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Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Greedy Goddesses Sunday – What’s New in the World of Financial Domination?

Happy Sunday! you’ve made it through the weekend! Have you been pleasing your Financial Domination Mistresses well, letting them live the life of luxury that They deserve while you make cutbacks and suffer quietly? I certainly hope so, puppets, because tomorrow it’s back tot he normal ‘work week,’ where you start the cycle over again – doing menial tasks for a company that could never compare to the Greatness of your Domme, only to turn around and blow your whole paycheck on Her at the end of the week. Mmm… Delicious…

Greedy Goddesses Financial Domination World News

So We did a little clean up, implemented a few new features, and made the site just all-around better and easier to use! you can thank Us now. So what’s new, you ask? Well, first of all, we got rid of a bunch of dead weight. There are no longer and links that lead to old websites, dead profiles, etc. And that got Us thinking… Nearly HALF of the cam-verified ‘Dommes’ don’t even have websites anymore, let alone twitter, Skype, or Niteflirt. We had to delete many of them, and We want to personally apologize for having dead links on Our website.

As Mistress Kiara pointed out in Her recent review of the book Greedy – this is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ business… You have to be GOOD at what you do, you have to be DEDICATED, and you have to, at some point at least, enjoy it. If you can’t keep your business afloat for at least a year (especially since this is a business built off the back of boys who LITERALLY throw money at You just for being Superior), then there is no room for You here. This is obviously not to say that there are not Women constantly joining this fetish lifestyle who absolutely are legit, wonderful findom and femdoms.  However, it takes time to prove that to the community. Therefore, in order to continue to provide GREAT QUALITY financial domination and female dominance daily updates, We will no longer be allowing femdoms and findoms to cam verify unless they can prove that they have been doing so for at least a year. It’s not a fool-proof system, but We think it will at least cut back on those who ‘can’t hack it’ squeaking through.

With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, what have We added in the positive column? We have made it easy for ANYone (yes, even those who are new and unable to cam verify!) to submit content for Us to feature in Our daily blog! If you go to the “Submit Content” page, there is now a simple form to fill out which will email Our web goon anything you like (hint: he likes spankings and stinky socks best!). This means that anyone can write femdom clip reviews, send Us tribute porn to post, tell Us of Their wonderful website updates, have Their slaves send Us Their travel schedules, submit femdom or findom articles displaying Their intelligence, or any number of things that You think Our little gremlins deserve to be updated on! And, of course, anything you submit has the option of being linked back to Your website, twitter, and any of your clip stores or call lines if You like. Our goal here is to provide quality financial domination updates so that We can provide quality financial domination traffic to Our subscribers, and We think that’s pretty cool ;3

Witch Sorceress Mistress Mal

Ok, enough self-gratification, on to Our Lovely Lades of today! Mistress Malvasia has been working Her salacious sorcery lately! She’s more than doubled the amount of Her Niteflirt listings LITERALLY overnight! She also sent Us Her interview, which We happily added to Our interviews page! Serve if you dare… @DommeMalvasia is Her twitter. Follow Her to see what She does with all of those poor souls that She enslaves…

Brat Princess Mindy Clip

Princess Mindy Madison released a new clip yesterday – Gay BFF Audition Task. “want to be my new gay cock sucking new BFF? – heres your chance to hang out with me and be my new best gay guy friend!!! if you do this right, you may end up making out with a man tonight!!!” Grab the clip on Her IWantClips or Clips4Sale and be sure to follower Her on Twitter at @BratMindy for Her latest updates!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Greedy Goddesses Update – We’re Back! 1/25/2015

Hello freaks, and welcome back! There were some personal issues that the Goddesses had to take care of at the end of 2014, but We’re back and ready to continue to bring you the hottest humiliation, femdom, and findom news every day! So  much has happened that if We tried to fill you in on EVERYthing We’d never get a post out, so We’re just going to focus on the recent stuff from a few of your favorites… Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mistress Kiara has a new tattoo, a new FREE clip, and SEVERAL new blackmail slaves lol!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Mistress Kiara has been busy lately, making and spending money from you freaks! She recently put a $500 tribute toward a sexy new tattoo for you weirdos to drool over. In appreciation for you (yeah right LOL!) She also released a FREE clip! Her latest clip features a blackmail fetish slave sucking off a tranny that he went to see lol! you can watch the streaming clip on Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Blog, which also features more clips of this blackmail loser as well as another stupid freak who bugged Her, or you can download just the clip by clicking here!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison wants to enslave not only you, but your wife too!

