disability dollars badly or maybe he didn’t make enough bottle picking in the park this week so, when all else fails… Scam, eh!? #flush
So I have some new projects and ideas on the go and one of them had me thinking about my first introduction to foot fetish… Why not share a little story just for fun!

Nothing big just a silly little memory from when I very first started in the adult biz… the very first time lol A cam site had put an ad in our local paper saying something like “make money hanging out on your webcam from your bedroom” So of course I had to know more and called the number… They had said it was anything from casual pajamas chit chat to, if I wanted, naked and even pussy play shows.

So I joined planning to hang out in my clothes or PJs, whatever I was wearing at the time… It was a REALLY friendly site, really respectful men, friendly site owners and friendly girls too… I kind of built a little fan base that would tip and gift now and then and just chill with me late nights for a couple of hours a few nights a week. I would do private shows doing tease and denial, not that I knew it was tease and denial then, because back then I dot think I even knew the word fetish! But I learned quick haha… Sometimes I would get guys who wanted to take me private and look at my feet or do a “foot show”

I would always think WTH, you guys are fkin weird!?! No, you cant see My feet! haha anyway several of us prudish youngins come to learn that these 2 girls who did do the foot stuff were making moolah hand over fist! We were FLOORED! After we gossiped in astonishment and accepted our inability to understand wtf is up with guys and feet… because that was just OVER My head, BIG TIME  then haha…

I started doing my rendition of this, since I was all about the most money with the least amount of work… I already had a sort of sock fetish myself, not sexually but Iv always been into socks – I can appreciate how cute they can look or they way they feel, just to start. So I put on one of my cute pairs on ankle socks with little bunny teddies on the heel… and they were actually like little teddy bears sewn to the ankle were a pom pom would be! I had Teddy bears, bunnies, pom poms, kitties and more… Of course Id throw on my knee high socks as well and needless to say, it was a hit!

I still didnt quite get it then, I was so young, pretty much barely legal and I didnt care to get it… I had a thing for socks and as long as the guys liked my socks first, I became cool with foot fetish. I could enjoy the process of getting hot over my feet IN my socks and then eventually having fun taking them off… but to just have me fan my toes and shove my feet in the cam, was just fking weird to me! haha

… Funny

Alright slaves, Im over typing so Im wrapping this up! Buh Byeeee

$pend for Princess

Lastly, We’ve got some HUGE news to report! The long-awaited launch of IWantClips is imminent! Check out their website for the countdown – less than 2 days left! Get that wallet ready, boys, this is gonna be BIG!

i want clips femdom fetish clips for sale