financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

How Serving Makes me Feel – Guest Article by slave babyface

Mistress Malvasia has a loyal pet named babyface who wished to share his answer to the question – “How does serving make you feel?” with the Greedy Goddesses and Our followers.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Happy, Lucky, Special, Amazing, Exhilarated,
The synonyms go on and on and the reasons are usually due to us finding what we want most, finding what makes us feel good, what we value.
Finding your significant other, hitting the lotto, or whatever else. For me, I have found value in serving you.  Every positive feeling I could have is through being on my knees and stripping all the bullshit.  Why have freedom, when you can have Malvasia? Serving you makes me feel like the bitch that I am.  There is no need to pretend, no need to hide desires, you make the “vanilla” melt away to show the real me, an obedient slave at your beck and call.
I feel consumed by you and as your property I want to lay my body and mind at your feet.  To nurture and pet or to spit and step on, I’m yours.  Being nothing to you means everything to me. I know your a Goddess because you make me want to get on my knees and pray each night for your approval.
Physically you look amazing from head to toe and you always know what to say to make me feel like the luckiest puppy dog.
 So how do I feel? I feel thirsty when I don’t have your attention; I feel hungry because I haven’t tasted your amazing feet yet; I feel uncomfortable when I eat off my plate and think of you cause I know I should be eating out my bowl; I feel awkward when I chat with you if I’m not on my knees.
You make me smile, laugh, happy, squirm, anxious.  When people think of a higher power, they get genuine enjoyment out of serving something greater than themselves. Going to church, money in the collection plate, community service.
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia
This is how I feel cause I am serving someone superior, beautiful and perfect. My genuine enjoyment is worshipping you, buying you gifts and ultimately serving you and only you because no community could compare to being able to service (not a goddess) but THE GODDESS.  You make me feel like being scum, a bitch, a slave, and a dog are pleasures that anyone should be happy to be in servicing you.
Before you Goddess, I was just a person but now I can be anything and everything! With you, my face can become a chair, my mouth can become a foot bath, my back can become a stool and my money can become your gifts! You know how to make a stray bitch useful.
I’ll always be yours Goddess of Kink if you think I’m worthy…

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Lately I’ve been spending most of my days working on some new projects. I just signed up at a couple new video sites, so there are even more places to buy my content. What’s great about these sites is that I can sell much more than the just my videos.

The first place I signed up recently is, and although they are just getting up and running, I think they’re going to do great. Not only can I sell clips there, but I can sell documents and pictures there as well. I also have my own fan club there where you can get access to all of my available content for a set monthly price.

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Sissy Claire whoever you are, keep sending those surprise tributes, I like it!!!!! Iv had 3 from you so far plus a one from some ‘patheticboy’ tributes that are surprises are by far the best haha!!!!

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