These 5 scandalous and super slick ways to get your wife to become my slave will probably not only work very well but get you hooked on being My slave in a whole new way!

Do these, dont just read them… Try to make all 5 of these sexy Princess orders happen! It might take a bit of time to make them all happen but thats okay… half the fun will be the process of making these awesome things happen!

Ideally you and your wife/gf ought to be serving me, on both of your knees, kissing my ass and handing over both of your pay cheques! I bet shes a secret lez anyway, she probably wants to kiss my ass… I bet I could make her my human sex toy if I want… I deserve to have the castle & you two as my house minions, footing the bill and being goo little Mindy slaves!

I order to make this happen we have to start one step at a time and this assignment is one sexy step towards making her be MY slave! Its time to make that wife/gf become my pay and service slave!

Continue reading on Her Blog…

Mistress Morgan Chase had a HOT interview on the In Bed With Doctor Sue show!

The Domme Spotlight is shining on Morgan Chase and she shines right back!  Find out all about this tough, tantalizing lady with the military background who can put you in your place and make you love every minute of it.

Morgan discusses how she fell in to Domination, her military background and an unfortunate problem she’s been dealing with that we can all learn from.  You’ll also find out that she and Jezebel Sinclair plan to take over the 2015 AVNExpo among some other tasty treats that are coming up.

Listen to the show by clicking here!

That’s it for today, but keep your browser pointed here tomorrow for a HOT new clip review form Denied Boy!


Greedy Goddesses Wednesday 6/4/14: Miss Sasha Conceited, Princess Laura C, Mindy Madison

First up on this early Wednesday, in case you missed it, Miss Sasha Conceited is building an empire, so keep an eye out for all sorts of new content from Her…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Lately I’ve been spending most of my days working on some new projects. I just signed up at a couple new video sites, so there are even more places to buy my content. What’s great about these sites is that I can sell much more than the just my videos.

The first place I signed up recently is, and although they are just getting up and running, I think they’re going to do great. Not only can I sell clips there, but I can sell documents and pictures there as well. I also have my own fan club there where you can get access to all of my available content for a set monthly price.

Continue reading on Her blog…

Next, Goddess Laura C has been draining a bunch of submissives dry, check out Her latest swag…

Here are Some recent tributes & gifts
I’m such a lucky spoilt Goddess and I deserve it all and more!

Sissy Claire whoever you are, keep sending those surprise tributes, I like it!!!!! Iv had 3 from you so far plus a one from some ‘patheticboy’ tributes that are surprises are by far the best haha!!!!

Continue reading on Her blog…

Last, but never least, Princess Mindy Madison knows all you boys can’t resist her stunning feet…


On your knees and lay it down for Princess… you know you cant resist feet THIS pretty!

Read and Tribute on Her blog…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

GG Monday, 5-5-14, Miss Jezebel, Princess Mindy Madison, Goddess Bree

First up Miss Jezebel posted about her experiences at Coachella 2014.  Stories and pictures await!

Alright so let me start off by saying that this year I was much more prepared for Coachella than I was when I went last year in all senses. Last year my RT sessions were conducted in my car camping spot but I didn’t take an ez up. This year between my friends and I who went together, we secured 6 camping spots all right next to each other and even managed to get all our neighbors to attach their ez ups to ours. It was an awesome giant coachella community.



Continue reading on Her blog…

Next, Princess Mindy Madison has a brand spanking new chastity clip for those of you into blue balls…

Pussy Whipped Into Chastity 2

You WILL end up cock locked in chastity and you 100% will send me your keys, all on your own desire, after you do this guided cock exploding detailed chastity commands…

8 intense and semi artistic chastity pussy panty tease, worship and command photos are inside… so you get to follow my orders and have ZERO chance of resisting… how can you resist cumming to my photos while following hot commands which will have your dick in chastity,your balls TOTALLY drained and even experience a chastity boner while you clean up that cum!

Get pussy whipped into chastity now!!! The chastity follow along assignment which includes cei, joi, tease / worship pics, and chastity lock up guided play, panties/vagina smelling! *Chastity guaranteed! If you follow all the details, I will hold the keys to your drained and horny controlled chastity cock!


 Don’t forget to check out Her blog and buy the clip!

Finally, Keeping Goddess Bree happy results in rewards for all you loyal fans!

Goddess Bree's Perfect Ass

I must say that those of you who are serving Me right now, who are owned by Me or under consideration to serve Me have pleased Me this week.  And that’s what it’s all about minons, isn’t it?  Pleasing Me, serving Me and adoring Me are the 3 main keys to keeping your BBW Goddess happy!

Continue reading on Her blog…


GG Friday, 4-18-2014: Tributes and Tribulations

First up, Goddess Kyaa will only be taking calls on SinfulCall this weekend, pending the return of her Niteflirt listings…


Once you pick your jaw up off the floor and wipe up the puddle of drool, call me.

Today, and for the rest of this week/weekend I’ll be taking calls via SinfulCall only. My NiteFlirt listings are temporarily down, but will be back soon. Until then you can reach me here:

Continue reading on Her blog…


Princess Mindy Madison has a huuuuuge update detailing all the wonderful ways you boys can pay and have paid to enrich her life…


Hello my wittle pets So much fun and cool stuff happening in Mindy land right now… So, in no particular order, here are some fun and sexy Mindy updates!

Okay, woohoo, I have 2 – 3 weeks planned in BC again this summer… Im not much of a traveler, I really like to play in my own backyard, as in travel Canada… Though, Im getting the itch and Id say Im about 80% ready to get my passport and visit a bunch of my fellow Dommes in the states… However Im so excited because not only do I have an AMAZING lakefront executive suit booked for about a week in the BC Okanagan, I also have Goddess Alexa meeting me there!!! ahhh soo exciting, shes the first American Domme that Im actually meeting, so of course Im super excited for that element as well!

Continue reading on Her blog…

Goddess Canna took a couple days off for sick and burnout, but now she’s back with a vengeance…



Been away a few days from sickness and some burnout.  Two of my three cats were sick with allergies, must be the new house because this is the first time!  Plus taxes, taxes are never something that the self employed look forward to.  Really it’s just been a busy week.  My boyfriend has an April birthday too, and of course I chose to spoil him over posting new videos for you boys ;)

Seems like everything is distracting me from camming.  Not to mention when I do make it online its full of freeloaders, beggars, one minute men, idiots, time wasters, people that say they will pay and never do…. haha guess my opinion of cam isn’t too high lately!  I’m trying to stay more positive but I do have to put up with so many morons, a Goddess can only take too much male stupidity in a day.  So for any cam fans out there, I am not taking skype sessions at this time.  I’ll let you know when I am though.

Continue reading on Her blog…


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

Sunday, Worship and Give Tribute!

Was too busy making money yesterday to update – woops! Will try not to let it happen again ;3–

Brat Princess Mindy is showing off Her sexy gown for all you slaves to drool over:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

I cant remember which slave bought me this BEAUTIFUL strapless dress but OMFG, slaves… Prince$$ absolutely LOVES it!!!

heres a few photos of Me showing off in this gorgeous Maxandcleo number… Im sure you’ll enjoy! Oh and heres my amazon wishlist so you can buy Me pretty outfits too!

Be sure to see more on Her blog!

Mistress Laura is celebrating national cleavage day – aren’t you lucky!?


Hey losers!

National cleavage day is almost over! Have you enjoyed it??? Everyday is cleavage day for Goddess as she has lovely big pert breasts! Don’t you wish you were my mirror? Haha…(put that tongue back in worm!)

More HOT PICS on Her blog!

Princess Bella Daisy has a hot blog with all that She’s been up to lately (mostly draining losers, of course!):

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but you boys and sissies keep me too busy to post! Not a bad problem to have ;)

 photo michell-red-satin-nightgown.jpg

Sissy Michell’s annoying wife Taco has been getting in the way of her serving me as much as she’s used to for years now, but that doesn’t stop Michell from sneaking in some girl time whenever she can ;) After all, Michell was born to be a girl

Be sure to check out the rest of the hot tribute porn in Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Financial Domination, Hypnosis, Humiliation, & more!

As always, the world of financial domination and femdom fetish is ever changing, so let’s get right to it!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison has an entrancing new hypnosis clip out on youtube! That’s right – you don’t even have to pay for this one! Well, sort of…

She also posted a blog chock full of tribute porn and gifts that She’s been receiving. She’s living the Princess life for sure!

Hello slaves… Aside from getting my period with bad cramps, the past weekish has been super fab! Life is generally pretty spectacular for this Princess but considering Iv had a $3500 day, lots of prezzies, other 1k profitable days and even a local boy sending his $120 – $150 every 2 days… You know, The Prince$$ life! Im living it and loving it… hehehe and while most of my servants are living the drone life! work and pay and work and pay! The way it should be! (((my local boy has been slacking the past 3 days… better fix it, thats no way to keep me into considering a real meetup!)))

A married slave is back and full on in Mindy Mindy, which is amazing for him as hes very unhappily married! Lucky boy gets to tribute me, speak to me on niteflirt again and even buy me gifts on amazon… In short Iv basically saved him from sheer and utter nothingness… Yay, more numbers in my human stock pile! #Spoiled #Princess

I thought it would be fun to share moments of one of my recent fun cam sessions… Enjoy!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Here I am double dipping as I often do… Im both on paid webcam as well on a niteflirt call… #SmartGirl

Read and see more of Her at Her Blog!

Everyone’s favorite beach Princess Bratty Nikki released another hot clip today:

Cleavage Closeup JOI

Come to Me, boob addict…I want you seriously close to My perfect boobs! They are so enticing, so captivating. I know you are weak already and must give in. The power of My seductive cleavage while I encourage you to stroke for Me is overwhelmingly hot! So close to such amazingly seductive cleavage perfection…you lucky male!

Buy this hot clip and many more on Her Clips4Sale!

Mistress Kiara has some great news for all you pay pigs – She now accepts Giftrocket as Her new preferred method of tribute! And in case you were all wondering how loser puppydog jeff was doing, Mistress Kiara updated his tumblr for him again:

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetishloser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

So loser puppydog jeff was at it again – look at these hilarious pics of him with cum all over his face! LOL! he just can’t get enough of Me!

Call DominaKiara for phone sex on for your own humiliating experience! 3 free minutes if you join now!

loser puppydog jeff cocksucking loser for Mistress Domina Kiara blackmail fetish

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Dommes Make Mondays Better!

Kind of a late update today, but I had a date, so sue Me :P But never fear, We’ve got BIG news for Greedy Goddesses! We’ve teamed up with Elite Financial Domination! What does this mean for you? Well, more traffic for the ladies, and the ability to be cam verified by either Elite Financial Domination OR Greedy Goddesses! That’s right, Ladies, if you want to be on Our cam verified Dommes section of Greedy Goddesses and you have an Elite Financial Domination profile that is cam verified, simply send Me the link to it and I’ll add you! I’ve also acquired ad space on Elite Financial Domination, so We will get plenty of traffic from this amazing Findom community! Thanks, Elite Financial Domination!

The amazingly sexy Sarah Blake has a new blog out about defining Herself, and if you participate, you could win!:


Can you describe Sarah Blake? I mean really describe her? She’s quite kinky and into many things you may not even know about. She’s been in softcore late night tv, playboy TV, Posed for numerous young girl magazines and teen websites even though she was actually well into her 20′s at the time. She’s explored her submissive side and she’s a pretty damn tough sub as well as a very sadistic Dominant. It’s difficult to put a label on her and I find that just when I think I have her figured out, there’s a new layer, a new interest of hers that flips everything I though on its head! How would you describe her? I am just going to call her an artist and leave it at that.

Read more & participate in Her contest on Her blog!

Mistress Mindy got some kangaroo jumps and is showing off how hot She looks in them:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Like my kangoo jumps, slaves? Can you imagine seeing me jogging in these? Im going to cause sooo many accidents haha!

Ki$$ it & become My obedient little addict!

Worship Her more on Her blog!

Princess Mandy has some hot new clips for you to drool over:

  loser for My Grey Baggy Sweater
  Daily Moneyslave Task
That’s all for today, Ladies & worms! Enjoy your kinky evening :3
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

Financial Domination Friday!

It’s Friday, pay day in the real world and the financial domination world! So get your wallets ready, We’ve got some HOT new content coming your way!

In case you didn’t notice, Greedy Goddesses is now on Dickie Virgin’s Femdom Blog! We will be on the front page for a whole 6 months, so go show some love for dickie and the other femdoms and findoms by checking out his site!

Princess Mindy has a SUPER sexy Ebanned auction for you freaks to bid on:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison: Princess Mindy’s Precious Princess Ankle Socks :

These are a pair of white ankle socks which Iv been wearing on and off for a couple of weeks… I tweeted a photo of me in them and they generated a little interest , so here we are! Iv made sure to not wash then and they’ve pretty much have had their own life since then!

They’ve had days in the laundry pile, been worn with boots and to the gym. Iv cleaned in them and I even slept in them once! These well worn cute Princess socks can be all yours, all you have to do is BID BID BID! *good boy!*


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison

More info and a TON more hot pics of those little socks on Mistress Mindy’s blog!


Mistress Evelyn Milano has had a busy week as well:

I have some foot news you foot boys don’t want to miss.  I have created a foot worship cam line on niteflirt, that will be on more often. Make sure you have purchase my Skype ID before you call it. You can view it here:–CAM-FOOT-Worship-CAM-Spoil-My-Greedy-Feet-


I have closed down my kinkbomb studio, it is no longer active.

I spent some time with my doggy Toro last week while he was recovering from surgery.  He got attacked by a german shepherd at the dog park.

BiDjNk3CEAEbdCn.jpg large

I have added tons of summer items to my amazon wishlist like denim shorts, sandals/flip flops, swim suits etc… so go on over to amazon and spoil me with summer items minions!

More on Mistress Evelyn’s blog, including some hot new clips!

Princess Rene has a problem with sissies…:

Sissy boy. When I use this term I mean a male with a fetish for acting girly, not just an effeminate male.

So – sissy boys. I’m not a big fan. Sure, it can be amusing to get a guy all dolled up to make him prance around – and even more so when they look a hot mess doing it. But, I’m not really fond of sissies. Why? Because they’re poor. Seriously, in my experience, sissies tend to be broke as HELL. For some reason a lot of sissy boys tend to be just that – boys. They’re super young, fresh meat, first delving into the fetish world. They’re college-goers who’ve discovered they feel sexy when they wear a thong. These newbies are generally much more interested in their own humiliation (or whatever) than actually serving a powerful female and without even part time jobs, they’re of no interest to me.

Now, not all sissies are 20 year old twinks. Some sissy boys are actually grown men. I’ve even done cam sessions with old grandpa sissies (talk about creepy!). However, these old sissies still tend to be broke. Here’s my theory: a sissy is a male who doesn’t feel like he’s a male. He doesn’t feel strong or masculine. In fact, he probably lacks (purposely or not) those inherently male traits – like assertiveness, aggression, courage, and drive. Don’t get all sexist on me here, women can be ALL of those things and more! But, sissies tend to go to the extreme when flaunting their female traits. Some get really into the limp-wrist thing (when have you ever even seen a female do that?) and they tend to wear the most garish of makeup – 1980s hot pink lips, anyone? Sissies are often shy and giggly and obsessed with their appearance and outfits. They emphasize being submissive and ditzy or demure. I’ve surmised that this is why sissies don’t have the high powered corporate jobs that interest me as a financial Domme, because the traits needed to garner these jobs go against who they are. While I have dealt with (and continue to deal with) many subs who are doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, professors, etc., I’ve yet to meet a sissy in one of these professions. Most sissies I’ve met are broke. Broke means I’m not interested. I enjoy dominating and humiliating slaves–however, if there are thousands of you out there willing to pay for the honor of being dominated by me, why would I dominate one of you for free? I wouldn’t. I don’t have to. I’ve been able to turn my penchant for being Dominant into quite the lucrative career. Yay me. Broke sissies are out!

More of Her thoughts and Her sissy-inspired clips on Worship Rene’s blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess brat Mindy

Greedy Goddess Tuesday – Serve a Findom Today!

So today’s posts seem to be all about financial domination. Keep your tongue in your mouth, piggy, but feel free to bring out your wallet… First up, Brat Mistress Mindy  has some sexy tribute porn to show off:

Some of my most recent amazon prezzies have started to hit my UPS box and as you know… I lub to brag, be spoiled and show how my good little servants have been showering me with their wallets! So, heres a quick blog post with some stuff thats come in along with a few other photos!

Mindy Madison –

See more on Her blog!

Next is Princess Laura again with some more tribute porn and sexy shoe pics:

Here’s some photos of my sexy shoes iv gotten in the last few days! A girl can never have enough shoes…true story!!!!

Iv always got shoes on my wishlist..feed my addiction!!

First up are my favourites..Vivienne Westwood heels

More hot pics and sexy shoes at Her blog! Read now!

Princess Mandy Loves Money is living up to Her name, as always, with a sexy JOI edging game She’s got for sale today:

Five Star Free Image Hosting

Buy from Mandy Loves Money through

you sit there day after day, squirting out load after load. Doesn’t that get a lil mundane??? I guess you wouldn’t even notice since your life IS the epitome of mundane. Well tonight I’m going to shake things up a bit for you. I’m going to have both your heads spinning and begging for more. you will probably even hate Me, until the very end when I let you finally release. Yes loser, I let you cum tonight.

Read more about this clip on Her blog!

Mistress Severity has a HILARIOUS sissy gif:

Here are a couple of gifs to keep you busy until I have video

That’s it for today, keep the great content coming, Ladies! And subs, keep those tributes flowing!